Mar 12 2008

Have You Been Conned By the Cholesterol Deception

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America has been saturated by ingenious pharmaceutical ads for years that are designed to delude us into believing a total lie; a lie that has absolutely no truth to it; a lie which has killed and destroyed numerous innocent Americans.  Americans who put their trust in what the media said, through ads and news stories, in the name of modern medical science. I myself bought into this lie until I learned the truth.  The lie, my friends, is that high cholesterol is dangerous and must be lowered.  This lie has been put in front of your eyes, and spoken into your ears so many times with no filter of truth.  How could you do anything else but believe what you were told.

Guess if you can, who taught them this trick?  Two of the biggest liars and killers to ever walk the earth.  Here is their technique and their names: “If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it” Joseph Goebbels, the Nazi Propagandist.  “A lie told often enough becomes truth” Vladimir Lenin, founder of the Russian Communist Party.  This type of mass media manipulation is a horrendous misuse of freedom of speech that treats us like sheep to be sheared and no one is complaining.

Here is an easy way to tell how deep this brain washed belief is.  Tell someone that your cholesterol is over 300 and watch the look on their face.  They will give you a look of combined shock, horror and pity as though you had just been given a death sentence.  They will say “Oh poor you, are you on a medication.”  I have done this to classes I teach more than once, and some of the same students, I explained the truth too, still have the same reaction.  I find this very shocking and scary. 

Even after I had explained in detail that a person with high cholesterol levels can be perfectly healthy, they still reacted in the same way.  You may be wondering, “Well I thought that high cholesterol is dangerous.”  No, high cholesterol is not dangerous and never has been.  What you heard over and over again is a flat out lie, a lie that makes 20 billion dollars a year for the medical and pharmaceutical industry.  Oh, and lets not forget the media, they made a bundle off of this lie also.

Here is their basic hypothesis as I, a non-scientist, understand it.  “If you eat too much cholesterol it floods your blood stream and tissues.  As the cholesterol moves from the tissues through artery and vessel walls it sticks there forming plaque.”

In my personal opinion it does not make sense.  It does not explain why the cholesterol would form this plaque.  There is a scientist who explained why the plaque forms and it has nothing to do with a high level of cholesterol.  Dr, K. McCullick was nominated for a Nobel Prize for discovering what causes cholesterol plaque and hardening of the arties.  He found that the blood becomes acidic on a diet low in produce (alkali foods), and high on intake of meat, grains, and dairy (acid foods).  Under these acidic conditions the body will harden the arteries to protect itself from acidic blood that eats holes through the arteries.  This same hardening state can cause cracks to appear in the arties because your arteries flex.  Your body’s answer to this is to line the inside of the arteries with cholesterol (causing high blood pressure due to high cholesterol) to seal these cracks up as they form.  

We have seen the rise of a new scientific experimental methodology.  They take the studies of a physical phenomenon like high cholesterol, and even though they did not prove their disease hypotheses, they will say that they did.  It is the worst kind of hypocrisy, and I hate to say it, but it has become a common practice in medical science. 

Then when the scientists, who know the facts, stand-up to tell the truth, those who value money above truth slander and deride them.  This was done to Professor Uffe Ravnskov who looked at the studies and saw the lie.  When he announced it to the media, they pulled him down for it.  He ended up writing a book with the facts for all to see so that the truth could not be denied “The Cholesterol Myths.”  If your doctor has put you on this abomination, or is trying to, I suggest you read this book, it could save your life.

A few last words regarding this lie; the statin medications they are handing out to treat a condition, that does not need treating, are dangerous.  Here are a few of the side effects: muscle pain, muscle damage, liver failure, kidney failure, nerve damage, nightmares, memory loss, cognitive dysfunction, and other central nervous system problems.  If you want off these drugs tell your doctor to help you.  If that doctor won’t help you fire him and find one that will.  Change your life style!  That is the real key to stopping arterial sclerosis.

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