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Feb 12 2009

The Naturopathic Way to Combat Insomnia, Stress, Restlessness and Anxiety, Plus Many Other Common Psychological Problems

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A total 41% of American workers interviewed reported an increase in work stress on their jobs compared to a year earlier.   Another poll taken among Americans showed that more than one half of the respondents (58%) reported having experienced insomnia at least a few nights a week.   This is a trend in American health, where we are seeing many common psychological problems such as stress and insomnia moving to an epidemic stage (epidemic means 1 in 4 have the ailment). But have you heard about the natural remedies for insomnia? In this post you will find a few, also you cam find several remedies like the hypnotherapy which studies have shown that works wonders with this, in many health centers they treat this and give training to learn how to and how it works, check in the  iNLP Center review and find more information.

Why have these psychological problems reached epidemic numbers?   There are many reasons for stress, insomnia, restlessness and anxiety, such as significant personal events, like losing a job, marital problems, money worries and generally worrying, this is why people who suffer from these disorders would check these guys out to find out about the best ways of treating them.   Other causes can include physical illness that causes pain, depression, shift work, caffeine or alcohol consumption, and medication side-effects.   Each one is a drain on your nutritional support system, this is a scientific fact.

The drain on your nutritional support system is the common thread here which runs through all of these problems.   What do I mean when I say drain on your nutritional support system?   I mean that each one of those problems burns up large amounts of your B vitamins and minerals.   Those B vitamins and minerals are your nutritional support and if they get low the problems you are experiencing will seem to grow in number and severity.

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Feb 05 2009

Are You Gaining Weight Because of Nutritional Debt? Do You Know What Nutritional Debt Is And Are You In It So Deep That Everything You Eat Turns Into Fat? Nutritional Debt Can Cause You To Gain Weight And Starve At The Same Time, How Could That Be? The Good News, Getting Out Of Nutritional Debt Is Easy, Read On And I Will Show You What Nutritional Debt Is And How To Get Out Of It.

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America Is Number One, The Fattest Industrialized Country In The World, With 74% Of Our People Overweight And 25% Obese.   What Is There About The American Diet That Is Producing Billions Of Fat and Obese People All Over The World?   Is gaining weight and obesity the outward expression of a symptom of Nutritional Debt?

Everyone thinks that they have gained weight because they eat too much or because they are genetically prone or they do not exercise.   Those answers are only partially true; they are missing the root cause of why so many people are gaining weight and also getting sick in America.   There are some details being left out, that give you the real answer and the root cause of why you are gaining weight and getting sick, no matter what you do.

There are some spectacular diets out there that can have you losing weight at a very fast rate but what about your health?   These diets can make you look good but why are you getting sick and on medication and what happened to your energy?   About 80% of Americans are on medication and so are most kids over 12 years of age.   Hey, we have a real problem here and it is not getting better, it is getting worse.   I do not expect that this article is going to solve the health problems of Americans but maybe I can help you as I was helped by someone a long time ago.

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