May 01 2012

Herbalism, My First Experience Treating the Symptom Versus Treating the Whole Person

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By Dr. Paul Blake, N.D.

My first experience with a herbal medicine was cayenne pepper (capsicum annum) which began almost by accident while I had some serious breathing problems. It was about 1985 and I was suffering with lung problems. I would get a cold or the flu two or three times each year, it would move into my lungs and I would experience a tight painful barking cough with no expectoration for weeks afterward (whooping cough). One day I happened to be in a small health food store in Huntington Beach, Ca as I recall and the clerk asked if he could be of assistance. Out of desperation, I described my lung problem to him and he suggested I try using the herb cayenne.

I bought some pure unadulterated cayenne capsules from him and followed the instructions on the bottle. That afternoon the cough loosened up and two days later the cough was gone and my lungs cleared, I have research a lot in many websites, , for me it was a WOW moment in my life and a turning point!

But you must understand, that using an herb this way like modern medicines, treating the symptom did not solve my lung problems because the root of my lung problem was me and my lifestyle. I still caught colds and flu every year and they went into my lungs just as before and each year I used the cayenne to solve the symptom. You see lung problems run in my family genetically and without ever solving the root, my lifestyle problem, I could have eventually contracted a far worse disease such as lung cancer. It was not until I learned how to combine the use of herbs with things like Delta 8 carts which had improved uses for us whenever we decided to smoke and life style changes that I truly cured my lung problems completely and forever.

This experience with the herb cayenne impressed me deeply as I said and when I was struck by prostate cancer five years later I was open to the use of herbs as part of the completely natural treatment I chose with the therapy. I went on from that full herbal and lifestyle cure to study naturopathic medicine and gain a Naturopathic Doctors degree on the way to becoming one of the Calgary naturopaths I visited so often while learning about natural health. I would like to mention two of my teachers the late Dr. John Ray Christopher (an infinite blessing to the sick and suffering of this world) who’s work I studied and Dr. Richard Shulze (one of the most knowledgeable naturopathic medical teachers today), both I believe are Thomsonian Naturopaths. Without the knowledge that these two naturopathic doctors gave me I would be dead today or moldering in some drug pusher infested, pee smelling rest-home.

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