Nov 03 2010

The Turkey Rhubarb Root and Formula

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Originating from northwest China and Tibet, Rhubarb has been used in medicine for more than 2,000 years and is considered one of the strongest herbs in Chinese Medicine.    The Chinese call the root Da huang, which means ‘big yellow’ which is the color of Rhubarb’s tinctures and decoctions.   Its use gradually spread through India, reaching Europe during the Renaissance overland via Asia Minor – hence the common name, Turkey rhubarb.    The plant was a favorite remedy with early Persian and Arabian physicians.    The Rhubarb grown for cooking and eating is usually r. rhabarbarum, an 18th-century cultivar according to


Turkey rhubarb has an organ-affinity with the intestines and colon and so assists them in their function.   The parts of Rhubarb used are its roots and stalks and its effectiveness is controlled by the amount taken.  When taken in small doses, it has a tonic effect as a blood builder and blood cleanser.  It increases salivary and gastric flow, improves appetite and cleanses the liver by encouraging bile flow.    Rhubarb, by its cleansing action, encourages the healing process of duodenal ulcers and enhances gallbladder function.


The primary chemical constituents of Rhubarb include anthraquinones, chrysophanol, emodin, physcion, sennidine, rheidine, palmmidine, tannins, catechin, gallic acid, oxalic acid, rutin, phytosterol, and calcium oxalate. It is the anthraquinones that contribute to the laxative and purgative properties of Rhubarb, yet the tannin content helps balance those properties, and even stops diarrhea. Chinese research is investigating Rhubarb’s ability to possibly inhibit cancer cells.


The principal energetic health properties of turkey rhubarb are found in its roots. These roots are regularly utilized to detoxify and cleanse the body. The roots from second and third year plants should be used because they have reached their maximum effectiveness as purgative agents for cleansing and detoxing.


In large doses, Rhubarb can be used for emptying the bowels thoroughly.  Rhubarb supports the colon as a laxative in constipation and as an astringent in case of diarrhea.    The A-factors (anthraquinones) of this herb differ somewhat from those of Cascara Sagrada – only some of them reach the large intestines intact, while others are re-absorbed in the small intestine, and later released into the large intestine.    The timing of the absorption of Rhubarb is thus displaced to some degree from other popular laxative agents, thereby promoting longer and smoother activity of the complete system.    It should be noted that consumption of Rhubarb Root may color the urine yellow or red, but this is not concerning. In small amounts, Rhubarb Root is used for relief of diarrhea.   Rhubarb is also helpful to prevent and to eliminate hemorrhoids.


The Turkey Rhubarb Formula


Dr. John Ray Christopher (1909 to 1983), created the Turkey Rhubarb formula along with an estimated 50 other herbal formulas.   He was considered the premier authority in the use of herbs and natural healing techniques in the United States.    A Thomsonian herbalist, Dr. Christopher wrote numerous books on herbalism and he was the founder of The School of Natural Healing.


The Turkey Rhubarb Formula can liberate your body from the accumulated toxins and poisons that can bring on distress while leaving you feeling healthier than you have in years. This formula is a moderate, efficient, non addictive combination of time proven herbs. It Sanitizes and Sooths the colon and gastrointestinal tract while removing old fecal matter. This powerful yet gentle herbal formula has a tonic effect on the body and mind while the herbs build and cleanse the blood.


This formula encourages consistent, natural and thorough bowel movements:

Turkey Rhubarb root, Cascara Sagrada bark, Senna leaf, Psyllium seed, Barberry root bark, Cape Aloe leaf, Slippery Elm inner bark, Habanero Cayenne pepper.



It is generally considered a mild laxative that produces a soft stool six to ten hours after ingestion. Rhubarb is especially well suited for children since it is very mild in action.   We suggest the syrup form of this formula for children called Colon Cleanse Syrup.



Amenorrhea, Anemia, Boils, Constipation, Diarrhea, Digestion Aid, Dysentery, Dysmenorrhea, Gallbladder, Headaches, Hemorrhages (internal), Hepatitis, Jaundice, Liver Problems, Menstruation (promotes), Skin Eruptions (boils/pustules), Stomach, Ulcers (duodenal), Worms (ring/pin/thread)


Turkey rhubarb is a component herb of the famous anti-cancer blend Essiac, along with sheep sorrel, slippery elm and burdock root.



This product is not recommended during pregnancy, or while breastfeeding as it can loosen the infant’s bowels. Do not use when the colon is already empty or the astringent properties may cause colon discomfort. Using Rhubarb Root may temporarily cause the urine to appear yellow or red, but this is a common occurrence and no cause for alarm.   Do not take rhubarb or any other stimulant laxative if you take Lasix (furosemide); the combination can lead to potassium depletion.


Note: Use only the root and stalk in herbal preparations.   The Rhubarb leaves are considered poisonous as they contain a high quantity of oxalic acid in them, posing a danger for both man and animal.



Little Herb Encyclopedia, by Jack Ritchason; N.D., Woodland Publishing Incorporated, 1995

The Ultimate Healing System, Course Manual, Copyright 1985, Don Lepore

A Thai Herbal, by C. Pierce Salguero, Published by Findhorn Press, 2003

The Complete Medicinal Herbal, by Penelope Ody, Published by Dorling Kindersley

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Jun 22 2010

Free Healing Herbal Remedy for Bursitis Swelling

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This article is about a frustrating bout I had with Bursitis on both of my elbows.   The inflammation was easy for me to solve as you will see below but the swelling was a whole other matter.   It took a technique I invented a long time ago to solve the swelling problem which worked excellently.   Herbs will always work, you just need to find the right combination and technique for the problem you have and apply it consistently.


Webster’s New World Medical Dictionary (bursitis definition)

Bursitis, elbow: Inflammation of the olecranon bursa, the bursa at the tip of the elbow is called the olecranon bursitis. A bursa is a fluid-filled sac that functions as a gliding surface to reduce friction between moving tissues of the body.   Bursitis is usually not infectious, but the bursa can become infected.   Treatment of non- infectious bursitis includes rest, ice, and medications for inflammation and pain. Check what are the best office chairs cushions and do a reasearch on why you should buy one. They are very affective! Infectious bursitis is treated with antibiotics, aspiration, and surgery.


There are 160 bursae in the body.   The major bursae are located adjacent to the tendons near the large joints, such as the shoulders, elbows, hips, and knees.


What I did to Treat My Bursa

I am going to keep this article simple and to the point.   What I did to solve the bursitis swelling on both of my elbows.  


I am still not exactly sure what caused the bursitis I had in the first place.   There were a number of things going on at the same time and anyone of them could have caused the problem.   I was exercising using some pretty heavy weights and that may have led to the problem.   I was using a chair that was too low at my computer station and that may have led to the problem.   I was also resting my elbows at that time on the sharp edge of the retractable computer keyboard table.    And I was staying at my computer desk much too long and not getting enough sunshine which can cause a shortage of vitamin D and can lead to bone and joint problems plus I am 65 years old  So one of the first things I did was to remove and change all of the things I was and was not doing so I could take the stress away from the elbows, rest them and get back into the sunshine.     


Then I went to those things that I know have a reputation of reducing inflammation and swelling and preventing infection.   I went to alternating ice and heat 3 times a day to reduce the swelling and inflammation.   I started taking extra doses of a food form of the mineral magnesium to help with the inflammation.   A food form of vitamins and minerals are important because you body cannot absorb synthetic forms properly (see my article The Truth About Vitamins).   I started taking anti-inflammatory enzymes that I use to do the same thing reduce inflammation and swelling.   The Yoga arm and shoulder stretches which I was doing I increased.   I also went to see a massage therapist to get full body massage with extra attention to the neck, shoulder and arm areas I started rubbing an ointment I use, which has tissue repair herbs, into my neck, shoulders and elbows.   I was doing all of these things together which are known to reduce the inflammation and swelling.  


Bursitis can cause infection so I brought my vitamin C levels up to ward off infection (see Orthomolecular Medicine, Dr. Klenner) and to keep my immune system strong.   I also added aherbal formula and also olive leaf that boosts the immune system  and destroys pathogens which again avoids infection reduces inflammation and of course swelling.  


Here are the results of all the above naturopathic medical treatments that I used.   I had no infection at all that I am aware of and the pain became minimal and so I believe the inflammation was almost completely eliminated.   But the swelling stayed exactly the same and did not appear to have been reduced one bit.   I was satisfied that I had solved most of my problem but frustrated and exasperated that the swelling was still there.  


It was wearisome and annoying to have this swelling as I am sure you know.  I may be 65 but I am still vain about my appearance and I am also a Naturopathic Doctor who should be able to take care of problems like this.   My left elbow from the beginning was a little smaller, about the size of a kids rubber jack ball, a little over an inch in diameter while the right elbow was bigger, the size of a ping pong ball more then 2 inches in diameter (I took photos).     I continued the use of the above program another 2 weeks but I saw no reduction in size of the swelling at all, zip.   This was completely cramping my life and it was a challenge to my skill as a Naturopathic Doctor.


Into the 3rd week I was considering seeing a doctor to get the fluid removed by syringe or operation.   And if you know me that is not an option I want anything to do with as I believe in “Physician heal thyself” in all its meanings.   I have not used modern medicine in any form in 20 years and I did not want to start now plus the cost.


The Light Goes on in My Head

That same week I was preparing some organic cayenne pepper for a tincture I was making.   It struck me that this herb increases circulation to any area it is applied to.   Well there is a powerful technique I developed to intensify this herb and any herb with it to speed up healing.   I used this technique when I dislocated my right knee in a karate accident and I also used it on my low back when I had taken a fall from a roof years ago.   Both injuries had developed into arthritis and were preventing me from working.   So I developed this herbal technique to focus the herbs into the arthritic areas of my knee and back.


My Bursitis Herbal Remedy Technique

First I brought out the salve I mentioned above, that has the cayenne in the formula.   This salve is a combination of deep heat herbs for pain and inflammation relief and also tissue repair herbs to encourage healing of the afflicted area.    I rub it directly into the muscles or joints that suffer from injury or the pain of arthritis for relief. 


This is what I did for my arthritis in the past, and I was now going to apply it to my bursitis swelling.   I decided to apply it to just the left elbow first to see if it would work.   If I was doing this for the first time I would try just the ointment and then add some more cayenne if needed.   So I took some of the ointment which I am very familiar with and added more cayenne to it and took photos for before and after.   I made a paste using both powdered cayenne and the ointment together and I wanted it just hot enough that I could tolerate it.   The cayenne will not hurt you but you will feel like it is if you add too much.   I wanted it hot enough so that it would bring on a healing while moving that fluid out of the bursa and I took more photos of this process.


