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Apr 04 2011

Allergies? Make them a thing of the past!

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It’s that time of year.  You either love the bloom of Spring or you hate the allergies it brings.  Let me help you understand some of the mystery that baffles and befuddles so many in regard to allergies.  Allergies, in a nutshell, is your immune system overreacting to something that it should consider normal.  It’s as though your immune system cannot readily identify the pollen, the food, the fur or other substance which results in the Immune system alarm sounding and your body reacting as best it can to eliminate or neutralize the perceived threat.  Unfortunately, this hyper-immune response can be severe enough to result in death.  So allergies can range from the mild annoyance to a life-threatening emergency.


With time, our immune system can become more reactive and more sensitive and allergic symptoms can multiply and escalate.  This is all accentuated with stress that can result from a poor diet, insufficient sleep, and toxicity. A bit more background on why allergies can present themselves in people can be found at Anipots. In the meantime, what can be done to stop or minimize your allergies?


It is true what they say – an ounce of prevention is better than a pound of cure.  Before your allergies kick-in for the season, we suggest you focus on boosting your immune system.  As mentioned earlier, allergies are simply the immune system over-reacting.  The healthier and more intact your immune system, the less likely you will suffer from allergies. 


What to do Before Allergy Symptoms


Few of us get all of the nutrients we need in our diet.  And far too many eat and drink things that are anything but nutritious and result in stressing and increasing the toxic load on your digestive and nervous systems.  Here are a few of the herbal formula that we have found helpful in building up the immune system and relieving allergy symptoms before the set in.


Nature’s C Complex Capsules – Nature gives us Vitamin C as a complete and balanced complex.  Few adrenal support supplements give you more than some form of ascorbic acid, which only makes up about 4% of the complete Vitamin C complex.  Nature’s C Complex gives you whole Vitamin C from whole herbal sources.  This product is a great way to boost and strengthen your immune system.


Immune Boost FormulaSyrup and Capsules – This formula works by supporting the immune system.  A very powerful and potent herbal combination to be used to ward off illness or allergies.  Children love the tasty syrup.


Echinacea/Goldenseal Capsules – This classic immune supporting combination builds, strengthens, and tones the immune system for greater balance and fewer allergy symptoms.


Liver/Gallbladder Formula and Capsules – These herbs are best known for their ability to stimulate, cleanse and protect the liver and gallbladder as well as rid the body of parasites.  By cleaning and clearing toxicity from the body, you can lighten the stress on your immune system allowing for greater function.


Super Adrenal  Support  – Most allergies can be traced to weakened or fatigued adrenal glands.  This formula can strengthen, tone and rebuild your adrenal glands while giving you more energy and relief from allergy symptoms, you can also start using thai kratom for energy along with it to get better results. Correct the problem at the cause rather than endlessly chasing symptomatic relief. 


What to do After Allergy Symptoms


Reality dictates that in addition to correcting the underlying problems, you may also need some symptom relief.  Fortunately, there are some great herbal products that will do just that.


Allergy Formula Capsules and Syrup – For symptomatic relief of seasonal allergies, runny nose, itchy eyes, hives and sneezing.


Sinus Allergy Formula and Capsules – Used to relieve sinus congestion and draining associated with allergies.  Also an effective immune booster that will support the body in fighting bacterial and viral infections.  The effects of this powerful formula can be felt immediately.


Digestion Aid Formula and Capsules – Often allergies are a result of poor or incomplete digestion.  Eat whole natural foods, sprouted grains (to eliminate the enzyme inhibitors) and eating plenty of probiotics is important.  The bitter herbs in this formula will increase digestive function thereby reducing gas, bloating and intestinal cramping.  Better digestion means less allergies.


Lungs Plus Formula – Relieves lung congestion, wheezing, soothes coughs and eases breathing.  The herbs in this formula have been shown to dilate the bronchial passages and loosen mucus and phlegm so it can be expelled from the lungs.  Many of my patients with asthma have been able to go off or minimize their asthma inhalers by using this product.


Ginseng Plus Formula and Capsules – This adrenal and general tonic helps to build, strengthen, tone and increase your ability to handle stress while reducing fatigue.  This combination of Asian and American Ginsengs supports the fine interplay between the many systems of your body, restoring you to better health.


This overview of an herbal approach to allergy relief has helped many of customers, patients and friends.  The herbal approach is what I refer to as the first line of defense, because it works so well, is so cost effective and does not have the side-effects like so many of the drugs do.  Occasionally, we need to work a little deeper by performing allergy treatments that can desensitize the allergy sufferer.  This is done by balancing the acupuncture meridians while the person holds the allergen in their hand. But this is another article for dermal fillers melbourne.


So if you or someone you love suffers from allergies give the herbal approach an honest try.  Read through the descriptions of the products above and determine which three and at the most four products to start on. Follow the recommended dosages and work on your and expect significant results.


Blessings for an Allergy-Free Spring and Beyond.


Dr. Kyle Christensen

Disclaimer:  This article was written for educational purposes and is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any diseases, or replaces the services of a competent health care provider.  This information has not been evaluate or approved by the FDA.  Please use common sense and good judgment.

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