Happy Colon (100 Vegetarian Capsules)
Happy Colon (100 Vegetarian Capsules)
Happy colon may be used to cleanse and strengthen the digestive tract. Happy colon gently stimulates the peristaltic action (intestinal muscular movement) of the colon and over time may strengthen the muscles of the large intestines. Happy colon is recommended for those who desire a more gentle cleanse than you would experience from Colon cleanse

Cape Aloe leaf, Cascara Sagrada bark, Slippery Elm inner bark, Senna leaf, Turkey Rhubarb root, Psyllium seed, Barberry root bark.

Begin with 1 capsule during or following the evening meal. The following morning there should be an increase in bowel function. If no noticeable change occurs, increase dosage by one capsule each day until improved bowel function is achieved.

100 Vegetarian Capsules

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