I got this paste nicely mixed up and then completely covered the bursa on my left elbow.   Now like I said, I wanted to concentrate the healing bower of the herbs in this mix.   So I wrapped the bursa and elbow in saran wrap then wrapped the elbow with an ace bandage.   This will hold the dressing in place and as I said concentrate the healing power of these herbs.   And of course I took photos of this process.


I could feel the heat within about 5 minutes and it climbed till it was nice and hot so I knew it was working.   Then I left the dressing with the herbs on the left elbow for three and a half hours while I attended to other things   It was late afternoon so when the time was up I removed the dressing and washed off the paste with soap and water.   Even after the paste was washed off I could still feel the heat, but after 30 minutes it was gone and I took a shower.  


Warning: You do not want to put any hot water on that area until the paste is washed off with soap and water and you allow a half hour to go by.   Because the hot water will magnify the heat on your skin.


When I woke up the next day I noticed that the skin around the bursa on the left arm was loose and the size had gone down a little.   I reapplied the paste again for the second time, same amount of cayenne to the ointment with the same dressing to concentrate it and left it on all day.   By the second day the bursa on the left elbow was noticeably smaller and I knew I was on the right track.


Once I saw how well it had worked for me I knew I had to demonstrate the power of this herbal technique which was funded by Cannabis seeds that I had in storage since honestly cannabis is the best herbal remedy for your health you can get. by recording this in an article with photos so you can see what can be done.   I searched the internet before I did this to see if there were any other natural ways to reduce the size of a bursa and there was only one and from the blogs I was reading it was expensive and not very effective.  


Warning: I do not want anyone getting in trouble here so remember I am not a Doctor of Allopathic (modern) medicine I am a Naturopathic Doctor.   If you are having difficulty with a painful bursa, see your doctor and by all means follow his advice.  


If you want, show your doctor this article and get his opinion on it.   I have had many doctors who have endorsed the suggestions I have made regarding chronic illnesses like bursitis, arthritis and rheumatism.   Usually they say something like this, “I cannot see how it can hurt you so give it a try.”  

A Few Questions You May Have About This Technique

I have seen information on bursitis that said do not add heat to bursitis.   I sometimes agree with that but this is not real heat.   The capsicum in the cayenne is fooling your nerves, making them think there is heat being applied but in reality there is no heat.  


Won’t the cayenne injure the tissues and cause further damage?  No, even police departments are not afraid to allow their policemen to spray a very strong pepper spray directly into the eyes of someone who is resisting arrest.   They know that cayenne does not damage even the delicate tissues of the eyes.     


If you have any further questions email me at my website:

Important Note:

The information presented herein by The Natural Path Botanicals is intended for educational purposes only. These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA and are not intended to diagnose, cure, treat or prevent disease. Individual results may vary, and before using any supplements, it is always advisable to consult with your own health care provider.


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Jun 11 2010

The Truth About Cholesterol

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By Dr. Kyle Christensen

In a world where good is bad and bad is good, it is important to be a little skeptical and ask the question – WHY?  The question of “WHY is my Cholesterol High?” is ignored with the assumption that it simply must be lowered.  “Here take this drug”.  Many can quote their cholesterol lab numbers and calculate ratios of HDL vs LDL, but what does it all mean?

In this Article you will learn:

Why Cholesterol is important, even essential?

How Cholesterol lowering drugs are harmful and really address the wrong issue?

What Cholesterol really does?

How Herbs can help with Cholesterol?

Cholesterol is a type of fat that makes up our cell walls, hormones, nerves and much more. Saturated fats and cholesterol make the cell wall firm, without them all of our cells would be flabby and fluid, kind of like a big slug or earthworm.  In many cells, half of the cell membrane is made of cholesterol. About 25% of our bodies cholesterol is accounted for by the brain.  Cholesterol is vital for the development of a fetus.  Cholesterol is so important that mother’s milk provides a specific enzyme to allow the baby’s digestive tract to absorb almost 100 percent of that cholesterol, because the developing brain and eyes of an infant require large amounts of it. Children deprived of cholesterol in infancy may end up with poor eyesight and brain function. Learn more about biofit probiotic benefits.

Cholesterol is also a vital component for our nerves to function properly.  The myelin sheath around each nerve is composed of 20% cholesterol. Losing or damaging some of this myelin results in the illness multiple sclerosis.  Not enough cholesterol and your memory and mental abilities are affected. It is not surprising then to discover that people who take cholesterol-lowering drugs, soon begin to suffer from memory loss.

Cholesterol is so important to the normal functioning of our bodies that in an average person, about 85 percent of their blood cholesterol is manufactured by the body (mostly in the liver), while only 15 percent comes from food.  Regardless of how much or how little cholesterol you eat in your diet, the body will generally produce what it needs, unless of course, you take a drug that prevents the body from producing proper amounts of cholesterol or you follow a guide on how to lose cellulite.  Low cholesterol levels are shown to result in aggressive social behavior and low self-esteem. This is how Blast auxiliary improves your indoor air quality.

Cholesterol is also vital in the production of the body’s hormones, primarily the adrenal and sex hormones.  Some researchers suggest that adrenal exhaustion can be greatly helped by increasing the fat and cholesterol in the diet and the much of the infertility seen today can be resolved by getting off the low-fat diet.  Women who consume a high-fat diet (of the healthy fats) are much more fertile than those who chose low-fat foods. Recent research has “discovered” that eating full-cream dairy products and a diet higher in natural fats reduces infertility in women.(Chavarro JI and others. A prospective study of dairy foods intake and anovulatory infertility. Human Reproduction, Issue 28, Feb 2007.)

Cholesterol is essential for our immune system to function properly.  LDL-cholesterol (low-density lipoprotein cholesterol), the so-called “bad” cholesterol, directly binds and inactivates dangerous bacterial toxins (including the deadly MRSA [Methicillin- resistant Staphylococcus aureus], a common hospital infection).  People with higher cholesterol are less prone to infections or recover faster from them.

So what does cholesterol do?  The answer is plain and simple: cholesterol is a healing agent in the body. When the body has some healing jobs to do, it produces cholesterol and sends it to the site of the damage. Much of the damage to the body is on a microscopic or cellular level is a result from stress, injury or chemical exposure from our food and environment.  When the inside lining of our blood vessels are exposed to toxic chemicals, free-radicals, infectious organisms, or injury then the resulting micro-damage triggers the liver to secrete LDL-cholesterol (the “bad” cholesterol) to go to the area and begin the repair processes. The body cannot clear the infection, remove toxic elements or heal the wound without cholesterol and fats. In short, when we have a high blood cholesterol level, it means that the body is dealing with some kind of damage. The last thing we s! hould do is interfere with this process! When the damage has been dealt with, the blood cholesterol will naturally go down. If we have an ongoing disease in the body that constantly inflicts damage, then the blood cholesterol will be permanently high.  Which may be the case, but masking the symptom is not the answer.

Many herbs and natural remedies have an ability to reduce our blood cholesterol. How do they do it? By helping the body remove the damaging agents, be they free radicals, bacteria, viruses or toxins. As a result, the liver does not have to produce so much cholesterol to deal with the damage. At the same time herbs and other natural remedies help to repair these microscopic wounds. When the wound heals there is no need for high levels of cholesterol anymore, so the body cleans up and removes the debris in the form of HDL-cholesterol or so-called “good” cholesterol. This is why herbs and other natural remedies increase the level of HDL-cholesterol in the blood.

So in short, cholesterol is one of the most important substances in the body. We cannot live without it, let alone function well. The profit driven diet and pharmaceutical industries have unjustly vilified this essential substance, but there are good products as the amazon keto diet pill which help people keeping a good nutrition for the body.

. However, science is finally showing irrefutable evidence that cholesterol has been mistakenly blamed for the crime just because it was found at the scene.

The solution to high cholesterol is not to go after the cholesterol directly to simply lower it, but to heal the body so that the symptom of high cholesterol is no longer necessary.  By nourishing, building and supporting the natural healing processes of the body, we not only become healthier, but cholesterol levels normalizes, the blood pressure returns to healthy balance and we restore energy and vitality that may have alluded us.  When the body is healthy, the need to cover up symptoms is not necessary.

Here are some recommendations:


  • Eat healthy whole natural foods
  • Avoid processed foods as they are loaded with chemicals that stress the liver and increase free-radical damage (which causes your cholesterol to rise to heal the damage).
  • Get off the sugar – too much sugar and too high of insulin results in inflammation and causes cholesterol to rise.  Strictly avoid all foods and drinks with high-fructose corn syrup.
  • Eat healthy fats and food high in cholesterol such as eggs, fish, butter, olive oil, coconut oil, whole milk and other animal fats.  Remember quality is everything.  Eat organic and avoid foods grown with chemicals, hormones and drugs like antibiotics.  This means you may have to pay a little more for grass-fed beef, hormone-free chicken, organic farm-fresh eggs and raw whole milk.
  • Avoid low-fat processed foods, especially those containing canola, soy or other processed oils.  You will probably need to start making your own salad dressings. (Yum!)
  • Get enough Vitamin D3 – either from sunshine or supplement
  • Eliminate soft drinks from your diet, including diet sodas, which contain health-damaging aspartame. WaterSoftenerMaestro recommends to drink filtered water instead.
  • Stay away from the excitotoxin monosodium glutamate (MSG) used in some restaurants and to enhance the flavor of processed foods.  MSG is very damaging in many ways.
  • Scrupulously avoid trans fats, which cause cancer, trigger type-2 diabetes, interfere with immune function, and cause heart disease.

Exercise has also shown to have a direct positive effect on our cholesterol.  Primarily because the body that exercises regularly, is healthier, stronger and more resistant to injury, trauma and disease. 

Herbal Remedies can be powerful tools in building and supporting the body so that symptoms such as high cholesterol and high blood pressure are not necessary.  At Western Botanicals our products are made with great care and attention to detail.  We make everything in small batches to ensure that our high standards and demands for purity and effectiveness are maintained.  Only the very best ingredients are used because we use these supplements for ourselves, our families and friends. 

Herbal Supplements to consider:

Heart Formula 

This potent formula is designed to provide the nutrients and support to build a healthy circulatory system.  It increases the oxygen carrying capacity of the red-blood cells and supports better artery and venous flow.  High cholesterol and triglycerides are normalized because the body is restored to health.

Hawthorn Berry Syrup

Medical research has shown that hawthorn will build and strengthen weak or damaged heart tissue by allowing oxygen to be better utilized by the heart muscle. This tasty syrup is very popular with people who may experience arrhythmia’s, congestive heart problems, angina, and exertion related fatigue.

Earth’s Nutrition

Nourish and support the rebuilding of healthy cells with these nutritious super foods.

Anti-Inflammation Formula

Fights free radical damage by improving the natural anti-inflammatory function of the body. Heart health, healthy blood pressure and cholesterol are all benefits of this product.

