Calendula or Marigold
  Calendula Officinalis

Marigold nutritionally supports skin, connective tissues, heals membranes after operations. Externally an excellent antiseptic high content natural iodine healing of cuts, wounds, burns. All marigolds bear large yellow, orange or red terminal flower heads.  Some herbalists use only the flowers, others also believe that the leaves have the same healing abilities.  The Romans named them Calendula because they noticed that they seemed to bloom on the first day of each calendar month.

This herb nutritionally supports the skin and connective tissues and can be used internally and externally.  Internally Calendula heals membranes and aids such conditions as colon conditions, gum diseases, healing after operations, liver and stomach problems.

Used externally Calendula is considered to be one of the best antiseptics because of its high content of natural iodine.  This natural iodine promotes mending and healing of cuts, wounds, burns, bruises and varicose veins when used as a poultice.  A strong decoction of the flowers (2 ounces to 1 1/2 pints boiled 10 minutes and strained) has proved successful in cancer, ulcers, wounds, otitis media, etc.

Below is Doctor Edward Shook's healing salve for cancers, ulcers, septic wounds, swollen glands, skin diseases, etc.

Walnut leaves cut-----------------------2 oz
Echinacea root cut----------------------2 oz
Eucalyptus cut---------------------------2 oz
Marigold flowers cut------------------- 2 oz

Put into one quart distilled water.  Bring to a boil and simmer for 15 minutes.  Strain and press.  Return liquid to sauce pan and reduce to ' pint (8 ounces).

Heat 1 pound of anhydrous lanolin (sheep's wool fat containing no water) until melted.  Stir in one l dessertspoonful of eucalyptol,  until thoroughly mixed.  Allow both to cool then beat together until the liquid has become incorporated with the wool fat.  Put into jars to suit.

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