Feb 12 2008

The Power of the Olive Leaf

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If you have an olive tree available to you, have a look at the leaves on that tree.  Take note, do you see any leaves that have been eaten into by insects.  Unless the tree you are looking at is sick you will see only a few leaves that have been bitten into by insects.  The reason few insects will eat olive leaves is because the immune system of the olive tree is very strong.  The pharmaceutical industry noticed this and tried to harness this power as they do the healing power of many other herbs on the planet.  The problem that the pharmaceutical industry runs into every time of course is side effects.  They get side effects because they distort the herb chemically in order to patent the medication thereby controlling distribution and profits.  The herb in its natural state still has the healing power.

What the pharmaceutical industry found was ilinolic acid (an isolate of oleuropein) and found that it was so powerful that it stopped every virus that it was tested against.  Including such powerful viruses as herpes, vaccinia, pseudorabies, Newcastle, Coxsacloe A21, encepthlomyscarditis, polio 1,2,and 3, vesicular stomititus, sindbis, retrovirus, Moloney Murine leukemia, Rauscher Murine leukemia, Moloney sarcoma, and many influenza and parainfluenza types.

The pharmaceutical scientists were elated for thyroid testing rate.  If they could create a patent medicine from the olive leaf, they would for the first time be able to kill any virus directly.  The problem that arose was that the side effects brought about by their science were too strong to humanly tolerate and they gave up their research.

This does not stop you from benefiting from the natural power of this herb to kill viruses.  I have personally used this herb in a tincture form to kill a herpes virus that I had been suffering with for 8 years on my lower lip.  The only side effect you may experience is as the olive leaf kills all the viruses in your body you will feel flu like symptoms as these viruses and bacteria are processed and eliminated by your immune system.  This effect is called the Die-Off Syndrome, Healing Crisis or Herxheimer Syndrome.

The positive side effects are an elevated immune system, feeling of increased energy and feeling of healthy wellbeing.  I suggest you read Doctor Jack Ritchason’s Book “Olive Leaf Extract” Woodland publishing, Pleasant Grove, Utah. 1999?

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