Feb 08 2008

Caught Between Worthless Food and Worthless Vitamins

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We have many health problems in this country and many causes for the problems.  Here is one that is a glaring problem.  We all know that the food supply is of poor value.  The farming methods are geared to quantity and not quality.  Shoot the animals up with a lot of medicine, steroids etc. to get more meat, milk and eggs.  Use chemical fertilizers to produce more wheat, corn and tomatoes with less nutritional value.  Then refine the heck out of grains like wheat till a rat would starve to death on it.  Does anyone remember when bread was the staff of life?

Now at the other end of this mess are our vitamins.  Here is what we turn to, to provide us with what has been removed by all of the above foolishness.  Well I hate to burst your bubble but they have cut us off at this end also.  The majority of vitamins on the market are absolutely worthless, especially those from drug, discount and grocery stores.  But I am not letting the health food stores off the hook. I would easily estimate that 95% of all multivitamins in health food stores are also worthless.

How can I say this?  Well, when you see the answer here you will glimpse the simple commonsense logical truth that cannot be denied.  The majority of vitamins on the market are made from the products of chemical companies and minerals from the ground.  I am sure you are asking “well what is wrong with that, aren’t they absorbable”?  No, they are not because humans are not plants.

I want to get right to the point here.   There is a basic law of nature when it comes to the absorption of nutrition in the human or animal digestive system.   We as humans and all animals for that matter, depend completely on plants like corn, lettuce, apples, and so on for our nutrition.   To try to sidestep that law is to imperil our health.   We cannot take a shovel full of dirt and create a tomato; no one can; only nature through God can do that.   Yet, there are companies who make vitamins under our government’s control that violate that law completely.   A number of these vitamins you and I have known about, through advertisements, since we were children.   These vitamins are a complete waste of time and money.   You would feel better if you gave the money to charity rather than buy these vitamins.   You will get very little nutrition from these vitamins, as they are impossible for us to digest.  A plant like a tomato could digest them easier than a human being.

The dilemma is that the molecules of nonfood vitamins, called ionically bound, are linked too tightly together, (we cannot digest).  Vitamins from food are covalently bound (we can digest these).  The answer to this problem has been addressed and there are now whole food, or food-grown vitamins on the market.  They will be labeled this way, “Food Grown Vitamins or Whole Food Vitamins”.  If these words are not on the label they are not absorbable.

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  2. Paulon 28 Mar 2008 at 6:48 pm

    Thank you so much for your comment. I am glad that this information was able to help you as much as it helped me.

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