Cayenne: the great circulation herb strengthens, tones as well as acts as a catalyst for other nutrients and building blocks for tissue repair. Capsaicin, one of the active ingredients in cayenne, is known for its beneficial effects on cholesterol, diabetes, heart disease, weight loss, lung congestion, and even cancer.

Garlic: reduce the risk of heart disease by lowering blood pressure, lowering the bad LDL cholesterol and keep blood thin – reducing the risk of blood clots and stroke.

Turmeric: promotes wound healing. Turmeric promotes cardiovascular health along with guest bars, where to buy quest bars. A clinical studies show that turmeric lowers cholesterol and triglycerides levels in nearly all cases. Patients reported reduced angina.

The good news is that we now understand why heart disease is our nations number one killer.  And with this knowledge we can enjoy foods that we may have been avoiding (such as eggs, bacon, beef, coconut oil and whole milk) that are actually healthy for you.  It really looks like the old time farmers diet was really healthy after all.

Blessings in Health,


Dr. Kyle Christensen
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May 11 2010

A Key to Solving Auto-Immune Diseases Like Rheumatoid Arthritis

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A Thomsonian Naturopathic Doctor’s View of a Common Sense Way Out of the Autoimmune Disease Mess

I am a Thomsonian Naturopathic doctor and follower of Dr Samuel Thomson (the founder 1822).   He believed as I have learned from his teachings and my experience that all diseases are actually simple to explain, and that the more you complicate disease and medical techniques the more that people are removed from the healing process.   One of the results is what you see today in these auto-immune disease epidemic nightmares.

When I was looking at autoimmune diseases in 2004 there were at that time 65 and everyone was shocked at the high number.   Sadly these diseases have nearly tripled in that short period of time and today I believe the number is close to 150.   But this is not the true number as anyone of those autoimmune diseases can have any number of sub-diseases with their own symptoms.   Rheumatoid Arthritis (RA) for example, has about 100 sub-diseases.   So really there are so many new autoimmune diseases that some have not even gotten a name yet, amazing isn’t it.

Autoimmune diseases like RA are a disease where your immune system does not recognize you and attacks you as though you were something foreign.   Here is a comparison that shows just how crazy this really is. Imagine, that in your city one day for no apparent reason the police department starts shooting at the employees of the water department. Until this problem is solved your city is turned on its head.

Modern medicine’s answer seems like a good idea, suppress or control the immune system. But wait a minute that is like answering your city’s problem by taking away the policeman’s guns or their right to arrest. This is unrealistic; because like your immune system the police have a vital service to perform.  Suppressing the immune system may be a temporary emergency answer, but long term it leads to other disease issues. Shouldn’t the realistic solution be to find out why your immune system is attacking you in the first place, why the confusion?

Let me see if I can make something clear for everyone so it is easier to understand, something I didn’t understand myself until an analysis lab technician from from STD screening services, OC explained it to me. “When each cell is created by your body it gets an identifying signature a code that says it is part of you and do not attack me. You might say it is like the license plate on your car; that makes sense right?  Well, when your immune system senses this code it automatically knows that this is you and do not attack.”  Modern medical science calls this code a major histocompatibility complex (MHC).  

As long as you have been alive your immune system has checked each of the trillions of cells in your body two times a day.   The question is why, after checking the identification of your cells successfully all your life, does your immune system suddenly attack as in RA?   What has happened to these cells of your body such as those in your joints that it once accepted and now attacks?

Naturopaths like myself, believe that RA and all other autoimmune diseases are a symptom of a modern lifestyle and genetic weaknesses.   If you look for a pill or operation to suppress your immune system to make the pain disappear you may find one.   But that will never stop your immune system from attacking you.   And it will never answer the question, “Why do you have RA or any autoimmune disease in the first place”?

Making the pain or symptoms go away without addressing the underlying root of the immune confusion will also give your body cause and effect to bring you another autoimmune disease.    Which has proven to be the case; someone with an auto-immune disease tends to get another auto-immune disease and possibly more.   It is like the child’s game where you knock the peg down with a hammer and another one pops up.   That is why we have so many diseases and so many medications but zero cures, have you noticed that?

The person with an autoimmune disease will always be susceptible there is no real complete cure.   But we believe that they can correct the immune system to stop it from attacking.   What is needed to prevent the immune system from making these errors?   Eliminate from the body those things that are causing the immunity confusion.  These are things that never have and never will be naturally accepted or beneficial to the human body or mind.

Objective Autoimmune Disease Causes

There are combinations of toxins in everyone’s bodies today that have never been there in all of human history.   Our bodies were never designed to carry them nor do we have any use for them.   Some of them are objectively toxic in nature like the heavy metals aluminum, cadmium, lead, mercury and thallium.  Then you have the industrial chemicals that include hydrazine, herbicides, preservatives, dyes, plastics, bisphenol A and rubber products that are released in the environment and they number somewhere close to 85,000 thanks to the EPA and the FDA.

Notes (In 2005, researchers from the Environmental Working Group found something very frightening: a cocktail of 287 pollutants – PFOA’s, pesticides, dioxins, flame retardants — in the fetal-cord blood of newborn infants from around the country).

(Females retain methyl mercury 2:1 over males. It accumulates in the central nervous system, the endocrine system, and every major organ, as well as the body at large. They may well do the same for these other biotoxins.)

Medical Drugs That Can Cause Autoimmune Diseases

It has been known for some time that medical drugs can trigger an autoimmune disease.   Now it has been found that many medical drugs are the direct cause of various autoimmune diseases.   Below is a partial list of just some of the medicines involved in the autoimmune disease epidemic?   “If a medical drug you are on or have been on is not listed, do some research check the side effects, etc?”

The Prescription Drugs

Alferon N, Allopurinol, Atenolol, Atorvastatin, captopril, Carbamazepine, chlorpromazine, Chlorthalidone, cimetidine, Ethosuximide, gold salts, griseofulvin, Hydralazine, Hydrochlorothiazide, Infergen, Inerferon Alfa, Interferons, Interleukins, Intron A, Isoniazid, Levodopa, Lithium, Lovastatin, Mesantoin, Methimazole, Methyldopa, Methylsergide, Metoprolol, Minocycline,  Minoxidil, Nitrofurantoin, Ophthalmic timolol, Oral contraceptives, P-aminobenzoic, PegIntron, Penicillamine, Penicillin, Perphenazine, Phenylbutazone,   Phenytoin,  Pravostatin, Primidone, Procainamide, Propylthiouracil, Quinidine, Simvastatin, sulfasalazine, sulfonamides, streptomycin, Sulfonamide antimicrobials, Tetracyclines, Tiotropium Bromide inhaler, Trimethadione, Tumor Necrosis factor, Valproic acid.

Why would a medical drug that you take for your health cause you to become sick?   Basically medicine is not made to help you to become healthier.   Medical drugs are developed to suppress your symptoms.   You would never take a pharmaceutical drug to feel healthier as you would a vitamin or herbal supplement.

Mercury in Medicine

Of course everyone knows the dangers of mercury, but modern medicine insists on putting mercury in just about everything they give us and the FDA allows them to, why?   Because mercury is cheap and it works to suppress your symptoms even though over the long haul it poisons us all.   How dangerous is mercury?   It is the second most dangerous element on the planet next to plutonium.   Yet mercury is even found in over the counter medical drugs (OCMD) such as topical antiseptics, stimulant laxatives, diaper rash ointments (yes for babies), eye drops, nose sprays, Preparation H, Calomel body powders and talc, Mercurochrome, Merthiolate, Laxatives containing Calomel, Psoriasis ointments, Calamine lotions, Contact lens solutions and Vaginal gels – especially those that are contraceptives.   And of course mercury is highly suspect as a cause in all these new autoimmune diseases and the alteration of our children’s behavior such as ADD, ADHD and Autism.   Easy to see why we have health problems, isn’t it? Thanlfully there are many products that help treat them, find more info of what you can use and guidance at the Canadian pharmacy

Why is the FDA afraid to do what is right and pull mercury out of all of these products?   Because the use of mercury is so cheap and pervasive across the board in the prescription drug and over the counter drug industries and the pressure is high in the industry to leave it that way.

“Lawsuit to Force FDA to Comply With Law and Ban Mercury” (News of the Day 11/13/2006)The lawsuit, originally filed in August 2006, asks the court to force the FDA to comply with existing law and regulations and provide proof of the safety and efficacy of mercury in drugs. The suit was filed because the FDA failed to answer issues raised.

Mercury is found in at least 45 different prescribed or over-the-counter drugs, including eye ointments, nasal sprays, and vaccines, most importantly, flu vaccines administered to children and pregnant women.

In a 1999 internal email, obtained under a Freedom of Information Act request, an FDA official wrote that the agency’s failure to evaluate the cumulative amount of mercury in medicine “…will raise questions about FDA being ‘asleep at the switch’ for decades by allowing a potentially hazardous compound to remain…and not forcing manufacturers to exclude it from new products….”

In a second email, the same official wrote: “…the greatest point of vulnerability on this issue is that the systematic review…by the FDA could have been done years ago and on an ongoing basis.”

In a letter by FDA Acting Assistant Commissioner for Policy Jeffrey Shuren, denying the CoMeD petition, the “admission that the FDA had no substantive evidence confirming the safety of mercury in medicine was stunning,” stated CoMeD.

Citizen Filed Petition, Aug 4, 2004, by CoMeD representativesFDA Sued Over Mercury in Medicines, News of the Day, 11/13/2006

Subjective Autoimmune Disease Causes

Would you be surprised to learn that something subjective like losing a loved one or getting a divorce can trigger an autoimmune disease.   Yes, it is true that just getting over stressed at work or having a poor spiritual base can be just as dangerous as mercury to your body.   To eliminate these and others you need to address the whole person which takes work and willingness on the part of the patient.   When I was sick I found this area of my naturopathic treatment to be a tough one to work on.

Your Genetic Weaknesses and Autoimmune Diseases

The genetic connection to autoimmune diseases are well established but very few people are aware of the Naturopathic Medical view of genetics and disease.   A chain is the perfect object to use as an example of genetic weaknesses.   There is a very old saying that goes like this, “a chain is only as strong as its weakest link”.   So let’s think about this for a minute, there is no chain that does not have a weak link and that link can be found by exerting enough stress on the chain to break the weakest link. You could also say that any chain can be broken, and it breaks at exactly one link, the weakest one.

