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WHY DO CORN AND SOY OILS MAKE YOU FAT AND SICK? Protect Your Family’s Health, Leave Corn and Soy Oils in the Market!

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By Dr. Paul Blake, N.D.

Redneck Tailgate have been looking at an odd phenomenon occurring in industrialized countries like America. Starting back in the 1970’s American citizens began getting fat, obese and sick. Until today 70% of the American population is overweight, and 40% are obese. Plus there are unexplained epidemics of heart disease, diabetes, Alzheimer’s disease, and hundreds of new autoimmune diseases in America. Why is this observable fact so mysterious? Because before the 1960’s these physical problems and diseases did not exist, were rare, or very limited.

Before the 1960’s the number of people who were overweight was small. But no one knew what obesity or Alzheimer’s was and no one ever heard of the term autoimmune disease. This might be caused by the lack of focused that has developed during that span of years. BuyModafinilOnline offers a solution to this problem through Modafinil. Modafinil is a stimulant which can keep our focus and alertness. It is considered one of the best nootropics available that do not impose high long-term risks.

Regarding the high numbers of fat and obese people in America today? There are a number of so called authorities blaming the American people for not burning enough calories…But how could that be the answer, when gyms were almost non-existent up to the 1960’s, and now gyms are everywhere and very busy. And in the 1960’s the only people exercising were students in school sports and professional athletes. Almost no one exercised to burn off calories and the vast majority of Americans were slender for over 200 years. Something else happened after the 1960’s, and many scientists think that something was allowed into our food chain, and into the American diet.

The biggest diet change that happened at the end of the 1960’s was the “low-fat, non- fat diet craze.” A vast percentage of Americans shifted from eating foods rich in saturated fat, to eating low-fat and non-fat foods and unsaturated cooking oils, and we still are today. In the 1970’s we were convinced, without any science to back it up, that saturated fat was the enemy of our health. And Americans almost totally dropped all natural saturated fats like butter, lard and coconut oil from their diets.

We shifted from whole foods abundant in natural healthy saturated fats to unsaturated fat and low and non fat foods. Manufacturers stripped the fat out of as many foods as possible. We took the fat out of milk, cheese, meat, eggs, chicken and even fish. There are now low and non fat pastas, ice cream, cookies, cakes, custard and as many pastries as you can name, even non-fat donuts. We stripped the real fat out of everything we could find; until Americans’ total fat consumption dropped from 40% of our calories in the 1960s down to 30%, and for many people all the way down to 20%. Until today we literally cannot squeeze any more fat out of our foods!

So Americans reached tobuy wartrol and this goal, but what was the reward for dropping saturated fat, and taking up unsaturated fat, low and non fat foods; the result of all of this switching from natural whole foods with saturated fats to low or non-fat foods? Well our overweight population started to explode in the 1970’s, going from 30% of the population to an astounding 70%! And obesity went from almost zero until it now affects 40% of Americans including our children.

We were told in the media that if we got the saturated fat out of our lives, that we would be slender and our hearts would be healthier. But heart disease is still the number one killer of Americans, and almost everyone is fat or worse. And some other diseases like diabetes became epidemics, and autoimmune diseases went from less then 60 to well over 150 diseases. And Alzheimer’s became the newest disease to scare us, and some experts say it could destroy our health care system. So replacing saturated fats with unsaturated and moving to low-fat and non-fat foods did not improve our health. In fact it has probably been the worst health disaster ever, and it is spreading world wide.

Who allowed this monstrous deadly mess to grow to such insane proportions? Who are the people who knew that going down this unsaturated path would lead us to exactly where we are today; fat, sick and dying? The people who are in charge of our health and food of course! The United States Congress and Senate who are influenced by big food corporations and their lobbyists are a good start. Then there is our government Health and Human Services (HHS), and their control of what goes into our food via the FDA. Yes the very FDA, who approved of unsaturated corn and soy oils going into our food chain. Oh, and lets not forget the Center for Disease Control (CDC), who are supposed to monitor new diseases and look for the cause, and find a way to stop them, they dropped the ball big-time!

Notice above I mentioned the FDA allowed unsaturated fats into our food chain. But what is wrong with unsaturated fats and oils you may ask? Ask any farmer or rancher what would happen if you fed any animal, including humans, unsaturated corn and soy oils?

