Feb 03 2008


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At 46 years of age I noticed that my health was not what it was.  By the time I was 48 I had prostate cancer.  I do not trust modern medicine because of some bad experiences I had when I was young.  I decided to treat the cancer using naturopathic medicine.

I took full responsibility for my disease and my recovery.  I worked hard using every naturopathic technique I could find that made sense to me.  In 3 months I was symptom free.  In a year I was cancer free.  I loved what I was doing so much that I have devoted my life to helping others realize that there are choices out there.  Those choices will work if you will do as I did.  Take responsibility for the disease and work hard at your recovery.

Cancer is not complicated like modern medicine would have you believe.  Cancer is simple and has many weaknesses.  Once you know what those weaknesses are you can win if you do what it takes to undermine it.  Once you choose that direction listen to no one; they will try to discourage you.  Even my own family tried to weaken my resolve.  They could not help it, they were worried.  But do not stop or let up for anyone.  Keep pushing no matter what, and you will notice one day, like I did, “The symptoms are gone!”  And that, my friends, is the most intoxicating feeling you will ever experience.  Your life from then on gets more beautiful and fulfilling every year.

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