Now take this example a step further and imagine each organ in your body alphabetically beginning with your adrenals down to your veins is a link in a chain. This chain of organs has a weak genetic link somewhere you just need to apply enough stress (through diet, toxicity and lifestyle) on the organ chain to find the weak link, then you need to take a mint bath bomb to get rid of it.   This is easy to picture right now that if you know you have a weak link how would you protect yourself from getting a disease in that organ?   The answer is as simple as the cure for all disease should be, do not stress the chain.   That is right; simply do not put stress on your genetic chain with your lifestyle.

What about those people whose genetic chain is already broken and their weakness has an autoimmune disease.   They need to reverse what they have been doing all their life.   By that I mean do exactly the opposite of what they have been doing.   This will take the stress off of the weak organ and give it a chance to recover.   By doing the opposite I mean cleansing, detoxing, no refined foods, lots of produce, live juices and lifestyle adjustments.

One of the great things about the human body is its ability to recover.   And a big part of this recovery process is the replacement of each and every organ and cell in your body over an 8 year period.   To take advantage of this process you give your body everything it needs to do this to the optimum level.   In other words; treating your body with the best cleansing, detoxing and the most nutritious foods, herbs, supplements and lifestyle adjustments to get the most from this building process.

What the United States National Institutes of Health Clinical Center says I think dovetails almost exactly some of what we have been saying here. “The causes of these diseases are unknown but they are thought to occur in genetically susceptible individuals after exposure to selected environmental agents.”

What Can You Do?

Below are the basic Naturopathic Medical avenues for all diseases and their remedies.   Disease and ill health attacks you from five different areas of your life.   One, what you bring into your body via food, water, air.   Two, what is not eliminated; the toxins that build up encouraging the disease to start.   Three, a lack of movement and exercise cause poor blood flow encouraging toxic buildup, low oxygen and poor nutrition to cells and an inability to unstress.   Four, the stressful people and situations in the work place and at home.   Five, a poor spiritual foundation, no belief in higher power. Use the products from fora better grip.

To defuse auto-immune diseases like RA and bring good health, the above five areas are addressed at the same time with rigorous cleansing, detoxing and lifestyle changes.   This is a Naturopathic Medical view of how ill-health and disease begin in this modern world and how to reverse it to become healthy.   Few people today realize how intensively healing Naturopathic medical treatments really are.   They think of using a few herbs for this and that disease, drinking an herb tea, do a few yoga stretches etc. which is as weak as it sounds.

This is very far from the truth.   Naturopathic Medical therapies are intense, invasive and rigorous.   Juice fasting, colon, liver and kidney cleansing and detoxing, cold sheet treatments, hydro therapy, blood cleansing using large doses of herbs, caster oil packs etc.   All of these treatments plus making permanent changes in your lifestyle and more are part of Naturopathic Medicine’s treatments to undo RA and all auto-immune diseases.   Anyone who gives these techniques their complete attention and focus will see their RA and any disease including cancer disappear into their past.   That is as long as they leave their former lifestyle in the past.

I know, I used the above techniques on myself against a life threatening disease twenty years ago and they wiped my health slate clean as when I was a boy.   I walked away disease free and I have been disease free ever since that time.   I am 65 now; healthy and strong as a horse with zero diseases and zero medications.   This was my payoff for a lot of hard work and permanent changes in my lifestyle.


Evidence for the Role of Environmental Agents in the Initiation or Progression of Autoimmune Conditions, Jonathan J. Powell, Judy Van de Water, and M. Eric Gershwin, Environmental Health Perspectives Volume 107, Supplement 5, October 1999

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Lawsuit Against FDA: Mercury In Medicine, Healthful Tips, March 16th, 2010

Citizen Filed Petition, Aug 4, 2004, by CoMeD representativesFDA Sued Over Mercury in Medicines, News of the Day, 11/13/2006

CBD oil has hundreds of proven health benefits, including pain relief for arthritis. If you want the best CBD oil, visit Buy CBD Products online today.
For more info please visit

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Mar 02 2010

Did You Get Your Disease Because of Genetics, Bad Luck or Something Else?

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Many people feel that getting sick or a disease is just bad luck or the luck of the draw.   I got prostate cancer because I was unlucky enough to be born into a family where all the men genetically got prostate cancer.   If I would have just been lucky enough to be born in another family I would not have prostate cancer, unlucky me.   Well despite what you have been led to believe, genetics does not give you cancer so luck has nothing to do with cancer or any disease at all, zero.

In other words you do not get cancer because you are unlucky genetically; there is a reason for your illness.   In our world of reality there are certain laws that apply to everything and one law that applies to all disease is the Law of Cause and Effect.   I drove my car over a nail (the cause) and I got a flat tire (the effect).   This law, applied to medicine, basically says that the cause is linked to the second event, the disease.  This is how blast auxiliary ac improves your indoor air quality.

But how can I say that genetics had nothing to do with my getting cancer?   Especially when I was born into a family where on my father’s side the men are susceptible to prostate cancer and that is just what I got.   Here is why; my genetically weak prostate is just that, a weakness and a prostate weakness does not mean that I am going to get prostate cancer.   I know what I just said does not seem to make sense but I will give you an example that will make it perfectly clear.

A chain is the perfect object to use as an example of genetic weaknesses.   There is a very old saying that goes like this, “a chain is only as strong as its weakest link”.   So let’s think about this for a minute, there is no chain that does not have a weak link and that link can be found by exerting enough stress on the chain to break the weakest link.   You could also say that any chain can be broken, and it breaks at exactly one link, the weakest one.

Now take this example a step further and imagine each organ in your body alphabetically beginning with your adrenals down to your veins is a link in a chain.   This chain of organs has a weak genetic link somewhere, you just need to apply enough stress on the organ chain to find the weak link.  

Now let’s apply this to my case; when I started to get symptoms I was unaware that my grandfather on my father’s side died of prostate cancer.   I was only told about my grandfather’s cancer when my family found out that I was ill.   I know it still sounds like it was just my bad luck to be born in that family where the men have a genetically weak prostate.   And this goes for every human being.  Somewhere in everybody’s body are weak genetic links.  

Why isn’t being genetically weak and getting a disease in that particular part of your body considered bad luck?   The answer is if you never put any stress on the chain then it will never break.   The same goes for your body; if you never put any stress on your genetically weak organs then you will never get a disease in those organs.    That is why luck and genetics have nothing to do with getting cancer or any disease.

Here is how that worked out for me.   I got cancer of the prostate because I put stress on my whole body by living like a typical American.   And when my body could not take any more abuse the weakest organ gave way and I got cancer of the prostate.

If I knew what I know now, I would have recognized what was happening from the beginning.   What I was not paying any attention to were all the symptoms mounting up.   The symptoms were my body trying to communicate to me that the stress was adding up and something was going to give if I didn’t stop the abuse and reverse things.   If I were as knowledgeable then as I am now I would have immediately stopped applying stress and do just the opposite, relieve the stress by reversing what I was doing.   The same is true of the chain being pulled in different directions, all you have to do is stop pulling on the chain and relax the tension and the chain will not break, period. Learn more about biofit probiotic benefits.

Here is the stress that I was applying to my genetically weak chain of organs.   I was eating a typical American diet of too much meat, refined grains and sugars.   I ate too many cooked foods and not enough raw, too much pasteurized dairy, no raw dairy at all, too much coffee, too many foods with chemicals in them.   I was not eliminating enough waste products and I was allowing toxic chemicals to build up in my body.   I had too much stress at work doing a job I hated and associating with negative people who were not my friends.   I was not exercising enough to unstress a physically and mentally stressed body.   I had no spiritual center to help me get through life.   I was a stressed man from the top of my head to the tip of my toes ready to break and I did.   

But like everyone else does when a symptom shows up, I either ignored it or I tried to dull it with medication.   Here are the symptoms; a complete loss of energy, feeling bloated and it seemed as though my food was not being digested and I had a lot of gas.   I never felt hungry and lost interest in food.  I ate my meals because it was time to eat not because I had a desire to eat.   I was gaining weight and my belly was hanging over my belt.   There was a nagging pain in my lower back that would not go away and I was stiff all over especially my lower back, knees and feet.   I was constipated and passing blood in my stool often enough to make me concerned about what was happening to me.   These symptoms went on for 2 years and I thought I was just getting old.   If I was in too much pain I took something for it to make it go away.   Then the full symptoms of prostate cancer showed up and the nightmare started (see my biography).

So I had about 3 years of getting more and more symptoms and my only answer was to ignore them or dull them with medication.   Plus I was developing a growing fear of the symptoms and what they might mean.   When I realized I had cancer I finely took action and I made a decision that was very uncharacteristically American.   Instead of going to a cancer specialist I investigated Naturopathic Medicine and decided to go in that direction.  

Naturopathic Medicine’s answer as to why I got cancer was my lifestyle was stressing my body and my prostate being the weakest organ got cancer.   They told me that if I wanted to cure my cancer I needed to unburden my body of all the stress that my American lifestyle had put on it.  I needed to change my lifestyle and do exactly the opposite of what I had been doing for years.   I needed to watch and change everything I brought into my body and that meant lots of raw produce, and juicing, distilled water, herbs and what are called Super Foods.   I needed to change the way I eliminated waste and cleanse and detox all the elimination organs of my body the bowel, kidneys, liver, skin and lungs.   I needed exercise to move my blood, lymph and respiration.   I needed to eliminate as much stress from my life as possible that meant stressful people and situations such as work.   And I also needed to seek and get firmly established on my spiritual path whatever that was for me.  

I got a list with detailed instructions and I went to work and I mean I went to work!   It was like I had taken on a very intense work load of chores that had to be done every day.   So I put in a regular 40 hour work week and I did this Naturopathic routine of chores that kept me busy from the time I woke in the morning until I went to bed at night.   But as I did these techniques I noticed that I was making progress because I was feeling healthier and healthier almost every day.   I realized that I was pulling out all the stressful mental and physical garbage that had built up over my lifetime that was crushing me until I could take no more.  

I ate hundreds of pounds of raw produce, I cleansed, I detoxed, I juiced and drank herb teas till I thought they would run out of my ears.   The stuff that came out of me was horrendous and it went on for weeks.   I took up yoga, weight lifting and jumping rope.   I changed employers and avoided negative people who were not my friends.  I worked on forgiving the old wrongs that had been done to me and that I had done to others.   And the toughest of all for me was I learned to love myself and established a very strong personal relationship with God.

Then one day I had a very dramatic realization that shook me to my very foundations.   My symptoms every one of them were gone.   I stood there dumbfounded going over in my head the inventory of each symptom and realizing that they were no longer with me.   It was as if I had been struck by lightning because I did not deep down inside believe that this would work but it did.   I was about three months into this intense Naturopathic program and I had been so busy doing it that I did not realize that the symptoms had stopped.   I was so happy that I was giddy and euphoric for about a week.   But I did not let up because I was told that this was not the end and that I needed to keep going to finish but you can read that in my biography.

