Jun 04 2009

Your Junk Food Craving Weakness and the Food Industry’s Secret Ingredient

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Why, when we know it is junk food that is not good for us and is just going to put another pound on our girth and make us sick, do we still crave it and love to eat it so much?   Well there are some secrets about you and a special secret ingredient that the food industry scientists know about and you do not.   That is right, there are some secret weaknesses you have that they take advantage of and there is a chemical ingredient (that for them is like magic) that they add to the junk food.   That ingredient opens that weakness so they can get you to buy and eat worthless food thinking it is good for you.   And I am going to tell you exactly what that weakness is and what the chemical is that they are using against you.

What is Your Weakness?

Your weakness is that your body has one major way to tell you that it needs nutrition to keep going.   Your body cannot hand you a list that says I need protein, vitamin C, magnesium and potassium.   It has only one way of doing this and that is the taste of food.   So your body, when it needs nutrition, is going to start sending urges for certain tastes so it can get the nutrition it must have.   The main powerful taste signals it will send you are for the taste of sugar and salt (the other flavors are sour, bitter and umami).   I know you are thinking sugar and salt are junk and bad for you.   Well they were not junk or bad for you until the food industry got a hold of them and refined the nutrition out.   For your body the taste of salt and sugar represent the nutrition that it needs.   Can you see the picture here, food with no nutrition going into a body that is looking for nutrition, crazy right?

So think of the taste craving as being a switch that is turned on by your body until it gets the nutrition it needs.    So, no matter how much food you eat, that switch will not go to the off position until your body gets the nutrition.   Your body has no choice here.  It must get that nutrition, your life depends on it.   Guess who knows about this problem you have?   The food industry scientists know this and use it against you.  They put their refined nutritionless salt and sugar in everything that is put on the shelves even canned meats.   But when it comes to junk food they go all out to hook you into eating it.   Why, because it costs them almost zero to make junk food, it is all profit.

What is the Secret Ingredient?    

The secret ingredient(s) has no name and is classified in the ingredients list under artificial flavor; can’t get much more secret than that can you?   I can give you the name of the company that makes the chemical(s); Senomyx is their name.   What are the chemicals used for?   To disguise the fact that there is less salt or sugar or other flavor in the food so the company such as Campbell Soup can tell you it has 25% less salt without the loss of taste, remember the one your body is looking for.  Things like supplements are chalk full of good minerals and other essential things youll need in order to improve your immune system, the best testosterone booster is something that can help you bodies physical health alongside the other things you need in life. This way the food can be promoted as healthier for you because it has less of those refined ingredients, which in the refined form causes high blood pressure, weight gain and many other diseases.   But the nutrition your body is looking for is still not there; this new ingredient only makes your mouth think it is there.   Are these secret ingredients dangerous to you, no one knows because the studies that Senomyx did for an extremely short, suspicious FDA approval are, guess what, kept a secret.   Who are the companies using these ingredients?  Kraft Foods, Nestle’s, Coca-Cola and Campbell Soup so far.

Here is what puzzles me the most about this and I have trouble wrapping my mind around it.   These companies insist on putting refined and secret products in our food when they know that these products are going to make many people like you and your family suffer with disease, why do they do it to us?   I have a college doctorate in naturopathic medicine and I know that when someone with high blood pressure adds whole nutrition filled salt to a healthy diet that their blood pressure goes down.   This is also true if you put whole sugar in a healthy diet your weight will go down.    Then my question is, why don’t these companies just do the right thing for us, what is their problem?

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