What is iridology?   A question I asked myself when I first heard the term.   How could that colored part of your eye tell you anything about what is going on inside your body?   My doubts began to crumble when I heard the facts.

Fact 1: That colored part of your eye is not just color.  It is made up of thousands of nerve fibers.   Approximately twenty eight thousand individual nerve fibers to be exact.   When you look closely at your own eye, what looks like individual fibers, are actually a cable of fibers made up of about twelve to twenty-five nerve fibers wrapped together.

Fact 2: These nerve fibers come from every part of your body from your skin down to your bones.   These nerve fibers then travel up your spinal cord to your brain (hypothalamus) then to your iris (via the ophthalmic branch of the trigeminal ganglion).   These fibers change in reflex to the change of nerve energy in any affiliated area of the body.

However, the above has never been scientifically proven to have any influence on the nerve fibers of the iris of the eye.   Also if you search online you will find many web sites that will tell you that the iris of your eye has nothing at all to tell you about your genetic make up or the health of your body systems.   They will tell you that Iridology is a lie and Iridologists are quacks.   

Now I am someone who understands that the majority of what we take for granted to be the truth has never been scientifically proven.   In addition, we all know that science has brought us at least as many disasters as benefits.   You only have to look at our polluted world to see that.   I also understand that there are plenty of opinions that turn out to be wrong.   For instance, there was once the opinion of modern medicine that the appendix and the tonsils had absolutely no useful function in the human body.  In some states it was the law that if an operation was performed in the abdominal area that the doctor was required to take out the patients appendix.   Then later they found out that, both were vital parts of our immune system.  

So more than eighteen years ago I set out to discover for myself what was the truth about Iridology.   I took a basic Iridology course offered by Dr. Jack Ritchason.   He is one of Dr Bernard Jensen's (Western Father of Iridology) first students with years of experience.   I also studied Dr Jensen's methods via his books and slide studies.   Then I took an Iridology course through Trinity College as part of my doctoral studies.      

I purchased one of Dr Jensen's cameras and started taking pictures of irises.   One of my first clients was a woman who came to me because she was having migraine headaches so bad that she could not drive her car to work.   She told me that the drugs she was on caused her to have out of body experiences and she was afraid to be around her daughter.

I photographed both the mother's and the daughter's iris at her request.   I charted them out as I had been taught.   The mother's case was fairly simple, her iris showed a very toxic bowel.   The daughter was very interesting, as you will see.   When I charted out her eye the throat area of the iris stood out as the area of most of her health problems.   I thought in my own doubting mind that this was probably wrong but as I had been taught, my work here is to interpret what the iris says and leave out my opinion.  

When I sat down with them to discuss what I had found I started with the mother first.    I suggested some simple diet changes and a bowel cleanse and detox program.   She followed my advice closely to get to the root of her problem.    Within a week, her migraines were gone for good.   When I came to the daughters (eighteen years old) chart the first thing I said was 'are you having any problems with your throat'.   When I said that they both started laughing and nodding at each other.   They told me that they had agreed that if I could find her throat problem that they knew that Iridology and I were legitimate.   It turns out that she had been hit in the throat severely two times when she was a child and it was still troubling her.   I suggested she see a deep tissue massage therapist to get relief.

Here is another interesting note to this story.   They went to a massage therapist I knew and the daughter's problem was solved.   Her mother was so impressed by the process that she went on to become a massage therapist herself.

After the above experience, I tell every patient when I photograph their eyes that at this time I do not want to know any of their health problems until we meet to discuss what I find from the analysis.   In this way, I let their iris tell me what is wrong.  Then the client and I compare notes, what they know with what I have found.

Here are some more cases that stand out in my mind that show the power of Iridology to see inside the body.   A doctor whose eyes I analyzed showed the left testicle was in distress.   He revealed that he had been injured playing football in high school.   His iris revealed that his injury still needed some attention.   A salesman whose left kidney had been injured in an accident, whose iris also clearly showed, years after, that there was still distress.   In addition, he confirmed that yes he was having problems with his kidney.

This next case is one of my most interesting because of how truthful the iris is and how accurate.   This gentlemen's eye I found to be one of the most puzzling and revealing of the power of Iridology.   When I looked at the left eye I noted a great deal of physical distress, which I found out later, was due to a severe hit and run accident.  He was physically run over by a car.   However, there is something else here, a nerve structure that I had never seen before.   Look at the eye to the left as though it were a clock then look at where four o'clock would be.   See the somewhat pointed area of nerve fibers with the dark oval dot at the end.   The nerve fibers here have been very disturbed by something traumatic.   At first, I thought this might be a ballooned bowel (accumulation of gas or fecal material) but a ballooned bowel looks more round than pointed as this is.   

When I interviewed him with the results of the analysis he revealed that he was borne with a birth defect.   On the left side of his abdomen, his bowel was protruding through the skin.   His mother said it looked like a bubble.   He was operated on to correct the problem.   However, his iris told the story of what had happened to him as you can clearly see.

If Iridology is as accurate as is clearly demonstrated here, why would modern medicine not be interested in using it as a tool to help people such as these to find relief?   The reason is easy to understand, modern medicine is driven by symptoms.   You tell the doctor your symptoms and the doctor tells you what disease you have.   Then the doctor uses medication, operations and so on to dull, suppress or remove your symptoms.

As an Iridologist I cannot tell if you have a disease.   I can tell where you are weak.   I can tell where there may be distress, even though you may not have any symptoms.   For instance, I had prostate cancer (see biography) but if an Iridologist looked into my iris at that time, he or she would not see cancer there.   They would see that I was weak genetically in the prostate (prostate cancer runs on the men's side of my family, my grandfather died of prostate cancer), and by the iris signs in that area of the eye, the area was degenerating .   Therefore, that Iridologist would have warned me that there appeared to be distress in that area, and would have suggested what to do to cleanse and detox the area and what lifestyle changes to make to avoid problems with the prostate. 

Iridology could have told my parents, when I was a child, where I was genetically weak and strong.  If I had seen an Iridologist throughout my life I could have been informed long before I had symptoms of prostate cancer that my prostate was toxic and needed to be cleaned and my lifestyle was aggravating the problem.   I could have done some simple cleanses and detoxes plus lifestyle changes and never have developed cancer in the first place.   This is where Iridology is so valuable because of its ability to inform and educate the patient and prevent disease.

Iridology was developed to help you improve your level of health.   When you are truly, a healthy person, disease has no place in your body.   Cancer, germs, and viruses do not like oxygen, healthy blood flow, or a clean environment.   Those diseases like toxins, low oxygen, and poor circulation, an environment that creates a mentally and physically unhealthy person.   Are you creating an inner environment that creates disease or health?               


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