Depression Formula (Vegetarian Capsules)
Depression Formula (Vegetarian Capsules)
It is important to always deal with the underlying causes with depression. Western Botanicals Inc. Depression Formula along with regular exercise can be helpful in dealing with depression. The primary ingredient in Western Botanicals Depression formula is St. John's wort. St John's wort is known as a potent antidepressant. Clinical trials and studies have shown that St. John's wort is the herb of choice when dealing with depression. It is widely prescribed by German doctors as an alternative to drugs. Depression Formula should be used for 4-6 weeks for optimal results.

Suggested Guidelines: Not intended for use if pregnant or nursing. Consultation with a qualified healthcare professional is advised if depression symptoms continue. May increase wound healing time.

St. John's Wort flowering top, Ginkgo leaf, Oat top, White American Ginseng root, Schizandra berry, Eleuthero root, Wood Betony herb, Ginger root, Habanero Cayenne pepper.

2 capsules with meals 3 times daily.

120 Vegetarian Capsules

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