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I am sure that there are times (not often I hope) when you wondered to yourself, 'could I have, or am I going to get cancer?'  As I started to age I would occasionally wonder about the possibility that I might get cancer.  I would wonder where I would get the cancer.  Maybe the lungs, I did smoke when I was younger.  I might get cancer in my brain, a lot of people do.  I knew a friend who had brain cancer.  A lot of people in America get brain cancer. There is a chance it could happen to me. 

If you believe all the information we are fed by the media about cancer, it is a gamble. Tomorrow you could wake up with dizziness and discover you have brain cancer with 2 months to live.  It happens to Americans every day. 

Well in view of the fact that I cured my prostate cancer with naturopathic medical techniques.  I no longer have those thoughts.  Even if it was to happen to me that I got brain cancer.  I know exactly what to do, I have no fear.

For one thing I know what creates cancer and causes it to grow.
When you know what causes and makes it grow you know how to cure it.
Cancer likes a certain kind of environment in the body that encourages its creation and growth.

Cancer likes a toxic environment where the tissue is dirty and acidic.  Cancer likes poor circulation and the sluggish energy that goes with it.  Cancer likes a place in the body where the oxygen is low.
Cancer likes a weak immune system that cannot fight back.

Stir the above environmental problems together and add in a genetic weakness, and you will eventually get cancer.  But a genetic weakness does not by itself lead straight to cancer without the above environmental problems.

With a medical diagnosis, what did I have, bad luck linked to a genetic weakness. I had nothing to focus on.  What was I supposed to fight, my bad luck; my fathers family for carrying the weak genetic link?

I could take their treatments, operations, radiation and chemotherapy that to my mind is totally passive; where the only action for me is to show up for the treatment, with hope and prayer, while they focus on the symptom, the cancer, and not the cause, toxic American lifestyle. 

Even if the cancer went into remission, that would leave me with the cause; which means that eventually I would probably find myself with cancer again.  Also, leaving me with the cause means a low level of health.

This is my life we are talking about. My grandfather was dead at 59 from this disease.  I wanted to know what caused the cancer so I could deal with it directly and cure it completely.   

That is where Thompsonian Naturopathic Medicine came in.  From their point of view, what caused my cancer was clear.  It was me, my life style and the toxic food, air and water in America's environment.  In their system of Naturopathic medicine, I was able to take responsibility for working on the cancer myself.  I had specific steps I could take to deprive this cancer of its connection to me.  I could set healing goals to cure the cancer. 

OK, well what is the first step?  Well you just took it.  If you understood what I just said and it made you feel that you just found the answer you were looking for, then that is the first step. 

This first step is mental, and the doctor who first noticed this and other laws of healing, was Doctor Constantine Hering; 'Hering's Law of Cure'.  He said that healing occurs from the head down.  In other words, you have the realization that the healing philosophy you have just learned is going to cure your illness.  That realization and acceptance starts the healing process in your mind.  Of course, we have all been aware of the powerful influence the mind has on disease.

From your mind, this thought moves downward into the middle of your body.  Then as you apply the techniques, Haring's Law states, 'from the inside out.'  The healing starts in the center of your body and moves outward.

Lastly, Haring's Law states 'in reverse order as the symptoms have first been acquired,' just as I acquired prostate cancer.  First, a loss of energy, indigestion problems, weight gain, pain, blood in the stool, urination problems and orgasm pain.  Just as the symptoms arrived, they left in reverse order, starting with orgasm pain, until there were no more symptoms, which took about 3 months.

Now, in order to help these thoughts do their work, we have to assist them with naturopathic techniques.  There are five areas where techniques need to be applied and when you read them, you will see the beautiful common sense and simplicity that is there. 

First, what goes into your body must be changed because it led you to the disease.  As I said earlier 'I had to stop what I was doing and do the opposite'.  The food, water, and breath must be the finest quality.  When you have cancer you must use strong measures.  No animal products of any kind, no meat (includes fish or fowl), no dairy, or eggs. 

The first thought that entered my mind was, how will I get my protein?  The answer is simple, protein is everywhere; it is in produce, grains, and legumes.  In fact, some of the largest and most powerful animals on the planet get their protein from these sources.  You cannot avoid protein. In truth, Americans eat far too much protein. It is one of our biggest health problems.  Furthermore, the healthiest segment of our population is the vegetarians.  But take hope, you only have to eliminate animal products until the cancer is gone.

Water must be the purest.  Most Americans think that bottled water is the purest you can drink.  Actually, my friends, it is not.  On a microscopic level, where the cells of your body live, the minerals are like rocks and difficult to deal with.  The purest water you can drink is distilled water.  Distilled water is like a vacuum in your body helping to clean out toxins.  There are some who say that distilled water leaches out minerals from your body and teeth.  Well, actually if you added up all the minerals expelled from the body by distilled water it would add up to the amount of minerals in 2 almonds.  I myself know of a chiropractor who drank distilled water all her life with no ill effects.  You really wonder where these rumors come from.