Now do you see my point about why genetics and luck have nothing to do with disease?   They can only play a part in your health if you allow them to like I did.   And you can also see that there is a simple answer to curing all disease.   That is right, curing disease is simple not complicated unless you try to avoid the obvious.   Curing disease really is about the person not the disease.  

The reality is that despite what science says, there are no incurable diseases, not one.   That is right, it does not matter what type of cancer, heart disease, germ or virus you have they are all curable. Even the ones that seems impossible, like aging. In fact before I finish up here I wanted to share this site on anti-aging. If you want to find out more check it out, the science is quite fascinating.  But there are incurable people who won’t change, or who like being sick or it is their time and God is coming for them.   For everyone else your disease is curable you just need to do the work of unburdening your body and giving it the tools and care it needs to cure the disease, it is that simple.

Paul Blake, N.D.

If you want to learn more about Back pain and what causes it please go to the offcial website.

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Jan 31 2010

Are You a Health Millionaire?

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I had an experience once that taught me that I was health rich beyond measure.   This was about 20 years ago and at that time I was selling exercise equipment for a nationwide outlet in a mall in Southern California.   I believed in the product and I enjoyed teaching people how to use the exercise machines and the benefits of a regular exercise program.   I did not make much money but I enjoy helping people improve their lives and I always have and always will. Read on to learn which oils you should avoid, which oils could improve your sexual function in other ways, for more info visit the link.


One day a very nice young woman came into the store and asked for me by name.   She told me that I came highly recommended by a friend of hers who was very happy with the new exercise equipment I sold them.   I thanked her and asked her “how can I help you?”   She told me it was her husband who needed my help.   She said that he would come by the store later that day and that she wanted me to assist him.   I told her that I would be glad to help him.


She then told me that selling him on exercise and buying the equipment will not be easy that he is a tough customer.   She said that he owns his own business and he was used to getting his way.   She further said that he was recovering from a heart attack and multiple bypass surgeries, that she and the doctors were urging him to start exercising soon and he was resisting the idea.   The doctors had said that he needed to make some changes in his life like an exercise program or they feared that the next heart attack may be fatal.  


This very nice woman started becoming a little emotional.   She said “our life is wonderful together I do not want to lose him just when everything is coming together for us and our children.”   I assured her that if he had the slightest inclination to start an exercise routine that I would find it and move him to buy the equipment and get started.   We exchanged a few more words, she thanked me and left.


Later that day toward the end of my shift the lady’s husband came into the store and asked for me.   I met a very pleasant gentleman, middle aged, intelligent, successful but obviously ill and out of shape.   I took him through the different pieces of equipment we had, explaining the features and benefits.   At the same time I also explained how to begin an exercise program and its benefits.  


He listened patiently but I could see that he would have rather been anywhere but here in this store talking with me about exercise and its equipment.   Soon he was taking control of the conversation and steering it in the direction he wanted it to go.   I knew I was losing his attention and before long I would not be able to help him or his wife and children.


He started talking about all his business success, his property and showing me pictures of his RV and their place in the mountains.   He was really enjoying himself now as he talked about a motorcycle he had, his boat and many other things that he had acquired.   I kept silent as he went on and on but there was a realization I was coming to about him and his situation that I could not fully put into words yet.


He was now finishing up and getting ready to leave the store.    In another moment I was going get a handshake, a smile and his back as he walked out into the mall.   But during the handshake I caught him up and I said “Before you leave I need to tell you something personal that you need to hear.”   He looked a little startled and said “what’s that”?   


I stepped just outside the store with him and said “Let me tell you something I have been thinking about while you were talking”.    Here is what I said for garcinia cambogia extrakt, “Everything you have, your business, money, property, house, cabin, RV, motorcycle, boat, your power, mean nothing if you do not have your health.   They are only things that are worth less then the dust on the bottoms of your shoes without you.   You could go out today, lose everything and get it all back, which could be easy for you.   But you cannot buy back your health and not your family; they are what is important.   And without your health even your family is in jeopardy.”    I stopped talking and then stood there looking at him waiting for a reply.


I noticed he seemed a little red faced and a bit angry from the look on his face.   I thought to myself that possibly I was going to have a complaint logged against me by this man.   Then he started to talk “You know what, you have brought up something that I have not thought of in quite the way you put it, you got to me.   I will be back tomorrow afternoon with my wife and we will pick out some equipment so I can get started, thanks.”   He shook my hand again, turned and walked down the mall corridor toward the parking structure.   He and his wife were back that next afternoon just like he said and we completed the sale with no further problems.  


I still think about that incident in my life because it was a turning point of sorts for me as well as him.   I had really not thought about what I told him until just that moment when I spoke to him and that realization came together just then.   I myself had just recovered from a year and a half struggle with a cancer.   It was the same prostate cancer that had killed both my father and grandfather.     


It was a profound experience and I was of course elated that I had cured my cancer but until that moment in the mall I had not put any value on just how much it meant to me.   The reality was that the experience of curing the cancer had made me rich beyond imagining.   That experience gave me the ability to cure any disease and that is priceless.


I would never have to fear that some symptom I was feeling was a fatal disease.   I would never suffer with a chronic disease.   I would never have some doctor tell me you are going to be on this medication for the rest of your life.   I would never have to face chemo, radiation or surgical procedures for cancer.   And I couldn’t care less if I had medical insurance coverage.


How could I say that?   Simply put, I learned to cure my own cancer by using traditional Naturopathic medical techniques.   These Natural cure techniques were demanding there was nothing easy about it.   It was as though I had taken on a second job.  I was busy from the time I got up in the morning till I went to bed at night for over a year and a half.   I was constantly either cleansing or detoxing or purging garbage out of my body nonstop.   But I found the strength to do it because of the successes I was seeing in my health.   And I learned that it is within the capabilities of anyone to do just what I did.   Out of that Naturopathic experience I gained the knowledge of what it takes to cure any disease, period.   And over the nearly twenty years since then I have applied those techniques over and over for myself and numerous other people.  


I know what you might be thinking, “you may think that what I said is not medically scientific and has not been proven to work”.   Well, I did not have time to wait for medical science.   And quite frankly their track record and knowledge of what it takes to cure any illness is weak.   They have not cured one disease in over half a century.  


Naturopathic Medicine on the other hand has an ancient and honorable track record of curing disease for over 8,000 years.   Obviously such a long usage of herbs, foods and cleansing techniques by common man justifies their use of the term “Traditional Naturopathic Medicine” as a scientific description and definition.


But regardless of how what I just said plays out in the confused world of medicine, money and politics I found my answer.Read more baby registry ideas on Yunnan Baiyao Store.   And that answer as I said a thorough article has made me health rich beyond measure, how about you? Visit Disability Support Services & Workers – Melbourne & Geelong for more info. Are you health rich beyond measure, I think you and your family deserve to be don’t you?


Dr. Paul Blake N.D.


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Jan 12 2010

The Most Deficient Mineral in the American Diet is Not Calcium

Published by under Health

That is right the most common mineral deficient in the U.S. diet is magnesium not calcium.  Of the American population 95% are deficient in magnesium.  Of all the minerals our body needs magnesium is the most important, not calcium; without enough magnesium our bodies cannot even assimilate calcium.  Calcium that is not assimilated into your body can lead to arthritis, gallstones, kidney stones, artery plaque, brittle bones, and calcium spurs.  All of these have been known to disappear after taking extra magnesium supplements and weight loss products
which assists in their absorption. Since weight loss is the main goal of doing anything that you want its something that youll have to take care of with some supplemental products alongside good nutrition.


Some of the conditions where magnesium may be useful in prevention are:


Premature Aging, Arthritis, Aggressive Behavior, Alcoholism, Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis, Alzheimer’s Disease, Heart Arrhythmia, Asthma, Attention Deficit Disorder, Autism, Brain Damage, Cancer, Cerebral Palsy, Cerebrovascular, Chemical Sensitivity, Chronic Fatigue, Cluster Headaches, Cocaine-related Stroke, Constipation, Cramps, Diabetes. Fibromyalgia, Fluoride Toxicity, Head Injuries, Central Nervous System Injuries, Heart Disease, Heart Attack, Atherosclerosis, Cardiovascular Disease, HIV, AIDS, Hypertension, Kidney Stones, Magnesium Deficiency, Menopause, Migraine Headache, Mitral Valve Prolapse, Multiple Sclerosis, Nystagmus, Osteoporosis, Peripheral Vascular Disease, Pregnancy-related Problems, Eclampsia, Premenstrual Syndrome (PMS), Psychiatric Disorders, Repetitive Strain Injury, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Sickle Cell Disease, SIDS, Sports-related Problems, Stress, Stuttering, Tetanus, Tinnitis, Sound Sensitivity, TMJ, Toxic Shock, Violence


Are You Being Treated for a Disease That is a Just a Magnesium Deficiency.

Magnesium deficiencies have been found to occur in around 11% of hospitalized patients; it was found that 52% of patients in coronary care units, 42% of hypokalemic patients, 65% of ICU patients, and between 25%-39% of patients with diabetes have inadequate levels of magnesium. “The higher percentage of fat and sugar in the American diet requires greater emphasis on magnesium-rich Foods


Look For These Symptoms of a Magnesium Deficiency:

Arthritis, Insomnia, Fatigue, Body tension, Headaches, Heart-Disorders, Low Energy, High Blood Pressure, PMS, Backaches, Constipation, Kidney Stones, Osteoporosis, Irregular-Heartbeat, Anxiety, Muscle Cramps or Spasms, Irritability, Confusion, Poor digestion, Rapid heartbeat, Seizures, Can be synonymous with diabetes, Cause cardiac arrhythmia, Hypertension, Asthma, Chronic fatigue, Chronic pain syndrome, Formation of kidney stones.


Do you have trouble sleeping, do you wake up with muscle cramps and spasms, or feel too tense to sleep?  Your sleep problem may be as simple as a Magnesium deficiency.   Are you startled easily by noises, are you highly nervous, overly sensitive, on edge all the time, do lights seem too bright?  Do you suffer from muscle spasms, muscle cramps, muscle jerks, muscle tics, eye tics, do you have hiccups?  These are all caused by a deficiency of and can be solved by taking Magnesium. These are signs that your nervous system lacks Magnesium, which is essential for its proper functioning.


Do you suffer form low energy, chronic fatigue, do you become easily fatigued and weak; you may have a Magnesium deficiency.  Each cell in your body uses Magnesium as a key to energy production.  Magnesium can restore higher energy levels.


Yes.  Excess calcium in the diet can deplete magnesium from your body.  Milk is one of the worst culprits, the ratio of calcium to magnesium is eight parts calcium to one part magnesium; impossible for the body to utilize the calcium, excess calcium depletes the magnesium in the body even more.


