Feb 19 2008

What is a Physician?

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Very few doctors will discuss your bowel habits with you, which I find interesting since, they are called physicians.  Now by the true definition of the word physician, that is their major field of study.

The word physician originally meant someone who gives you a physic (purges your bowels).  A physician in the old days of medicine would see the sick patient and in most cases give them a physic, and see if that relieved their symptoms.  It was not “take an aspirin and call me in the morning”, it was “take this laxative and call me in the morning.”  In modern dictionaries the definition of the word physician says, in a nutshell, “a person skilled in the art of healing; specifically a doctor of medicine.”  Well I think that not only did the word physician lose its true meaning, so did the healing art of medicine. 

Well you might ask, so what; we have modern medicine today doctors do not need to discuss or give physics to a patient.  Well I beg to differ because the bowel is where genetics and toxicity come together to create disease.  Here is why.  When you and I, and every other human being are conceived, the first organ to be formed is a tube called the primitive gut.  From that tube, nerve fibers and blood vessels move out in all directions, and at the end of these nerve fibers and blood vessels, your internal organs are formed.  It is like a tree.  As the fetus begins to take human shape, the tube takes its place in the body as your colon.  That colon is still intimately connected to every organ in your body, from your brain to your bones and skin.  If that place is a toxic mess, your health will suffer.  The toxins there will be absorbed into the nerve fibers and blood vessels and poison the organs they connect to.  Where you are genetically weakest, this poisoning will cause disease.

What are the optimal bowel habits for excellent health?  A baby in a convertible car seat best rated is the perfect example.  Ask any parent about when their baby has a bowel movement.  They will say that their baby definitely goes within an hour after they eat.  Why within an hour?  Because we all have an autonomic nerve, the vagus nerve, that sends a message to the bowel, that food is entering the stomach and it is time to eliminate. 

The argument against the comparison I just made is, “how can I compare the bowel habits of a baby with that of an adult’s?”  Well, if an adult eats an optimal diet, which I describe in the Health Section of my web site, under Nutrition and Health and The Digestion Process, their bowel habits will be very close to that of a baby’s.  If you add that up it means at least 2 bowel movements per day.  That is quite a challenge for an American, because we are considered by many naturopaths to be the most constipated country in the world.  We are also one of the sickest countries in the world where modern medical drugs are not doing the job they were supposed to.  Maybe we need to look to simple answers in our history; the health answers we are looking for may be there.  Oh, by the way 55,000 plus or minus Americans died of colo-rectal cancer last year.

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