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The Cornsilk that surrounds an ear of corn, is a healing herb used mainly for urogenital infections. The active ingredient maizenic acid stimulates diuretic action in the body. Cornsilk has been used for over a century for kidney problems, for acute and chronically inflamed bladder and prostate glands.The Indians of Central and South America, where the food crop is native, praised corn as a gift from the gods.

The use of the Cornsilk that surrounds an ear of corn, as a healing herb was first used by the Inca's; reports Garilasco de la Vega (1539-1610).

Historically, Cornsilk, has been mainly used for urogenital infections.  The active ingredient maizenic acid, is believed to act as a cardiac solution, which stimulates diuretic action in the body.  Maizenic acid is known to effect the bladder and kidneys and helps the liver and intestines be treated as well.  Cornsilk also contains Vitamins B, PABA, K, Silicon, and freed oils, resin, and mucilage.

Cornsilk has been used for over a century for kidney problems, for acute and chronically inflamed bladder and prostate glands.  Cornsilk has the ability to remove gravel from the kidneys, urethra, bladder, and prostate gland. Cornsilk, has a cleansing effect on urea and will neutralize scalding urine.  Cornsilk is an herb to turn to for urine retention, catarrh of the bladder, gonorrhea, is useful in controlling inflammation and relieving pain.  Cornsilk will help when the urinary tract needs opening up or when there is mucus in the urine. 

Physicians have used Cornsilk as a diuretic and for conditions of cystitis.  Cornsilk is valuable in the treatment of renal and cystic inflammation. 

Cornsilk is excellent at helping the young and very old solve urinary control troubles and bed-wetting. problems.

Arteriosclerosis, albuminuria, Bedwetting, Bladder Problems, Blood Pressure (high), Cholesterol, Cystic Irritation, Cystitis, Dropsy, Edema, Gonorrhea, Heart Trouble, Jaundice, Kidney Problems, Kidney Stones, Malaria, Obesity, Prostate Problems, Renal Cystitis, Urinary Tract (inflammation), Urination (painful)

Do not use corn silk if you also take Lasix (furosemide).

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