Feb 13 2008

Superfoods for Super Health

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Ever hear the term superfoods before?  I remember when I first heard the term I was a little confused because it was related to alfalfa.  I related alfalfa to those things we feed our cattle and horses, not something fit for human consumption.  Well, by the time I finished listening to a lecture on superfoods by a Thompsonian Naturopath I learned a great appreciation for alfalfa and all superfoods.

Superfoods are the first basic cells that began photosynthetic life on this planet 35 billion years ago.  They set the stage for us, and we depend on them completely.  When it comes to life they have great powers and they are there for us if we need them.  When I had cancer, I needed them badly and when I turned to them to help me they came through for me completely.

Spirulina, chlorella, bluegreen algae, kelp, wheatgrass, barley grass, and alfalfa are just some of the ancient seaweeds and grasses.  They are considered whole foods because they contain an easily digested complete concentrated nutritional profile.  In a word they are the perfect food.

They are loaded with phytonutrient antioxidants, which keep in check the free radicals, which contribute to disease and the aging process.  The chlorophyll in super foods appears to act as a magnet for toxins within the body, actually drawing them to itself and neutralizing them.  These superfoods also have a chelating (heavy metal-cleansing) action within the body.  This chelating effect is especially true of spirulina and chlorella, which makes them, what is called in the naturopathic health field, effective blood cleaners.

These superfoods can be used by anyone for anything from gaining super health to defeating cancer as I did.  One statement stuck in my head from the lecture this naturopath gave on Aetna Medicare Supplement plan g, “If I have someone who is on the razors edge, their life hanging by a thread, I want to get lots of superfoods into their body as fast as I can.”  When I had cancer I powered down as much superfoods as I could daily.  Every time I turned around I would put a scoop of it in my juice, in water, in foods.  When I felt my body purging toxins I would eat even more superfoods.  Today I have at least 4 big scoops daily.  If I am cleansing, I use it like I did when I was sick.

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