Feb 11 2008

Cleansing and Detoxing

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When I had cancer I searched the shelves of the health food stores trying to find an effective cleanse and detox.  There are many cleanses and detoxes out in the marketplace.  Some may help you; some may not or even make things worse.  Some of these products were made up by someone who found a formula in an herb book.  They bought some herbs from who knows where.  Then they put together a promotional package and went into business.  I would not want to stake my health on a product like this.

I learned from a Thompsonian Naturopath about a formula that is older than this country (a long successful track record is important to me).  This was 18 years ago; I bought wildcrafted and organic herbs mixed them and put them into capsules myself.  That formula worked perfectly the crud just rolled out of me.  Some of it was black as tar some had parasites in it.  It went on for over a week, I was very toxic.  Everyone in America is toxic, with over 10,000 chemicals in the air, water, and food, 3,000 of which have never been tested for toxicity.

About this time, you might be thinking, “oh I could never go through that”.   My answer to that is “would you rather keep that stuff inside you”.  Believe me there was nothing there that you would want to keep.   Compared to radiation treatment, a cancer operation, or chemotherapy this is a walk in the park.  I went to work every day and put in 8 hours of heavy construction without an accident.

You might also be thinking that you do not have that kind of toxic stuff in you.   Believe me; I am no different than you.   I lived the typical American life style.   I was moderate in my habits.  I never did anything in excess.   I did eat white bread; used sugar moderately, drank coffee once a day, and ate some meat.   I ate what I thought were many fruits and vegetables and I took vitamin supplements.   I ate fast food maybe once a week.   I was in very good physical shape.   At that time, I held a second-degree black belt in Kenpo karate and I practiced daily.   I was on no medications and I had never suffered from a major disease.   Actually, I believe I was above average in my health habits.

I did many other Naturopathic techniques to rid myself of this cancer.  I noticed that the cleaner by body got the more my level of health improved until I was symptom free.  From this experience I went on to become a Thompsonian Naturopath.

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