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Nutmeg, has ability to treat stress, pain, menstrual cramps, and heart disorders, indigestion, blood pressure, cough and bad breath.  Also sedative, stimulant, anti-inflammatory, antiseptic, bactericide.Native to the Molucca Islands of Indonesia, nutmeg trees have both nutmeg and mace.   They come from the same evergreen tree that grows to about seventy feet, producing aromatic leaves and clusters of small yellow flowers that eventually produce the fruits. Inside the fruit, is the seed (nutmeg) covered with bright red netting called aril that is the spice mace.   Both nutmeg and mace are similar in their medicinal properties.   The tree yields fruit after about eight years and can continue for over sixty. The fruit is picked when ripe, and the spices are separated and dried.

Nutmeg was first brought to Europe from the Banda Islands by Portuguese sailors in 1512 and soon was regarded as a cure all and tonic.   Later in the Seventeenth Century the Dutch waged a bloody war, including the massacre and enslavement of the inhabitants of the island of Banda. They then took complete control of nutmeg production in the East Indies.

At one time, nutmeg was considered one of the most valuable spices in the world.   It has been said that in England, several hundred years ago, a few nutmeg nuts could be sold for enough money to enable financial independence for life.   At the height of its value in Europe, nutmeg was carried around by ladies and gentlemen as a demonstration of wealth. Diners would flourish tiny graters and grate their own in fancy restaurants.    This Dutch monopole was later neutralized as other countries, such a Great Britain, planted nutmeg trees in their tropical colonies lowering the price.

The health benefits of nutmeg oil include its ability to treat stress, pain, menstrual cramps, and heart disorders, indigestion, blood pressure, cough and bad breath.    The health benefits of nutmeg oil can be attributed to its medicinal properties such as sedative, stimulant, relaxing, anti inflammatory, antiseptic, bactericide, etc.    Traditionally, nutmeg was believed to be effective against plague and hence it was popular during the time of Elizabeth the First.

Brain Tonic:
Nutmeg oil stimulates the brain and therefore removes mental exhaustion and stress.  It is also believed that nutmeg oil improves the quality of your dreams, making them more intense and colorful.  It is a good remedy for anxiety as well as depression.  Nutmeg oil is often used in homeopathy.  In the ancient Greek and Roman civilizations, nutmeg was popular as an effective brain tonic in spite of its high cost and rarity.  Nutmeg oil also enhances concentration and increases your overall efficiency at study and work.

Menstrual Cramps:
Some women often face menstrual irregularities and have menstrual cramps.  Nutmeg oil is very helpful for these conditions.

Nutmeg oil is good for digestion and helps in removing stomachaches and removing gas from stomach and intestine.  Therefore, nutmeg oil is good for indigestion, flatulence, vomiting, diarrhea, etc.  It also encourages appetite. Care should be taken to consume nutmeg oil internally in lower doses.

For fast relief, dissolve three pinches of ground nutmeg in a glass of warm milk and sip slowly.  For stomach upset, add a small pinch of nutmeg to peppermint tea or sprinkle nutmeg over one tablespoon of honey.

Blood Pressure:
Nutmeg oil is a good stimulant not just for the mind but also for the entire body.  Its relaxing aroma comforts the body, increases blood circulation and therefore helps those who have poor blood circulation.

Respiratory Problems:
Nutmeg oil forms an important ingredient in many cough syrups and cold rubs as it helps in relieving cough and cold.  It is also believed that nutmeg oil can be used for treating asthma.

Heart Problems:
Nutmeg oil also stimulates the cardiovascular system and therefore is a good tonic for the heart.

Liver Tonic:
An important health benefit of nutmeg oil is its ability to treat liver diseases.  The oil is capable of removing toxins from the liver, thereby making it a good liver tonic.

Nutmeg oil is often recommended for treating kidney infections and kidney diseases.  It also helps in dissolving kidney stones.

Child Birth:
A regular massage of the abdomen with nutmeg oil, three weeks before delivery is believed to be very helpful for childbirth.  Nutmeg oil blends well with many other essential oils including lavender, rosemary, orange, black pepper, clary sage, eucalyptus, ginger, ylang ylang, etc.

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