Triticum aestivum

Wheatgrass, superfood used in cleansing program moves sufferer from incurable disease to pain relief and to recovery. Combine with other fresh juices for best results.One of the Superfoods that, when used with a cleansing program, moves the person suffering from so-called incurable diseases to relieving their pain and bringing about recovery.  Research has shown that 100 pounds of Wheatgrass has the nutritional value of 2500 pounds of vegetables.  Another research project at Anderson Hospital and Tumor Institute has discovered that eating green vegetables will stop the progress of cancer in the colon.

Other Superfoods are Blue-Green Algae, Chlorella broken cell Algae, Nettle leaf, Purple Dulse, Spinach leaf, Alfalfa grass, Barley grass, Astragalus root, Lemon peal, Beet root, etc.

Wheat grass, due to its high Chlorophyll content, stops the development of unfriendly bacteria, expels metals from the body, is beneficial for the lungs, normalizes red blood cell counts, and is good for body building and increasing energy. 

Wheatgrass juice contains many anti-aging ingredients such as super oxide dismutase (SOD), vitamins A, B complex, C, and E, chlorophyll, as well as a full spectrum of minerals, enzymes, and amino acids.  Animal experiments have shown Wheatgrass fed animals to live well through generations.  In male and female cows, that had lost the ability to reproduce, when fed Wheatgrass after two months their reproductive potency returned and they produced offspring again.

For weight reduction, Wheatgrass is potent at suppressing the appetite, raising the metabolism and circulation, and providing the body with concentrated nutrition.

One of the greatest proponents of the cereal grasses and one of my heroes is Dr. Ann Wigmore founder of the Hippocrates Health Institute in Boston.  Suffering from a number of health problems, including colon cancer, and crushed legs from a car accident, doctors told her that the legs would have to come off.  Ann said no and went home.  She remembered that her grandmother had assisted wounded solders during the First World War with cereal grasses like wheat and barley.  She tried the remedy, growing the Wheatgrass in her back yard, and it worked.  Her legs healed and the colon cancer was cured.  From that point on Ann became a Naturopath assisting people with incurable diseases.  One of her books is "The Wheatgrass Book".

Wheatgrass juice is best combined with other fresh juices or taken in one to three ounce servings.  For best results, sip fresh-squeezed Wheatgrass juice on and empty or near-empty stomach, taking a couple of minutes to finish.

Responsive Conditions:
Acne, Aging, Anemia, Arthritis, Asthma, Bladder Disorders, Blood Pressure (high or low), bone Disorders, Bronchitis, Cancer, Circulatory Weakness, Colitis, Constipation, Diabetes, Emphysema, Eye Disorders, Fatigue, Hay Fever, Hair Loss, Heart Disease, Hypoglycemia, Impotence, Infection, Kidney Disorders, Liver Disorders, Lung Disorders, Nervous Disorders, Skin Disorders, Ulcers, Weight Loss.

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