Wild Cherry Bark
Prunus avium 

Wild Cherry Bark, herb soothed lung inflammation, and promoted expectoration simultaneously. Relieves Asthma, Bronchitis Coughs while lowering Blood Pressure.  American colonists first learned of Wild Cherry bark from the Indians who used it for treating diarrhea, and lung ailments.   Used as an antidote for fish food poisoning.  Add to a pint of boiling water 1 teaspoon each of Cherry bark, grated ginger root, chopped Bermuda onion, simmer for 7 minutes, let steep 20 more, drink when lukewarm.

Coughing is the body's way to rid itself of secretions and foreign materials in the lungs.  Taking a medication that suppresses this response leaves the body without a way to clear out the material that builds up when your immune system is battling a viral or bacterial infection.  Without removal of this material the body is unable to completely heal itself.    

Cough medications used to be made with herbs like Wild Cherry Bark and Licorice Root. These herbs soothed the inflammation, and promoted expectoration simultaneously.  In the marketplace this has degraded to a point where you find cough suppressants are flavored with artificial cherry and licorice flavors with the real herb no longer being used.  I remember taking Smith Brother's Licorice Cough drops as a child whether or not I had a cough because I liked the taste. 

Home made cough medicine:  In a stainless steel pot 3 cups water, ' cup blackstrap molasses, ' cup whiskey, bring to a boil.   Reduce heat and add 16 tablespoons cut dried wild cherry bark.  Stir well with wooden spoon, cover let simmer 25 minutes until thick.  Strain through course strainer into a clean jar.  Store in clean dry place take when needed  2-3 tbsp.  

Conditions Used For:       
Asthma    Blood Pressure (high)    Bronchitis    Catarrh (loosens)    Coughs (loosens)    Diarrhea    Dyspepsia   Eyesight    Fever (erratic)    Heart palpitations    Mucus (hardened)    Phlegm (Loosened)    Scrofula    Spasms    Stomach (irritated GI tract)
Tuberculosis    Worms intestinal

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