The Mystery of Food Cravings, Weight Gain & Disease

Here comes the food craving monster and it just has to have a dozen Oreo cookies with chocolate-chip ice cream and hot fudge sauce, or a bag of potato chips with your favorite dressing, a side of peanut butter on Cheez-it Crackers or chocolate, any kind will do, ppppp-please.   But nooo no no, you are on a diet and you have to have that tiny tiny dish of no cal, no fat, no salt, no carb, no taste Yuk!   Well good luck with the diet, because the craving monster is not going to give in until you do.   And you know, that deep down inside, you want the monster to win so that you can cuddle up in front of the TV and munch away at those goodies in a vain attempt to solve your favorite food craving.

The question is, why does your body and mind send you messages to eat the very things that make you fat and eventually sick?   What is wrong with your body and mind?  Why are they pushing you toward self destruction?   It is as though there is an empty place inside you that calls out for the junk but no matter how much junk you pour in, it cannot be filled.   While in the mean time your body blows up like a balloon and disease is waiting around the corner.

Actually, there is absolutely nothing wrong with your body or your mind.   That's right, your body and mind are just fine, running just exactly like they should.   Let me make this absolutely clear.  Your body and mind are doing exactly what they were programmed to do.   And your body and mind will do this even if your stomach is full, which I am sure many of you have experienced.             

What is the program your body and mind are on that would do this to you?   It is a nutritional program, a program that is trying to get you to eat the nutrition it needs for optimal functioning.   To run at peak performance your body needs certain amounts of water, proteins, carbohydrates, fats, vitamins, minerals, enzymes and friendly bacteria, etc.   Some of these are needed in large amounts and some in micro doses but all of them are crucial for peak performance and isn't that what we all want, peak performance?

Peak performance, well what does that have to do with my body craving junk food, there is little nutrition there?   That, my friend, is just the point and a big part of the craving problem.   Your body does not understand that there is little nutrition in those foods.   Your body depends on taste to tell it if there is nutrition in the food you eat.   Most junk food is either sweet or salty tasting and your body senses sweet or salty as containing the nutrition it needs (the other flavors are sour, bitter and umami).    

Let me approach this from a different angle.   The craving is your body saying to you that there is some nutrition missing and it needs to be replaced.   Your body cannot hand you a list that says I am missing vitamin C, iodine, magnesium and potassium.   Your body can only get that message to you by giving you a craving to eat foods that have the taste that tells your body the nutrition is there, salt and sugar etc.

Of course we both know that the food manufacturing companies have refined the nutrition out of the junk food.   Well what about the regular food you eat?  What about the nutrition that is in those foods, and what about the produce?   Many of those foods were grown using poor farming methods, refined, altered genetically and irradiated to extend shelf life, which also depletes their nutrition and gives you cravings for what is missing.   Oh, and lets not forget the cooking.  When the food you cook reaches somewhere between 112 and 118 degree Fahrenheit you destroy even more of the nutrition your body needs.      

Now you might very well ask about those expensive vitamins you take every day.  Some of them say that they have thousands of times the minimum daily requirement (MDR).   Sorry no cigar, easily 95% plus of those vitamins are synthetic made from chemicals not food.   Nature, God bless her, has a basic law when it comes to the nutrition of living things; "we can only get our nutrition from plants".   We cannot sidestep that law and eat dirt, so if your vitamin does not say "made from whole foods" or something to that effect, then it does you little good and that goes for food based as well.   Plus having thousands of times the MDR is confusing to your body, a meaningless sales gimmick that will not stop the cravings.      

Are you beginning to feel like you are between a rock and a hard place?  I know how you feel, I felt the same way when I discovered this.   It is why America is now the fattest country in the industrialized world today, with 70% of our people overweight and 20% of them obese.   So, at least now you know that it is not you or your body's fault if you are overweight, or that you are weak in the face of these food cravings, because you were not aware till now what was going on.

Wait a minute, what about genetics, my thyroid, low metabolism, my hormone imbalance you might ask?   Common sense tells us that the genetic makeup of the country does not change overnight.   Your genetic make up and all the organs in your body from your skin down to your bones are all tied to the nutrition your body receives.   If your body is depleted of any of the essential nutritients I spoke of before, things will not run as they should and you will start to experience symptoms.   Symptoms, like head aches, indigestion, skin problems, weight gain, dry and brittle hair (see my article "Nutritional Debt" for a full list of symptoms); until something gives way and you become sick.   Taking drugs for a disease of nutrition will lead to another disease, and so on until you have many diseases and many drugs; I see this all the time.

So until you get enough nutrition in your body you will not know if a disease you have is real or just a nutritional problem.   The worst I have seen personally was an obese man with 5 diseases on 19 prescribed drugs telling me he just wanted to see his son graduate from high school.

