How to Find the Safest Supply of Herbs and Vitamin Supplements for Your Children?

Dr. Paul Blake, N.D.

Obviously, no one wants to unintentionally give anything harmful to their children, they are their most precious gift and must be guarded at all cost.   The best safe guard we can use to protect our children is our knowledge based on the truth of what is known to be safe and what is known to be dangerous.   But with all the media advertisement hype aimed at us just finding a healthy brand of cereal can be a challenge let alone finding a safe supply of herbs or supplements.

If you depend on the media to inform you about the safety of supplements you might think that Herbs and Vitamins were risky, possibly too dangerous to give to our children; that you would be wise to be careful or you or your children might be poisoned by an herb or overdosed on a vitamin supplement.   You might also think that the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) should enforce stricter controls (like CODEX) over herbs and supplements to reduce all the injuries and fatalities.   But what is the truth; are there really a lot of innocent victims being poisoned or overdosed every year on herbs and vitamins?

Well the truth is going to be a real surprise to you as it was to me just how low the number of fatalities really is.   Below are the facts from the American Association of Poison Control Centers (AAPCC) who keep records of these kinds of incidents.   Anyone has access to these numbers including the media and those in government who are trying so hard through spin to put tighter controls on herbs and vitamin supplements. 

In the last 25 years there have been a total of 11 fatalities from taking herbs and supplements and for many of those years there were zero fatalities.   For instance in 2008 not one person died from taking an herb or vitamin supplement (ref. Orthomolecular News).   Your chance of being struck by lightning in 2008 was much higher.   The National Weather Service reported 28 deaths from being struck by lightning in 2008.

What makes this news even more amazing is when you consider the vast amount of herb and vitamin supplements consumed by Americans.   A low estimation of herb and vitamin consumption by Americans is 56 billion doses a year says, 'Orthomolecular News'.

Now contrast those very low numbers of herbal and vitamin deaths with those from a product line we have all grown to trust and give to ourselves and our children regularly from our local drug store.   Deaths from aspirin and ibuprofen type anti-inflammatory drugs kill an estimated 16,500 Americans every year and hospitalize approximately 107,000 patients (how many of these were children was not listed) (ref. Deaths).

Now that you know the truth about the real safety of herbs and supplements, I am going to give you some extra information that makes the task of finding safe supplements even safer.   There is a way to find the safest herb and vitamin supplements on the market and it is our government that has supplied us with this information.   I know, I know how can you trust the government to do anything right, well in this instance they have done something right for the wrong reason but it works in our favor.   The government is so interested in stamping out the herb and vitamin supplement health business that they inadvertently created some very safe products in that industry.   What they created with their interference is 'Certified Organic Herbs' and 'Whole Food Vitamins' and here is why.   In order to try to make it as difficult as they can to get into these industries they made the rules and enforcement very strict.   So strict that when the supplement label says Certified Organic or the supplement says '100% Whole Foods' you can be assured that the product is what it says.   Why, because the government watches that industry like a hawk for any infringements (ref USDA and FDA).

Certified Organic means that you can be safe in the knowledge that the herb you give to your child or yourself has not been sprayed with pesticides, fumigated or grown with petrochemicals or in a cesspit somewhere outside the USA.   And the '100% Whole Foods' vitamin supplements give you the assurance that the supplement you give to your child or yourself is from real foods not chemicals (ref. USDA and FDA).

Because guess what, not all vitamins are the same; the majority are made from things that if you knew what was in them you would never buy them, let alone put one of them in your mouth.   Here is a list of things that are put in so called 'natural' vitamin supplements including children's vitamin's that you see advertised every day and you can find covering the shelves in just about any store.   Benzene, petroleum esters, acetylene, refined oils, coal tar derivatives, hydrochloric acid, ammonia, isobutyraldehyde with formaldehyde, phytin hydrolyzed with calcium hydroxide and sulfuric acid, cobalamins reacted with cyanide, irradiated animal fat/cattle brains and I could go on but enough is enough you get the idea (ref. Thiel).

And I am sure that you thought the same thing that I did, 'that they have to make those vitamins from food because we like every life form on this planet depend on plants for our nutrition.'   Well, this seems to be one of those many places were our government, probably the FDA, forgot to use their brains or somebody influenced their decision.   Anyway you now have this knowledge and can apply it to protecting yourself and your family just like I did when I learned this valuable information (Ref USDA and FDA).


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