After oxygen, water, and basic foods, Magnesium may be the most important element needed by our bodies.  Magnesium is responsible for activating over 300 different biochemical reactions necessary for our body to properly function.


Magnesium is essential in the regulation and use in your body of the following minerals calcium, potassium and sodium.   When you do not have enough magnesium in your body to regulate these minerals you may experience the following problems.   Low energy, poor bone formation, muscular difficulties (such as cramping, ticks, spasms etc.), poor activation of B vitamins (and all the problems associated with each of them), irregular heart beat, problems with your kidney, adrenals, brain. inability to physically relax.   This is how essential magnesium is to maintaining a normal functioning healthy body.


Your heart is a muscle that is constantly tensing and relaxing.  All your muscles including your heart use calcium to tense up and Magnesium to relax.  Without a proper balance of Magnesium your heart may suffer from an irregular beat or even go into a spasm called a heart attack.  What can Magnesium do for your heart?  It can lower blood pressure, stabilize irregular heart beat, enable the heart to pump a larger volume, relax constricted blood vessels, decrease the frequency of angina pains, keep blood platelets from clumping together, and increase beneficial HDL cholesterol.


Some allergies may be due to a need for magnesium for instance if you have an allergy to wheat, it may be relieved by adding more magnesium to your diet.


Do you suffer from PMS, too much calcium and not enough Magnesium can cause PMS.  Without enough Magnesium, you can feel as though you are living your life with the brakes on.  Add Magnesium to your diet and you will feel as though you accelerated your whole life.



Warning Note:
The majority of magnesium supplements are rock minerals and we cannot absorb minerals in that form it must be from food to be absorbed by our bodies. It is a basic law of nature that humans cannot absorb anything that has not been through a living plant first.



If your magnesium supplement says the following it is a rock mineral and you cannot absorb it.




Magnesium Carbonate A component of soil/ an antacid and laxative.
Magnesium Chloride Ammonium chloride processed with HCL/ fireproofs wood; cathartic
Magnesium Citrate carbonate processed with acids/ a cathartic
Magnesium Oxide Soil often concentrated by high heat/ an antacid, cement, and laxative




To get your magnesium from a supplement it must say this on the label.

Food Magnesium from Enzymatically processed plant material/ only used as Food.



Magnesium in Produce in the United States
Since the Industrial Revolution food processing has refined out a large portion of magnesium (and many other important minerals and vitamins).  Eating these processed foods like sugar, flour, white rice, causes magnesium loss via urination.  Drinking soft drinks that have caffeine and phosphoric acid in them and coffee increases the magnesium loss.  Other factors that can deplete your body’s levels of magnesium are mental stress, high perspiration, and medical drugs of all types, diabetes, chronic pain, diuretics, and a diet too high in calcium.


Poor U.S.A. Farming Methods
Farming methods in the U.S.A. have also done little to help you obtain enough magnesium in your diet. See the chart below from the statistics of the Department of Agriculture showing the drop in minerals like magnesium from our produce due to poor farming methods from 1919 onward.


Food Sources: (as I said above most of the magnesium has been stripped out of commercial produce by poor farming methods)
Apples, apricots, avocados, bananas, blackstrap molasses, brewer’s yeast, brown rice, cantaloupe, dulse, figs, garlic, grapefruit, green leafy vegetables, kelp, lemons, lima beans, millet, nuts, peaches, black-eyed peas, salmon, sesame seeds, soybeans, tofu, tortula yeast, watercress, wheat and whole grains.




Prescription for Nutritional Healing, James Balch for botox melbourne, M.D. and Phyllis Balch, CNC, Avery Books 2000
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The Truth About Vitamins in Nutritional Supplements, Doctors’ Research; linkedin profile Robert Thiel, Ph.D., N.H.D.

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Dec 23 2009

The Deadly Vaccination History and Some Unknown Facts about the 1918 Spanish Flu

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I believe that history is capable of anything. There exists no folly that men have not tried out.

C. G. Jung

History will always be pressed by the scrutiny of truth and the unveiling of time.   And so it is with the history of vaccination and the 1918 Spanish flu.   As historians investigate the real record of vaccination since its discovery by Dr. Jenner in 1796 and the disastrous Spanish influenza of 1918 they are uncovering facts that do not support the vaccine hypotheses and the accepted history of vaccination.  

The Spanish Flu Was Given the Wrong Name

We can start out with its name; it should have been called the American Army Flu or the Kansas Flu because that is where it actually first started on March 4th, 1918 at a Kansas Army base.   The first cases of the flu appeared at a military base in Camp Funston, Fort Riley, Kansas and started to spread from there to other bases, but it sadly got little attention because of the war.   A monument stands today erected between 1918-20 at Engineers Canyon,chatten key kombinations, Camp Funston, Fort Riley, Kansas, memorializing the 10th Sanitary Train soldiers who died during the flu epidemic.

Information Network of KansasDr. John P Heptonstall

The Influenza Moved From the U.S.A. to the European War and Spain

Before the month of March was half over, this influenza joined the 15th U.S. Cavalry which was shipped out to Europe to join the fighting.   By April of 1918, the epidemic arrived in France, infecting the British, American, and French troops stationed there and moved into the civilian population.   It also moved into Spain killing 260,000 Spaniards; Spain was not involved in the war and so the flu received a lot of press there, hence the name, “the Spanish flu.”  

Then it Came Back For a Second Wave to the U.S.A.

The war brought the flu back to the U.S. for a second wave where it killed over 500 thousand Americans.   Buy the time the Spanish flu wound down it is estimated that 20 to 100 million had died from it. 

This Virus Was Caused by Man Not a Natural Virus

There is good reason to believe that an inoculation calamity caused the 1918 Spanish flu pandemic.   There is evidence that the epidemic of 1918 was actually a reaction to a number of vaccinations.   When Army vaccinations became compulsory in 1911, the death rate from typhoid vaccination rose to the highest point in the history of the US Army.   US Secretary of War Henry L Stimson reported that seven men dropped dead after being vaccinated.   He also reported 63 deaths and 28,585 cases of hepatitis as a direct result of yellow fever vaccination during only six months of WW1.   According to a report in the Irish Examiner, “The report of the Surgeon-General of the US Army shows that during 1917 there were admitted into the army hospitals 19,608 men suffering from anti-typhoid inoculation and vaccinia.   When army doctors tried to suppress the symptoms of typhoid with a stronger vaccine, it caused a worse form of typhoid paratyphoid.   But when they concocted an even stronger vaccine to suppress that one, they created an even worse disease Spanish flu.”   Dr. Eleanora McBean N.D. Witness“It was a common expression during the war that “more soldiers were killed by vaccine shots than by shots from enemy guns.”—Dr. Eleanora McBean N.D.

The Spanish Flu Returns in 1976

”According to the CDC; the same flu strain appeared again in 1976.   And as in 1918, at a US army base, Fort Dix, New Jersey (said to be a vaccine trial center).   It killed one and infected two hundred other soldiers who were said to have been injected with a large variety of vaccines like the vaccines which caused the 1918 flu epidemic.   The flu epidemic at Fort Dix was called the Swine flu but no way was it related to swine as there were no swine at the camp. Dr. John P Heptonstall

A pandemic was declared and nearly 40 million people in the U.S. received the 1976/H1N1 vaccine before the campaign was stopped.   It was stopped due to an increase in Guillain-Barré syndrome, 500 cases, 25 deaths, a paralytic autoimmune disease.  

In a recent statement by The American Academy of Neurology, experts said they don’t expect the 2009 H1N1 vaccine to increase risk of Guillain-Barré syndrome or other autoimmune disease but they acknowledged that this is a concern with any pandemic vaccine.

Below Are Many Other Examples of Epidemics Following Inoculations Compulsory Vaccination in the Philippine’s Leads to Smallpox Epidemic 

In 1905, following the commencement of systematic vaccination enforced by the US Government, an epidemic occurred where the case mortality ranged from 25% to 50% in different parts of the islands. In 1918-1919 with over 95% of the population vaccinated, the worst epidemic in the Philippine’s history occurred resulting in a case mortality of 65%. The highest percentage occurred in the capital Manila, the most thoroughly vaccinated place. The lowest percentage occurred in Mindanao, the least vaccinated place owing to religious prejudices. Dr V de Jesus, Director of Health, stated that the 1918-1919 smallpox epidemic resulted in 60,855 deaths. The 1920 Report of the Philippines Health Service contains the following comments:

“From the time in which smallpox was practically eradicated in the city of Manila to the year 1918 (about 9 years) in which the epidemic appears certainly in one of its severest forms, hundreds after hundreds of thousands of people were yearly vaccinated with the most unfortunate result that the 1918 epidemic looks prima facie as a flagrant failure of the classic Immunization towards future epidemics”.   1920 Report of the Philippines Health Service

“We were fortunate enough to address their own medical (and) health officials where we reminded them of the incidence of smallpox in formerly “immunized” Filipinos. We invited them to consult their own medical records and asked them to correct us if our own facts and figures disagreed. No such correction has been forthcoming, and we can only conclude that between 1918-1919 there were 112,549 cases of smallpox notified, with 60,855 deaths. Systematic (mass) vaccination started in 1905, and since its introduction case mortality increased alarmingly. Their own records comment that “The mortality is hardly explainable.”—Second Thoughts on Disease by Kalokerinos & Dettman-The Survival Factor in Neoplastic and Viral Diseases, Dr. William Koch

Compulsory Vaccination in Germany Leads to Smallpox Epidemic

In Germany, in the years 1870-1871, over 1,000,000 people had smallpox, of which 120,000 died.  96 percent of these had been vaccinated.  An address sent to the governments of the various German states from Bismarck, the Chancellor of Germany, contained the following comment: “the hopes placed in the efficacy of the cowpox virus as preventative of smallpox have proved entirely deceptive.”

Compulsory Vaccination in Japan Leads to Smallpox Epidemic

In Japan in 1885, 13 years after compulsory vaccination commenced there in 1872, a law was passed requiring re-vaccination every seven years.  From 1886 to 1892, 25,474,370 revaccinations were recorded in Japan.  Yet during this same period, Japan had 156,175 cases of smallpox with 38,979 deaths, representing a case mortality of nearly 25 percent.  In 1896, the Japanese Parliament passed another act requiring every Japanese resident to be vaccinated and re-vaccinated every 5 years.  Between 1889 and 1908, there were 171,611 smallpox cases with 47,919 deaths — a case mortality of 30 percent.  This case mortality exceeds the smallpox death rate of the pre-vaccination period when nobody was vaccinated.  It is noteworthy that Australia at this time — one of the least-vaccinated countries in the world for smallpox — had only three smallpox cases in 15 years, in comparison with Japan’s record of 165,775 cases and 28,979 deaths, in merely a 6-year period of compulsory vaccination and re-vaccination.

