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By Dr. Paul Blake, N.D.
Your Immune System lives in different places in your body. It lives in your bone marrow, lymph nodes, spleen, thymus and your tonsils. But these immune organs are only responsible for 30% of that Immune System.

The other 70% of your Immune System is actually living in your gut! And in this area of your immune system there is lymphoid tissue called GALT. GALT is in the walls of your digestive system protecting you. This GALT (Gut Associated Lymphoid Tissue) is made up of immune tissues that instruct your immune cells on how to identify invaders and how to kill them.

We are born with this GALT, but our GALT will not start working until our body receives beneficial bacteria from our mother, during pregnancy. So it is this beneficial bacteria that launches our GALT to start working to give us immune protection as soon as we are born.

This GALT is composed of a number of different lymphoid tissues. These tissues contain immune cells, such as T and B lymphocytes, that carry out attacks and defend us against pathogens.

But without that constant association and balance between our GALT and our friendly bacteria our immunity to disease will be weak. This is why it is so important to actively keep your friendly bacteria (probiotics) in our gut balanced and healthy.

What Can Probiotic Friendly Bacteria Do For Your Health?
-70% of your immunity depends directly on friendly bacteria.
-Friendly bacteria help protect you from colds, flu and all infectious diseases.
-These friendly bacteria help you digest your food and absorb nutrition.
-Friendly bacteria assist your GALT to train your Immune System to recognize and fight infectious bacteria and viruses, like Ebola.

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