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Jan 11 2009

Seasonal Cleansing and Detoxing, Why Should You, How To, Plus the Truth about Constipation, Prolapse of the Transverse Colon, Mucoid Plaque and Autointoxication Are They a Hoax, Quackery or a Cancer Time Bomb?

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When I had cancer 20 years ago; I went to a number of seminars where speakers talked about different forms of natural healing, Chinese Medicine, Homeopathy, etc.   The most motivating of these was a presentation by a doctor of Thompsonian Naturopathic medicine; his subject was “The Colon and Colon Cleansing”, the event was awesome thanks to Epic Events.   I had no interest at all in the subject but I had read a few remarkable articles by the doctor and I wanted to hear him speak.

One extraordinary thing about the lecture was the response of the people in the room to what the speaker said about the colon; remember this is 20 years ago.   He made a lot of jokes about the American people being the most constipated in the world followed by England and Germany; the reaction to that was a lot of nervous laughter.   Then, he spoke at length about individual constipation with a few more jokes and more nervous laughter.   Then he said that modern medicine has spent 50 years denying that constipation and the health of the colon have anything to do with disease.   He said that this was ironic because the name “Physician” comes from the word physic which means to clean out the colon; they are colon cleaning doctors.   This went on for at least 10 more minutes.   Throughout the lecture I found it interesting to observe the reaction of the audience and myself to the subject and what the speaker said.   It was to some degree a taboo subject at that time, no one talked about it and yet here was this speaker; breaking all the rules and we all laughed as he did so.

Then he got serious and talked about why the colon is so dangerous if it is not taken care of.   By the end of the lecture I knew that a major reason I had cancer was because I had not been taking care of my own colon.   I never paid any attention to how often I went.  I did know that sometimes I did not go for a day or two, more for all I knew.   Sometimes I went from not going to having the runs (called spastic bowel) which might go on for a few weeks to a month, from constipated to the runs over and over.   I felt bloated all the time and I had flatulence almost all of the time.   In those last few years there had been times when I saw blood in my stool, which worried me greatly.   I was very inspired by his lecture.  I took the notes he handed out (see bottom of page). I bought the 2 formulas (Colon Cleanse and Colon Detox), and I went home and started taking the cleanse that night at supper.   I made a lot of other changes beginning that night and I did a lot of work on myself beyond cleansing and detoxing (see my website  Three months later my prostate cancer symptoms were gone.

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