Compulsory Vaccination in England leads to Smallpox Epidemic

In England, compulsory vaccination against smallpox was first introduced in 1852, yet in the period 1857 to 1859, a smallpox epidemic killed 14,244 people.  In 1863 to 1865, a second epidemic claimed 20,059 lives.  In 1867, a more stringent compulsory vaccination law was passed and those who evaded vaccination were prosecuted.  After an intensive four-year effort to vaccinate the entire population between the ages of 2 and 50, the Chief Medical Officer of England announced in May 1871 that 97.5 percent had been vaccinated.  In the following year, 1872, England experienced its worst-ever smallpox epidemic, which claimed 44,840 lives.  Between 1871 and 1880, during the period of compulsory vaccination, the death rate from smallpox leapt from 28 to 46 per 100,000 population.By 1907, the Vaccination Acts of England were repealed, with the help of some of the world’s preeminent scientists who had turned staunchly against vaccination;  Alfred Russell Wallace (one of the founders of modern evolutionary biology and zoogeography, and co-discoverer with Charles Darwin of the Theory of Natural Selection), Charles Creighton (Britain’s most learned epidemiologist and medical historian), William Farr (epidemiologist and medical statistician, first to describe how seasonal epidemics rise and fall — known today as Farr’s Law”), and the renowned Dr. Edgar M. Crookshank, Professor of Bacteriology and Comparative Pathology in King’s College, London, and author of the scathing scientific critique of vaccination, The History and Pathology of Vaccination (1889).  But before the law was amended in 1898 to include a conscientious exemption clause, an average of 2,000 parents per year were jailed and prosecuted — some repeatedly — for resisting vaccination.  Large numbers went to prison in default of paying fines.  Hundreds had their homes and possessions seized.

Compulsory Vaccination in Italy Leads to Smallpox Epidemic

“Italy was one of the best-vaccinated countries in the world, if not the best of all.  For twenty years before 1885, our nation was vaccinated in the proportion of 98.5 percent.  Notwithstanding, the epidemics of smallpox that we have had have been something so frightful that nothing before the invention of vaccination could equal them.  During 1887, we had 16,249 deaths from smallpox; in 1888, we had 18,110, and in 1889, 131,413.” 

The WHO Declares They Eradicated Smallpox “I wonder how they did it since vaccination does not work; stop vaccinating would be the easy way”

Through the success of the global eradication campaign, smallpox was finally pushed back to the horn of Africa and then to a single last natural case, which occurred in Somalia in 1977. A fatal laboratory-acquired case occurred in the United Kingdom in 1978. The global eradication of smallpox was certified, based on intense verification activities in countries, by a commission of eminent scientists in December 1979 and subsequently endorsed by the World Health Assembly in 1980. 

Here Are More Recent Problems with Vaccination

- In 1967, Ghana was declared measles free by the World Health Organization after 96% of its population was vaccinated. In 1972, Ghana experienced one of its worst measles outbreaks with its highest ever mortality rate. (Dr H Albonico, MMR Vaccine Campaign in Switzerland, March 1990)

- In the UK between 1970 and 1990, over 200,000 cases of whooping cough occurred in fully vaccinated children. (Community Disease Surveillance Centre, UK)

- In the 1970`s a tuberculosis vaccine trial in India involving 260,000 people revealed that more cases of TB occurred in the vaccinated than the unvaccinated. (The Lancet 12/1/80 p73)

- In 1979, Sweden abandoned the whooping cough vaccine due to its ineffectiveness. Out of 5,140 cases in 1978, it was found that 84% had been vaccinated three times! (BMJ 283:696-697, 1981)

-In 1990, the Journal of the American Medical Association had an article on measles which stated, “Although more than 95% of school-aged children in the US are vaccinated against measles, large measles outbreaks continue to occur in schools and most cases in this setting occur among previously vaccinated children.” (JAMA, 21/11/90) 

- In Oman between 1988 and 1989, a polio outbreak occurred amongst thousands of fully vaccinated children. The region with the highest attack rate had the highest vaccine coverage. The region with the lowest attack rate had the lowest vaccine coverage. (The Lancet, 21/9/91)

- In the USA, from July 1990 to November 1993, the US Food and Drug Administration counted a total of 54,072 adverse reactions following vaccination. The FDA admitted that this number represented only 10% of the real total, because most doctors were refusing to report vaccine injuries. In other words, adverse reactions for this period exceeded half a million! (National Vaccine Information Centre, March 2, 1994)

- In the New England Journal of Medicine July 1994 issue a study found that over 80% of children under 5 years of age who had contracted whooping cough had been fully vaccinated.

Why Is Vaccination So Wrong?

You need to look at what it really is.   Originally it was the dried scab from a festering wound on the body of someone who recovered from smallpox.   That scab was ground into a powder and either blown up your nose or rubbed into a wound on your body.   The only difference today is that they mix it with poisons like mercury and aluminum etc. to keep something else from growing in that mess.   They may also add the oil from fish called Adjuvant’s Squalene to force your immune system to react to this hideous mixture.   They pack it into a hypodermic and inject it into you so your body has no way to reject what it is about to receive.  

So lets break this down and see what we have.   You are taking something from another human or animal’s body that is the infected leftovers from a struggle between their immune system and a virus or germ.   Mixing it with poison that can kill you plus the body fluid of a completely different species (fish).   And because you would immediately vomit if you swallowed this devilish concoction it is injected directly into your blood stream.

Well wait a minute you say, “I have received a number of these vaccinations and it never seemed to hurt me before.   Why shouldn’t I just keep getting them, play it safe and protect my family and myself from getting a virus?”

Here is my answer, “That is a gamble a little like Russian roulette.   And here is why; some people will die immediately, some will get sick and die in a few days.   Some will be paralyzed immediately or within a few days or weeks.   Some will get an autoimmune reaction like Guillain-Barre Syndrome and need treatment for the rest of their life.   Some within weeks will get a chronic life long autoimmune disease like fibromyalgia or Crohn’s Disease.   Still others will get a deadly one like MS or ALS.   And untold thousands will be fine for years then one day contract one then another of hundreds of the autoimmune diseases which are the big blossoming epidemic in the world today.”      

But of course all Autoimmune diseases are a complete mystery to medical science.   That is right, science does not know the cause for even one of the hundreds of autoimmune diseases that are killing and infecting thousands around the world.   And yet they are quick to say that vaccinations have nothing to do with these autoimmune diseases.   Forgive me, but how does science rule out even one possible cause when they cannot give us even one answer?  

Here Are a Few of the Most Bizarre Facts of the Inoculation Farce

There is not one scientific study that proves that vaccines work.   That is right, there has never been even one double blind or placebo-controlled scientific study to prove that vaccination prevents the disease you took it for, not one.   No hard evidence that proves that these injections give you or your children immunity to anything, zero, zip, nada.   I guess we are supposed to have faith because that is all they give you?That kind of faith is called dumb faith especially when they are not even interested in how you and your family do after you are inoculated.   This is also sadly true; they do not even require that an adverse reaction be reported by your doctor or anyone else.   The FDA admits that only 10% of the real total of adverse reactions to vaccines or any drug for that matter is ever reported, because most doctors refuse to report these injuries.

National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act

Sounds like it is an act to protect children doesn’t it, no not that easy. advised vaccinations for China This act grants the vaccine manufacturers immunity against lawsuits should any harm be caused by the vaccine to you or your children.   Well isn’t that just ducky for the Pharmaceutical Companies.   They get to force you into taking and paying for the stuff and they are protected from you legally if they harm or kill you or your children.   Our government, with the help of the Pharmaceutical Companies created this act.   What became of the government that was supposed to protect its citizens? Somehow this is what I expect from advised vaccinations for China, not the USA. It’s odd how powerful corporations have become.

“Unless we put medical freedom into the Constitution, the time will come when medicine will organize into an undercover dictatorship … To restrict the art of healing to one class of men and deny equal privileges to others, will constitute the Bastille of medical science.”Signatory to the Declaration of Independence, Benjamin Rush, M.D.

“When we give government the power to make medical decisions for us, we, in essence, accept that the state owns our bodies.”U.S. Representative, Ron Paul 

Why is there an immune problem in the United States?

 How could there not be an immune problem?   That question makes more sense.   We are breaking every natural law and dirtying up our own nest as we go.   We think we can do anything to ourselves with no repercussions, no debt to be paid.   I remember when I was a little boy in the early 1950’s it was announced on TV that it was going to be a throw away world with the new plastics coming out.   Well, we have just about thrown ourselves down the drain.       

You only have to look around you to see the obvious human problems.   America is now the fattest country in the world with 75% of its people fat and 20% of them obese.   We eat for entertainment with barely a thought about what happens after we eat that meal.   I read in the news yesterday that the military is having a difficult time finding anyone physically qualified because so many applicants are too overweight.   There is no genetic mystery as to why there is an autoimmune epidemic and everyone is fat.   We are swimming in chemical pollution and eating trash; that is the answer no one wants to look at.   We better clean up ourselves and the environment pretty quick before Mother Nature swats us like a fly.You can see from the epidemics above that you cannot trust the government or medical people to take care of your health.   You have to take responsibility for your own health because as you can see they do an absolutely lousy job and they want you to pay a lot for it.   Well you have to use your vote for one thing and then close your check book to them by getting healthy and throwing away the medications.

Do not trust what is in your market because the food industry is responsible for a great deal of what has been happening to us.   They load the food with corn syrup and other empty calories without a thought to what is going to happen to you the customer.   They feed you things no farmer would feed his pigs and then grin when you waddle into the doctor’s office to get your prescription written for your newest food caused disease.    If you want to see how you have been stabbed in the back by the government and food industry go to YouTube and see Peter Jennings’ (the man is a saint for this one) great video “Obesity in America”.

Some Simple Naturopathic Answers to Get Started on the Human Problem

More raw produce every day; I am talking 70% of your diet or more would help but it does not need to be organic just raw.   Juice some of it if you want that is just great.Start every morning with a fruit smoothie; see my article Make this Energy Packed, Healing Fruit Smoothie your Everyday Morning Drink“.

Cleanse and detox 4 times a year with the change of the seasons, see my article Seasonal Cleansing and Detoxingfor instructions.

Water; if you are sick, take your body weight, divide by 2, drink that many ounces of distilled water each day.   Distilled water acts as a vacuum drawing toxins as it moves through your body.   

If you are overweight read my article Are You Gaining Weight Because of Nutritional Debt?


