Feb 21 2008

Is Your Body Acidic?

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In America, the average person eats a diet composed of mostly acid foods (meat, dairy, grains, legumes, etc.).  Eating a diet composed of these types of foods encourages an acid environment to exist in your body.  Allowing this acidic environment to exist in your body is one of the greatest known threats to your body’s health.  

Dr, K. McCullick was nominated for a Nobel Prize for discovering that when the above state of acidic blood exists in the body, the body will harden arteries (hardening of the arties) to protect itself from acidic blood eating holes through the arteries.  This same hardening state can cause cracks to appear in the arties because your arteries flex. Your body’s answer to this is to line the inside of the arteries with cholesterol (high blood pressure due to high cholesterol) to seal these cracks up as they form.  

Alkaline foods, are the fruits and vegetables; those foods that we are constantly being told to eat more of.  But the citrus fruits, like lemons, grapefruit, limes, oranges, that we think are acid, actually leave an alkaline ash as they are digested to add to the alkaline stores in your body.  The alkaline stores in your body are used to offset the acidic foods and some of the acid produced during cell metabolism.  That is if you eat enough of these alkaline foods.

The American Journal of Public Health, states that on a typical day, forty percent of our population eats no fruit, and twenty percent allows no vegetables to pass through their lips.  It is believed that these numbers are conservative, which is easy to understand when we see the low level of health of the American population.

When the environment of the body becomes acidic, and there are not enough alkaline stores to neutralize this acid, the body will adapt to accommodate to this unnatural state.  In order for these acidic foods to pass through the body safely it must be neutralized to protect the body.  These acid foods are neutralized so some of it can be absorbed as nutrition and the rest eliminated as waste.

Here is how the body adapts to this unnatural state.  Your body will borrow organic sodium from your digestive system, and then when this sodium runs out, the body will switch to calcium from the bones to perform the operation of neutralizing acids.  Now there are direct consequences to this unnatural state.  If your organic sodium gets low enough there is a good chance you will develop gallstones.  If this balancing act continues with the use of calcium, the side effect becomes osteoporoses.

The use of organic sodium and calcium from your bones is a poor substitute used by the body for an emergency situation.  The poor job that is done can only insure the safety of the body from the acidic foods.  The body still suffers from an acidic environment and there are side effects due to this problem.  This acid environment leads to heart disease, cancer, arthritis, allergies, metabolism problems, weight gains, psychological problems (depression, mood swings etc.), hormone imbalances, immune deficiencies etc.

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