So what can you do to solve this problem and protect your family and you from what is happening?   You need to get enough nutritious foods to help offset what refined foods have taken.   Produce, though we have been taught differently, has been scientifically proven to be the most concentrated food on the planet.  But the produce most markets carry isn't the best, as I described above, but there is a trend to bring organic produce into most chain markets today.   Farmers markets and health food stores can help you and as a last resort take what is available until you can locate a better source.

Here is the optimal way to reverse what has been happening to you; at each meal, gradually bring in more raw produce till you are eating 70% of your meal (for the average person that works out to about 1 to 1' lb or .4 to .7 kg) in raw produce.   I know, I know that sounds like a lot but if you do it gradually and juice some of it if you like, you will find that the benefits will make it well worth your while.   It will alkalize your body, drive away those symptoms I described, like the headaches and indigestion; plus your skin and hair will get more youthful and you will discover energy you never knew you had.   If I were you I would start with the morning drink for breakfast (see my article The Morning Drink).

There is a way to speed-up this process and that is by adding a whole food supplement as I spoke of before.   Adding food supplements will also help fill that nutritional hole and you will start feeling naturally full after a meal, not like you just swallowed a bowling ball.   Gradually the cravings will go away and you will move to your genetic weight as I did.   Here are some products I have used that will speed up the recovery process  Earth's Nutrition or Vita-Mineral see their benefits and ingredients below.

Earth's Nutrition   

All ingredients in Earth's Nutrition are from the richest, organic whole food sources available these concentrated foods such as blue green alga have the distinction of being referred to as Superfoods because of their great healing and nourishing abilities. These are Nature's Nutrients not chemicals unnaturally put together in a laboratory. This fat-free formula will give you quick energy, not because it is a stimulant, but because it will nourish the cells of your body and healthy cells produce an abundance of energy and vitality. We recommend that Earth's Nutrition become the foundation of your health program as it will build your body and your health.

  • Spirulina Blue Green Algae ' Spirulina platensis
  • Chlorella Green micro Algae - Chlorella pyrendoidosa
  • Alfalfa leaf - MedicagrJ satilla
  • Barley grass - Hordeum vulgar
  • Wheat Grass - Triticum aestivum
  • Astragalus root - Astragalus membranaceous
  • Nettle leaf - Urtica dioica
  • Purple Dulse Seaweed - Rhodymenia palmatta .
  • Beet root - Beta vulgaria
  • Spinach leaf - Spinacia oleracea
  • Rose Hip - Rosa canina
  • Orange Peel - Citrus sinensis
  • Lemon Peel - Citrus limon
  • Non-Active Saccharomyces Cerevisiae Nutritional Yeast

Most multi-vitamin formulas are primarily synthetic (e.g. petroleum-derived) vitamins plus crushed industrial rocks, yet even peer reviewed medical research has concluded that food vitamins are superior to synthetics. Numerous scientific papers have concluded that Food vitamins and minerals such as Vita-Mineral are better than USP isolated 'nutrients' because they contain important enzymes, peptides and phytonutrients which are critical to the utilization of vitamins and minerals and are lacking in isolated USP nutrients.

Contains in Tablet Form naturally occurring calcium, magnesium, phosphorus, potassium, carbohydrates, lipids, proteins (including all ten essential amino acids), monosaccharides (including all considered essential), and superoxide dismutase as found in enzymatically processed Saccharomyces cerevisiae, acerola cherry, mixed citrus fruits, carrots, horsetail herb, alfalfa sprouts, kelp, soy, corn, and aloe vera extracts--all the nutrients shown above are contained in these foods. Unlike many so-called "natural" vitamin formulas, Food Vita-Mineral is a food vitamins (and not a synthetic isolate) contains no synthetic USP nutrients, but only contains foods, food complexes, and food concentrates. Studies indicate that Food nutrients ARE better than isolated USP nutrients and are better absorbed, retained, and utilized than USP nutrients.

Eating this way is perfect for your body but maybe a little too perfect for your mind.   So cheat once a week, yes that's what I said, cheat!   Once a week completely throw the whole system out the window and completely cheat.   Go out somewhere and have an ice cream sundae or something like that, that is completely off this lifestyle change, once a week.   You have got to have some flexibility or you will just give up, it's too much to ask, so like I said cheat.   The cheating will not hurt you because you have all those other days, when you were spot on, that will offset any cheating.    So completely relax, cheat and enjoy it. 

Important Note:
The information presented herein by The Natural Path Botanicals is intended for educational purposes only. These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA and are not intended to diagnose, cure, treat or prevent disease. Individual results may vary, and before using any supplements, it is always advisable to consult with your own health care provider.

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