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The Roll of Enzymes in the Digestion Process and Beyond

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So what is the end result of all this digesting information?   What does it mean to the person who is reading this and wants to know how they can benefit from this new knowledge?   Well of course a lot of it has to do with the amount of raw foods you eat.   The more of those raw foods that are added to your diet the less health problems you will experience.   The two big key reasons are the enzymes that are brought into the body and the alkalinity of the raw vegetables.   The big key I want to discuss here are the enzymes.

When we looked at four stages of digestion the main star of the digestive process is the enzymes and their role in digestion.   As you shall see, digestion is only one function of enzymes in your body they play many other roles such as anti-inflammation, healing injuries, energy detoxing, anti-parasite, and many more.

What are Enzymes
Science has a difficult time here because this is new territory and enzymes are not easily explained.   Some of the roots of life are here and it is real difficult to put into scientific terms.   Enzymes are energized protein molecules that provide the catalyst for life force.   The force that they provide is involved in all functions of the body;   from basic movement, to the function of our organs, to the thoughts that come from our brain.   Without enzymes we cannot move, feel, hear, see, or think.   No living thing could exist in the world we know without them.   The hundreds of trillions of cells in our body all depend upon enzymes for function.   Think about this, if you are sick it is because you are deficient in enzymes.

Just a Few Ways Enzymes Benefit Your Health and Wellbeing.
Digest proteins carbohydrates and fats
Assimilate and eliminate toxins
Digest fibroid tumors
Increase size strength and activity of red blood cells making it possible to carry more oxygen to all parts of the body
Break up and dissolve uric acid crystals
Break up cholesterol plaque deposits in body
Eliminate yeast
Increase energy
Increase the white blood cell size and activity
Reduce bacteria
Stimulate the immune system
Shatter crystalline deposits
Raise T-Cell activity and production

Enzymes Digestion and Energy
You can eat the most perfect energy producing foods in the world and without enzymes as a catalyst to release this energy, you will feel nothing.   It would be like mixing gasoline together with oxygen. These ingredients drive the engine of your car but without the spark from your spark plug the engine will not start, no energy.   Well enzymes are the spark that turns our food into energy without them we die.   Enzymes turn the food we eat into energy and unlock this energy for use in the body.   Their presence and strength can be determined by improved blood and immune system functions.   The three big ones are protease, amylase and lipase.   Protease digests proteins; amylase digests carbohydrates and lipase digest fats. These are the three key ingredients in a great digestive enzyme formulation.  So listen up, if you want peek energy eat lots of raw foods and add a supplemental enzyme combination like Pro-Enzymes to get full digestion, assimilation and energy metabolism.

Note: The exact opposite of this is to eat a fully cooked and refined meal (cooking, refining and irradiation destroy enzymes) and take no enzyme supplement.   In this situation your body will try to digest the cooked meal by borrowing metabolic enzymes that your body intended to use for energy.   Your body will divert that energy to digesting the meal.   The result, you lose energy, you may gain weight and your genetic weaknesses become diseases.   Eating this way is a slow spiral downwards in the quality of your life and it will lead you directly to a chronic disease and an early death.

You can add enzymes (Pro-Enzymes) to your diet with supplements to boost the amount of enzymes and nutrition in your body.   If you raise the amount of enzymes, you increase the ability to digest and assimilate more nutrition from the food and the supplements that you take.   This in turn will raise your energy (metabolism), balance your weight and avoid chronic diseases.

Adding supplemental enzymes (Para-Dysbio-Zyme) to your body also boosts your body’s ability to cleanse and detox itself because as excess enzymes move throughout your body they eat excess material (toxins, sludge and parasites).   This is the benefit of bringing in more enzymes (through supplementation) than are available in your diet or that your body produces.

Another benefit of supplemental enzymes is the reduction of pain and inflammation
(Inflam-Enzymes).   Adding more enzymes to your body opens the door for the enzymes to reduce inflammation by cleaning the area where the injury/disease is.   In the area of an injury/disease, construction and demolition are taking place constantly to rebuild the area of the injury/disease.   During this process trash from the work builds up and this trash can lead to a slowing down of the healing process and more inflammation in the area.   Enzymes speed up this process dissolving the excess trash and encouraging the construction and healing of the injured/diseased area.   A back injury would be an excellent example of this process where the work is continuous, as the area is in the process of healing.   The more enzymes you bring into the area the faster the healing that takes place.

This use of enzymes (Nattokinase) can also be applied to the recovery from an operation.   A great deal of healing is taking place, and to speed the healing, enzymes will dissolve excess fibroid material (a protein material used by the body for healing; if allowed to build up, fibroids can inhibit healing).   Another danger of inflammation and fibroid buildup is adhesions which is where a connection forms at areas of inflammation. Adhesions can cause organs to stick together causing pain and malfunction of organs.   Enzymes can dissolve the fibroids that are a major cause of adhesions.   This in turn can ease up the inflammation and assist in the healing after the operation.

These same fibroids appear in the uterus of many women around the world causing discomfort and malfunction of the uterine organs.   Inflammation occurs in the area of the uterus due to many reasons, poor physical health being the major root cause of diseases of the uterus.   One of these diseases is fibroid tumors. The main solution of modern medicine is removal of the tumor or complete hysterectomy. Both of these are a poor answer to the problem.   These fibroids are made of protein which is very easy to remove without the drastic step of operating.   The simple answer to fibroids is enzymes (Nattokinase) because fibroid protein easily dissolves in the presence of enzymes.   The reason for the fibroid problem is not enough enzymes in the woman’s body.   The solution is to bring those enzymes into the body and the fibroid problem is solved naturally while the health of the woman is improved by the healing technique/process.   Natural healing is always simple; common sense, inexpensive and nonintrusive while improving the health of the patient.

Pro-Enzymes contains a combination of enzymes, herbs, and probiotics to improve the digestive processes. Oral consumption of digestive enzymes, digestive herbs, fiber, and probiotics have all been shown to improve digestion

Para-Dysbio-Zyme (Anti-parasitic) Enzymes are highly selective in their action; here we have one that digests the insect protein (chitin) without correspondingly affecting the human tissue.  The plants apparently use these enzymes in their self-defense against insects. Products containing plants such as fig powder and almonds have long been recommended for intestinal complaints where parasites could be a factor.

Nattokinase is capable of directly activating pro-urokinase (endogenous) and decomposing fibrin. Nattokinase assists in the body’s fibrinolytic activity, supports cardiovascular health, and supports heart circulation. Some have found it helpful clinically when chronic deep aches present (presumably due to its enzymatic activity).

Inflam-Enzymes  Many people have inflammation in the discs of their back, their muscles, and various joints in the body. In addition to pain, inflammation can result in damage to soft tissues. And while there have long been products with mineral, products with enzymes, and products that combine both, Inflam-Enzymes appears to be the first 100% Food product to do both (products from other manufacturers typically include mineral salts, hence they are not 100% Food). Recommended by any chiropractor in Rayleigh, this product was designed for chiropractors and other doctors interested in relieving back and soft tissue discomfort.

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