Feb 14 2008

Are there any disease curing Silver Bullets out there?

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Years after I cured my cancer I was giving a talk at a health food store in Costa Mesa, California.  The subject of talk was natural healing and how to use herbs.  After the talk a women came up and made an appointment for a consultation.  This woman was not a typical client, she was fairly old, from the Midwest and as I said not a typical customer for me.  At the consultation, she even mentioned that she thought I might wonder why she would be interested in my services.  I just told her that I see clients from all walks of life and left it at that.  She told me that the reason she came to me was because of an experience her brother had seeing a Thompsonian herbalist like me.   She said her brother was suffering from emphysema so bad that he was in a wheelchair with an oxygen bottle ventilator to keep him alive.She said that, from this Thompsonian Herbalist, he had learned how to use cayenne pepper powder to cure the emphysema.  As I was advised when I had cancer, this man was told to use a minimum of a teaspoon of cayenne pepper three times a day in water or vegetable juice.  She said that it was not long before he was breathing more deeply.  Soon he was off the oxygen and out of the wheelchair.  She said that today he rides a bicycle to keep in shape and has no more problems with emphysema.  We finished the consultation and I gave her herbal advice for some issues she was dealing with.

Is cayenne pepper a silver bullet?  I believe cayenne pepper is probably the most powerful herb on the planet at this time, but it is not a complete silver bullet.  Used alone it might solve someone’s emphysema problems.  But with what I know, I would want to go a lot further with naturopathic medicine than just one herb like cayenne.

Modern medicine is looking for the silver bullet to cure disease and they would like you to believe that the cure is just around the corner; donate more money.  There is no silver bullet.  That is why modern medicine fails so miserably.  They are afraid to ask you to change, to do some work to cure your disease, or they are just plain dumb.  All those silver bullets they create just cause more problems.  If you want to really cure your disease you have to stop doing the things that caused the problem in the first place; get real and do some work.  Her brother, I suspect, was given other advice about cleansing, detoxing and lifestyle, but cayenne is a great start.I run into people all the time who have this special fruit or herb combination from some foreign country. You drink a shot glass a day to cure your disease.  It costs you umpteen dollars and if you sign up as a distributor you get a discount.  Just get your neighbor to sign up also.  Lately I have seen a foot bandage that will pull all the toxins out of your body through your feet.  Give me a break! I saw the stuff fill the toilet for days when I detoxed.  There is no way that would have come out of the bottom of my feet.  I have seen lamps, tents, electronic gadgets, waters and eventually they disappear to be replaced by another.  The reality is that it always starts with what’s on your fork, what does not leave your body, lack of movement, your negative life, and no spirituality.  The silver bullet is when you have a moment of clarity, and you see that it is going to take some realistic work to change your life.

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