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Mar 02 2010

Did You Get Your Disease Because of Genetics, Bad Luck or Something Else?

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Many people feel that getting sick or a disease is just bad luck or the luck of the draw.   I got prostate cancer because I was unlucky enough to be born into a family where all the men genetically got prostate cancer.   If I would have just been lucky enough to be born in another family I would not have prostate cancer, unlucky me.   Well despite what you have been led to believe, genetics does not give you cancer so luck has nothing to do with cancer or any disease at all, zero.

In other words you do not get cancer because you are unlucky genetically; there is a reason for your illness.   In our world of reality there are certain laws that apply to everything and one law that applies to all disease is the Law of Cause and Effect.   I drove my car over a nail (the cause) and I got a flat tire (the effect).   This law, applied to medicine, basically says that the cause is linked to the second event, the disease.  This is how blast auxiliary ac improves your indoor air quality.

But how can I say that genetics had nothing to do with my getting cancer?   Especially when I was born into a family where on my father’s side the men are susceptible to prostate cancer and that is just what I got.   Here is why; my genetically weak prostate is just that, a weakness and a prostate weakness does not mean that I am going to get prostate cancer.   I know what I just said does not seem to make sense but I will give you an example that will make it perfectly clear.

A chain is the perfect object to use as an example of genetic weaknesses.   There is a very old saying that goes like this, “a chain is only as strong as its weakest link”.   So let’s think about this for a minute, there is no chain that does not have a weak link and that link can be found by exerting enough stress on the chain to break the weakest link.   You could also say that any chain can be broken, and it breaks at exactly one link, the weakest one.

Now take this example a step further and imagine each organ in your body alphabetically beginning with your adrenals down to your veins is a link in a chain.   This chain of organs has a weak genetic link somewhere, you just need to apply enough stress on the organ chain to find the weak link.  

Now let’s apply this to my case; when I started to get symptoms I was unaware that my grandfather on my father’s side died of prostate cancer.   I was only told about my grandfather’s cancer when my family found out that I was ill.   I know it still sounds like it was just my bad luck to be born in that family where the men have a genetically weak prostate.   And this goes for every human being.  Somewhere in everybody’s body are weak genetic links.  

Why isn’t being genetically weak and getting a disease in that particular part of your body considered bad luck?   The answer is if you never put any stress on the chain then it will never break.   The same goes for your body; if you never put any stress on your genetically weak organs then you will never get a disease in those organs.    That is why luck and genetics have nothing to do with getting cancer or any disease.

Here is how that worked out for me.   I got cancer of the prostate because I put stress on my whole body by living like a typical American.   And when my body could not take any more abuse the weakest organ gave way and I got cancer of the prostate.

If I knew what I know now, I would have recognized what was happening from the beginning.   What I was not paying any attention to were all the symptoms mounting up.   The symptoms were my body trying to communicate to me that the stress was adding up and something was going to give if I didn’t stop the abuse and reverse things.   If I were as knowledgeable then as I am now I would have immediately stopped applying stress and do just the opposite, relieve the stress by reversing what I was doing.   The same is true of the chain being pulled in different directions, all you have to do is stop pulling on the chain and relax the tension and the chain will not break, period. Learn more about biofit probiotic benefits.

Here is the stress that I was applying to my genetically weak chain of organs.   I was eating a typical American diet of too much meat, refined grains and sugars.   I ate too many cooked foods and not enough raw, too much pasteurized dairy, no raw dairy at all, too much coffee, too many foods with chemicals in them.   I was not eliminating enough waste products and I was allowing toxic chemicals to build up in my body.   I had too much stress at work doing a job I hated and associating with negative people who were not my friends.   I was not exercising enough to unstress a physically and mentally stressed body.   I had no spiritual center to help me get through life.   I was a stressed man from the top of my head to the tip of my toes ready to break and I did.   

