Gaultheria procumbens

Winter Green, remedy for aching, arthritic, or overexerted muscles and joints. Internally, wintergreen tea taken to relieve fever, gonorrhea symptoms, sore throats, upset stomachs, ulcers.The essential oil (methyl salicylate) found in the leaves and berries is now synthetically produced for commercial uses as flavoring for gum candy and toothpaste and in creams for joint and muscle pain.  Traditionally, leaf tea was used for colds, headaches, stomachaches, fevers, kidney ailments; externally, wash for rheumatism, sore muscles, and lumbago.  In experiments, small amounts have delayed the onset of tumors.

American Indian tribes such as the Penobscot, Sioux, Nez Perce and others used a tea made from the leaves for a variety of ailments, as did the early settlers.  Crushed into a poultice, the leaves were an important Indian remedy for aching, arthritic, or overexerted muscles and joints.  Poultices also relieved swelling, wounds, and rashes, inflammations-even toothaches.  Internally, wintergreen tea was taken to relieve fever, gonorrhea symptoms, sore throats, upset stomachs, and ulcers.

Chemists discovered as far back as the 1800's that Wintergreen has properties similar to natural aspirin (from the Willow tree (Salix Alba).  In that when Wintergreen is applied externally, it reduces inflammation and swelling of painful joints and muscles.

Some of the uses:
Cancer, circulation, colds, coughs, cuts, diarrhea, eyes (inflammation), fevers, gargle, gums, hemorrhages, hemorrhoids, inflammations (external), insect bites, menstruation (excess), mouthwash, mucous membranes, muscles (sore), nervousness, nose bleeds, phlegm, poison ivy, scalds, sinus, skin diseases (oozing), sores (bed), sore throat, stings, sunburn, swellings, tuberculosis, ulcers, vaginitis, varicose veins, venereal disease, wounds (washing)

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