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Nov 30 2008

Acid Alkaline Balance is the Ailment, the Disease is Cancer and all Chronic Afflictions and the Herbal Remedy is Balancing Your Ph

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The Nasty Blunt Truth about Modern Medicine and Cancer!
                   “Modern Medicine’s Secret Ph Cure”

Any American who was ever treated for cancer by modern medicine has been ripped off, are you one of them?   There are many someones right now screaming their lungs out because they are dying of a cancerous disease and there is no pain killer strong enough to help them.   But guess what; not only are they dying a horrible death, they are being deceived by the institutions that are supposed to help them?   Those institutions who found the cure for cancer are withholding it from those who need it.   That is right; they would rather see you die than apply the cure that they have known about for years.     

Here are a couple of direct hits between the eyes of those institutions.   The real search for a cancer cure has been over for years.   Anyone who asks for money to help find the cure for cancer is a fool, a charlatan or a liar.   Modern medicine long ago cured cancer but told no one what they did.   You heard me right, modern medicine found the cure for all cancers years ago.   And any doctor who says that statement is wrong is either a total fool who should not hold a doctorate degree or a complete liar.

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