But like everyone else does when a symptom shows up, I either ignored it or I tried to dull it with medication.   Here are the symptoms; a complete loss of energy, feeling bloated and it seemed as though my food was not being digested and I had a lot of gas.   I never felt hungry and lost interest in food.  I ate my meals because it was time to eat not because I had a desire to eat.   I was gaining weight and my belly was hanging over my belt.   There was a nagging pain in my lower back that would not go away and I was stiff all over especially my lower back, knees and feet.   I was constipated and passing blood in my stool often enough to make me concerned about what was happening to me.   These symptoms went on for 2 years and I thought I was just getting old.   If I was in too much pain I took something for it to make it go away.   Then the full symptoms of prostate cancer showed up and the nightmare started (see my biography).

So I had about 3 years of getting more and more symptoms and my only answer was to ignore them or dull them with medication.   Plus I was developing a growing fear of the symptoms and what they might mean.   When I realized I had cancer I finely took action and I made a decision that was very uncharacteristically American.   Instead of going to a cancer specialist I investigated Naturopathic Medicine and decided to go in that direction.  

Naturopathic Medicine’s answer as to why I got cancer was my lifestyle was stressing my body and my prostate being the weakest organ got cancer.   They told me that if I wanted to cure my cancer I needed to unburden my body of all the stress that my American lifestyle had put on it.  I needed to change my lifestyle and do exactly the opposite of what I had been doing for years.   I needed to watch and change everything I brought into my body and that meant lots of raw produce, and juicing, distilled water, herbs and what are called Super Foods.   I needed to change the way I eliminated waste and cleanse and detox all the elimination organs of my body the bowel, kidneys, liver, skin and lungs.   I needed exercise to move my blood, lymph and respiration.   I needed to eliminate as much stress from my life as possible that meant stressful people and situations such as work.   And I also needed to seek and get firmly established on my spiritual path whatever that was for me.  

I got a list with detailed instructions and I went to work and I mean I went to work!   It was like I had taken on a very intense work load of chores that had to be done every day.   So I put in a regular 40 hour work week and I did this Naturopathic routine of chores that kept me busy from the time I woke in the morning until I went to bed at night.   But as I did these techniques I noticed that I was making progress because I was feeling healthier and healthier almost every day.   I realized that I was pulling out all the stressful mental and physical garbage that had built up over my lifetime that was crushing me until I could take no more.  

I ate hundreds of pounds of raw produce, I cleansed, I detoxed, I juiced and drank herb teas till I thought they would run out of my ears.   The stuff that came out of me was horrendous and it went on for weeks.   I took up yoga, weight lifting and jumping rope.   I changed employers and avoided negative people who were not my friends.  I worked on forgiving the old wrongs that had been done to me and that I had done to others.   And the toughest of all for me was I learned to love myself and established a very strong personal relationship with God.

Then one day I had a very dramatic realization that shook me to my very foundations.   My symptoms every one of them were gone.   I stood there dumbfounded going over in my head the inventory of each symptom and realizing that they were no longer with me.   It was as if I had been struck by lightning because I did not deep down inside believe that this would work but it did.   I was about three months into this intense Naturopathic program and I had been so busy doing it that I did not realize that the symptoms had stopped.   I was so happy that I was giddy and euphoric for about a week.   But I did not let up because I was told that this was not the end and that I needed to keep going to finish but you can read that in my biography.

Now do you see my point about why genetics and luck have nothing to do with disease?   They can only play a part in your health if you allow them to like I did.   And you can also see that there is a simple answer to curing all disease.   That is right, curing disease is simple not complicated unless you try to avoid the obvious.   Curing disease really is about the person not the disease.  

The reality is that despite what science says, there are no incurable diseases, not one.   That is right, it does not matter what type of cancer, heart disease, germ or virus you have they are all curable. Even the ones that seems impossible, like aging. In fact before I finish up here I wanted to share this site on anti-aging. If you want to find out more check it out, the science is quite fascinating.  But there are incurable people who won’t change, or who like being sick or it is their time and God is coming for them.   For everyone else your disease is curable you just need to do the work of unburdening your body and giving it the tools and care it needs to cure the disease, it is that simple.

Paul Blake, N.D.

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