Feb 22 2008

Is Cancer Really Easy to Cure?

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How dare I say that we all know that cancer is the most deadly and dangerous disease in the world today?  I say it because I believe that it is true and because I had a direct experience with cancer and I cured mine by using only natural methods.  Since that experience, I have learned that modern medicine would like you to believe that cancer is very complicated.  Modern medicine has created a myth of fear so that no one would dare go to anyone else but them for treatment.  Modern Medicine says that there are over 200 different types of cancer.  Guess what; I do not believe there is more than one.

They have their very complicated machinery like cat scans, X-rays, ultrasound, nuclear medicine, radiopharmaceuticals, gamma cameras, Pet/Ct fusion imaging, cervical cytology, mammography, colonoscopy, the list goes on and on.  Guess what, these are the people who tried to cure the common cold and failed.

Modern medicine reminds me of “The Wizard of Oz” a lot of long words, a lot of huffing and puffing, smoke and mirrors behind some curtains with no substance.  I like to ask this question, “when was the last time Modern Medicine cured anything?”  For all the money they have gotten out of us what have they really done?

The last time I asked this question at a class I was teaching, someone said polio.  Did they? That was more than fifty years, billions of dollars and millions of dead patients ago.  So more than fifty years went by and for all the fancy machinery, laboratories, and thousands of doctors and PhD’s, what have we got? 

Well I will give you a little of what we got.  We have diseases spreading throughout the population.  We have multiple epidemics (see my article here “How Many Epidemics Do We Have and Who Cares”).  We have over 65 autoimmune diseases with no known cause or cure, 95 thousand patients die of mistakes in the hospital, and doctors are the third leading cause of death in America.  Then to top it all off, we have millions of people who cannot afford to be treated by a health system that cannot cure them of anything. 

Is somebody asleep at the wheel?  Is it incompetence, stupidity, ignorance?  What do you think?  I have a feeling it is just plain greed.

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