References:-Vaccination Liberation – Idaho Chapter, Ingri Cassel-Lady Lane House, Waterford, Patrick J Carroll-Science and Civilization in China: Volume 6, Biology and Biological Technology, Part 6, Medicine. Cambridge, by Joseph Needham, Cambridge University Press. 1999

-The Genius of China: 3,000 Years of Science, Discovery, and Invention. by Robert Temple, With a forward by Joseph Needham. New York: Simon and Schuster, Inc. (1986)

-Historical facts about the dangers (and failures) of vaccines, by Mike Adams, Natural News, August 29, 2009

- Vaccine not virus responsible for Spanish flu, Irish Examiner Archives Thursday, May 08, 2003- HORRORS OF VACCINATION EXPOSED AND ILLUSTRATED BY CHAS. M. HIGGINS, [1920 USA]-Smallpox Vaccination in the Philippines 1905-1920, US Army forced the vaccination of 3285376 Philippinos and there was no epidemic

- Smallpox Vaccination Dangers, In 1918-1919 with over 95 percent of the population vaccinated, the worst epidemic in the Philippines’ history occurred resulting in a case mortality of 65%, Compiled by Gary Krasner

- Swine flu jab link to killer nerve disease, by Jo Macfarlane, Mailonline, August 2009


- Experiment That’s Killing Our Soldiers and Why GI’s Are Only the First Victims of this Vaccine. by Gary Matsumoto,  New York: Basic Books 




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Sep 24 2009

The President Needs to Stop This Vaccine Farce

Published by under Health

The Center for Disease Control Says That the Swine Flu H1N1 is no More Dangerous Than the Seasonal Flu We See Every Year

Is this an example of how the president watches over the health of the American people? The Center for Disease Control (CDC) and leading American medical research scientists versus the United States Government and large Pharmaceutical Companies.   The subject they are totally disagreeing on is the swine flu and the safety of the vaccine rushed through approval.  

The CDC and leading American medical research scientists have studied the swine flu and say that it is less dangerous than the average flu we get every year.   So why is there so much false and alarming press citing its danger and so much pressure to have the American people take an untested vaccine?   MONEY; that is right, the big Pharmaceutical Companies with their control of the press and high pressure lobbyists in Washington have a large investment in the Swine Flu.   They want a pandemic in the worst way because it means billions of dollars to them.

So why should you care if you get an extra shot in the arm this year?   Well there are a couple of problems with the makers of the vaccine and the vaccine itself.   One of the Pharmaceutical Companies is Baxter Pharmaceuticals and they have quite a reputation. They have already been associated with two deadly scandals. The first event occurred in 2006 when hemophiliac components of a vaccine were contaminated with HIV virus and injected in tens of thousands of people, including thousands of children.   Then Baxter Pharmaceuticals continued to release the HIV contaminated vaccine even after the contamination was known assuring the infection of thousands more.   Baxter’s latest crime involves releasing a seasonal flu vaccine to 18 countries contaminated with live bio-warfare bird flu virus.   The FBI is said to be investigating what may be an attempt by Baxter to start a pandemic for profit.

The problems with the Swine vaccine is that it has been shown to be contaminated with mycoplasma (fungus-like) and hundreds of unknown stealth viruses (which can be passed genetically and cause disease 10 or 20 years later, SV40 is an example).    Then there are the well known problems with the heavy metals like aluminum and mercury.    But don’t think that they haven’t been working on a new way to poison us.   They are now adding an adjuvant oil called Squalene MF 59 (sebum, an ingredient found in spermicides, cleaners, and cosmetics) that is known to cause autoimmune diseases such as asthma, type 1 diabetes in children, rheumatoid arthritis and lupus to name a few.   There are over 100 new autoimmune diseases to add to the 50 plus we already had in the last few years and no doctor has pinned down the cause of even one.   The cost of this autoimmune epidemic is staggering to health care.     

But they assure us that they have done some fast track safety studies.   Oh yes those; the safety studies they are doing on this vaccine contain no Squalene MF 59 adjuvant oil.   Well that is great for the Pharmaceutical Companies and the test animals.   That way they know the results ahead of time will not be negative causing autoimmune diseases in the animals tested.   How kind and thoughtful of them they would not want to injure an animal with the stuff but it is OK to give it to the people.  

More damming evidence against MF-59 (Squalene); it is listed by the U.S. National Library of Medicine as being dangerous for human use.   Squalene is not licensed for use in the U.S. by the FDA.   The anthrax vaccine used on Gulf War veterans in the early 1990′s was laced with Squalene.   It is known to have had disastrous consequences, which include Gulf War Syndrome ALS.   Information on toxicity and adverse effects of Squalene are available from the National Library of Medicine. 

These Pharmaceutical Companies intend to start right away by vaccinating pregnant women and children.   Pregnant women will have a high risk of having a baby with Autism or Schizophrenia which has been shown to be the vaccination risk in the medical literature.   And the government we are supposed to trust, Mr. President, has plans to force its citizens into taking this vaccine, it appears, for no good cause other then profit.Oh, and here is the kicker, let me see if I have this right?   Lets say you, your baby or someone in your family were to develop an autoimmune disease months or years down the line, how would you ever be able to prove that your disease originated from a Swine flu vaccination forced on you?    And even if you could prove that the vaccination has destroyed you or your child, that information will do you no good.   Because our government, with the help of the Pharmaceutical Companies created the National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act.   Sounds like it is an act to benefit children doesn’t it, no not that easy.  This act grants the vaccine manufacturers immunity against lawsuits should any harm be caused by the vaccine to you or your children.   Well isn’t that just ducky for the Pharmaceutical Companies.   They get to force you into taking and paying for the stuff and they are protected from you legally if they harm or kill you or your children.   No wonder Baxter Pharmaceuticals thinks they can do just about anything and get away with it.

Mr. President, I am really in favor of companies making a profit and having as few restrictions as possible but this is ridiculous.   This is not about buying a new car and having mechanical problems when we get it home; this is people’s lives we are talking about here.   The Government agencies involved in this and the Pharmaceutical companies are depending on the publics trust in the government to pass this dangerous vaccine off on them; for no other reason than profit.   Do not allow that trust in the Government to be betrayed Mr. President.

Paul Blake

This video on YouTube by Doctor Russell Blaylock a brain surgeon who goes into detail about the Swine flu, vaccine and the studies that support the case against this crazy business based on lies and poor medicine.

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Jul 31 2009

Wet and Dry Skin Brushing

Published by under Health


Skin brushing has been around since ancient history in many cultures such as the Greeks, Japanese and American Indians etc. to keep the body healthy. Nowadays, this process has been taken over by skin bleaching which way is less effort yet more effective. Take a look at anal bleaching guide to know more detailed process. The Comanche Indians for instance were known to scrub their skin with sand they took from Texas river bottoms. It has been said that the Texas Rangers followed their example.


The skin is the largest organ of the body and some of its main functions are:

  • Eliminating waste and toxins through perspiration.
  • Protecting the body’s internal organs and fluids.
  • Assisting the immune system by acting as a barrier to outside pathogens and foreign substances.
  • Helping to regulate body temperature.


Skin brushing for detoxification
The body’s process of eliminating waste and toxins is called detoxification. The liver, lungs, kidneys and colon are some of the other organs who have the job of helping the body get rid of waste products. The skin is another organ of elimination that helps the body carry away some of this waste through our sweat. Our bodies are constantly perspiring, and the skin eliminates an average of 1 to 2 pounds of waste through this perspiration process daily.


The benefits of skin brushing

Skin brushing stimulates the skin and keeps the skin pores clear so that the body can perspire freely. This is important to health because if the pores get clogged and the body can’t perspire freely the waste will back-up. That backed-up excess waste and toxins get trapped and become a burden to the skin, body and the other organs of elimination.

Brushing your skin also stimulates oil glands that are in the second layer of skin, bringing this oil to the skins surface. This oil helps to protect the skin and increases the skin’s health, suppleness and elasticity. Skin brushing also stimulates blood circulation, balances fat distribution and increases nerve function throughout the skin organ.

Brushing the skin also has a positive effect on the immune system

Another benefit of brushing the skin is that it assists the movement of lymph, which is just under the skin, throughout the body. Lymph is a clear fluid that “circulates” throughout your body via the lymphatic system. This lymphatic system is separate from the blood’s circulatory system. Lymph carries the white blood cells of your immune system throughout the body to attack and neutralize viruses and other infectious substances. Lymph also carries nutrition to, and carries away waste from all the cells in the body even those that cannot be reached by the blood. This lymphatic system and its white blood cells are the main defense system of the body and the lymph is its carrier.

Your blood’s circulatory system of 15 pints has a heart to pump it around the body. The lymphatic system on the other hand has 45 pints of lymph and no pump to move it. It depends on surrounding muscle movement to push the lymph through the lymphatic system. Breathing and movement are what circulates your lymph.You can see different types of exercise bikes and work with one of those. That is why exercise, deep breathing techniques and skin brushing can enhance the function of your immune system and improve your health. So the addition of skin brushing significantly helps the movement of lymph which enhances the health of your immune system and your whole body.


Wet and dry skin brushing technique

If you are new to skin brushing, start with a loofah or a coarse natural fiber brush glove. Use those for a while to let your skin get used to the brushing sensation. Then move to a skin brush. A skin brush has natural vegetable bristles. Since they are becoming more and more popular, you can find them pretty easily at just about any health food store. The ones with the handles I talk about in this article are easy to use, can reach your back and are easy to maintain.

Perform dry skin brushing before your shower or bath because that will help to stimulate your skin and wash away the flaked skin. Then do wet skin brushing while in your shower or bath and then apply cbd body lotion. Always stroke towards your heart for the most benefit to your circulation.

  • Start on the sole of your right foot, generally using long, light but brisk strokes. Get your ankle, shin, calf and knee.
  • Then do the same on your left foot and lower leg. It helps if you can sit down.
  • Standing up, next brush upwards on your right and then left thigh from the knee up. Move over to your abdomen, brushing that with a circular motion.
  • Brush each arm, starting with the palm and brushing inward towards your heart. Gently brush the chest area in a circular motion, women avoid the breast area.
  • Brush the neck area by starting at the back of the neck and stroking with the brush towards the front (avoid your face).
  • Use the handle to get your back or better yet, have your mate do it for you.

This should only take about five minutes, especially once you get the hang of it. Of course, take as much time as you want and enjoy yourself!

A few skin brushing tips

If more than one person in your family practices skin brushing for health, each person should have his or her own brush. Keep your brush visible near the shower. Mine has a little hole in the handle, so I hammered a nail into the wall and hung it near the shower so I can grab it easily. Having it where you can see it will help you get into the habit of using it regularly. Avoid brushing areas with skin cuts, wounds or rashes. Avoid the facial area. If you have any type of cancer, please check with a competent healthcare provider to find out if skin brushing is okay for you.If you want to know how this affects an ectomorph please check out the official website.

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