Well farmers and ranchers are very wise when it comes to fattening up their livestock in order to make more money. In the 1940s, coconut oil (a saturated fat) was dirt cheap, and so farmers fed it to their cattle. But there was a problem, instead of their cows gaining weight they got healthier, leaner and more active. In the cattle industry a slim, healthy, hungry cow is not what you want! So the farmers and ranchers kept searching and by the end of the decade they found the answer they were searching for. They discovered that if they fed their cows soybeans and corn they got fat and slow! Why, because eating lots of corn and soy beans slowed cattle down for some mysterious reason? So the soybeans and corn caused them to gain weight! Eureka, every farmer and ranchers dream, fat and lazy cows!

Scientific experiments later verified it, unsaturated fats in corn and soy (called polyunsaturated) make animals fat and sick! While saturated oils like coconut oil keep animals healthy and thin! “A later experiment fed animals pure unsaturated vegetable oil, pure saturated coconut oil, and various mixtures of the two. The animal’s obesity increased in proportion to the ratio of unsaturated fat in their diet, independent of the total amount of fat or calories they consumed. Animals that ate even small amounts of unsaturated oil were fat, and those that ate large amounts of coconut oil were thin.”
From article: Ray Peat, PhD Quotes on Coconut Oil
(Professor Raymond Peat, a foremost expert regarding food oils in the world)

In the 1950′s even more scientific studies confirmed that fats from corn and soy clearly caused thyroid disease, and was toxic to their heart. These oils gave the cow’s hypothyroidism (a slowed thyroid disease) which lowers metabolism and increases a mammal’s weight. Science discovered that unsaturated fats damage cell mitochondria and caused immune suppression. The more unsaturated a vegetable oil is, the more it suppresses tissue response to thyroid hormones, which lowers metabolism and increases fat. Why, because the seeds of plants like corn and soy evolved this as protection from mammals eating their seeds. Mammals that eat these unsaturated seed oils, experience excessive weight gain (obesity), diabetes, heart disease, cancer and immune system disorders.
Note: I am sure that you noticed that this is exactly the opposite of what we have been told about unsaturated soy and corn oils.

As I said, this is great for farmers who want lazy, obese animals. Because when you sell their meat by the pound unsaturated fats from seeds like corn and soy are a gold mine! However for the American consumer it means always gaining weight and the danger of developing heart disease, diabetes, cancer, thyroid disease and immune system disorders. These diseases are all now epidemics in the USA. And somehow all of this science was overlooked by the FDA during their approval process.

Now remember, when there is a cause, everybody eating unsaturated fat, then there is an effect; not getting enough saturated fat! That is right; not getting enough of the real saturated fats from nature can actually be dangerous to your health? Yes, this is something else we were not told, that we need saturated fat! Because it provides us with energy; and it is needed in the healthy function of our hormones. Plus our brain is made up of 60% saturated fat which is essential for proper brain function. Also the health of your skin, hair, thyroid, nerves and the majority of our bodies systems require saturated fats for proper function. It is essential that everyone receive real fats from nature’s whole foods just as we have since the beginning. Depending on your life style, fats from meat, dairy (real butter), coconut oil, avocados, olive oil and some nut oils like almond and peanut are essential for a healthy body and mind.Products such as brain health nootropics are recommended as well.
-(A scientific study found that a diet high in saturated fat reduced the chance of suffering from dementia by 36%).

Why would the big food corporations want to sell the public these obviously poisonous corn and soy seed unsaturated oils? Two reasons: One: Unsaturated oils are extremely cheap. Food corporations made billions of dollars selling you unhealthy unsaturated oil. Two: It was easy to convince the public through language not science that unsaturated fat is healthy, because it sounds like something unhealthy has been removed, a deception allowed by the FDA.

”U.S. marketing dominates the world economy, including of course the communication media, so we shouldn’t expect to hear much about the role of Polyunsaturated Oils in causing cancer, diabetes, obesity, aging, thrombosis, arthritis and immunodeficiency, or to hear about the benefits of the saturated fats.”
-Fats and degeneration – Raymond Peat, PhD

“If people let government decide what foods they eat and what medicines they take, their bodies will soon be in as sorry a state as are the souls of those who live under tyranny.” Thomas Jefferson

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-Ray Peat, PhD Quotes on Coconut Oil

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