Air must be pure.  Yes, environmentally we have a real problem here.  Those of you who can move to the mountains while fighting this disease are fortunate.  But, there is an answer for those who cannot.  It is called Kapalabhati, a yoga breathing technique that purges your lungs of toxins and oxygenates your brain.  You will find a paper describing this technique in the Programs section of this web site under Yoga.  You may be thinking that to vigorously breathe in toxic air is a poor idea.  There are many Yogi's who perform this technique every day in and around Los Angeles who greatly benefit from its practice.  Doing it in the mountains would be even more beneficial and enjoyable.  I would suggest you practice the breath at least 2 times a day, though not too close to bedtime; it is too energizing.  And, please be gentle with yourself, do not push too hard; this breath is powerful and must be treated with respect.

All right, we covered what goes into the body; now we must deal with what needs to leave.  As you view this subject you are going to see how and why things have gone so wrong with our health system.

We have organs whose job is to remove toxicity from our body.  They are called organs of elimination and there are 5 of them; your colon, kidneys, lungs, liver, and skin, and if you want to stay healthy, you need to keep them running at their optimum.

I had cancer and when I started cleaning out my organs of elimination I found out pretty quickly that those 5 organs were not functioning optimally.  A lot of toxic chemicals and metals were lodging in my body causing me to become ill.  Also, as I eliminated the built up toxins, my health was restored fairly quickly.  And the cancer symptoms I had disappeared fairly quickly.

The first organ of elimination I would like to examine with you is the colon.  We in America consider this organ and its function as something we would rather not discuss.  When someone is acting badly we may say that they are full of it.  We also use the word for the end product of the colon as a 4 letter    profanity. 

Interestingly enough this function or should I say malfunction for most Americans is actually very closely linked with the modern medicine allopathic doctor.  This connection is historical because at one time allopathic doctors viewed this organ just as important to health as natural doctors like myself see it.  This is why modern allopathic doctors are also called physicians.

Physicians, who are they?  If I call myself a physician, and put it on my business card, I will find myself standing in front of a judge because only a licensed allopathic doctor may call himself or herself a physician.  Yet, when I finish telling you about what needs to leave your body, you will see that I am more of a physician than they are. 

The meaning of the word physician morphed into something else.  The word physician originally meant to purge the bowels; to give you a physic.  A physician in the old days of medicine would see the sick patient and in most cases give them a purge; and see if that relieved their symptoms.  It was not 'take an aspirin and call me in the morning', it was 'take this laxative and call me in the morning.' 

What possible health benefits could be gained by purging?  That is a great health question and it has everything to do with good health. 

Here is where genetics and toxicity come together to create disease.  When you and I, and every other human being are conceived, the first organ to be formed is a tube called the primitive gut.  From that tube, nerve fibers and blood vessels move out in all directions and at the end of these nerve fibers and blood vessels, your internal organs are formed.  It is like a tree.  As the fetus begins to take human shape the tube takes its place in the body as your colon.  That colon is still intimately connected to every organ in your body, from your brain to your bones and skin.  If that place is a toxic mess, your health will suffer.  The toxins there will be absorbed into the nerve fibers and blood vessels and poison the organs they are connected to.  Where you are genetically weakest, this poisoning will cause disease.

Also if that organ is toxic it will act as a tea bag in your gut.  It is common knowledge that the flesh of our skin and organs is permeable to chemicals.  In a country where we have 10,000 chemicals polluting our food, water, and air, that colon of yours had better be clean and functioning optimally.  This is the perfect segue to the next topic.

What are the optimal bowel habits for excellent health?  A baby is the perfect example.  Ask any parent about when their baby has a bowel movement.  They will say that their baby definitely goes within an hour after they eat.  Why within an hour?  Because we all have an autonomic nerve, the vagus nerve, that sends a message to the bowel, that food is entering the stomach and it's time to eliminate. 

This is a very simplistic description but it is true.  If you add that up it means at least 2 bowel movements per day.  That's quite a challenge for an American, because we are considered by many naturopaths to be the most constipated country in the world. 

The argument against the comparison I just made is, 'how can I compare the bowel habits of a baby with that of an adult's?'  Well, if an adult eats an optimal diet, which I describe in the Health Section under Nutrition and Health and The Digestion Process.  Their bowel habits will be very close to that of a baby's. 

There is a naturopathic way, using herbs, to reestablish normal bowel habits again.  It is called, bowel cleansing and it is easy to do.  The formula for this cleanse is older than America and has changed just enough to keep up with the toxic lifestyle of modern life.  The herbs in the formula are all in micro doses so they are simple to control while they help you to soften the stool, kill any parasites, and heal lesions.  You can use this cleanse, while maintaining your normal schedule, no accidents.  All herbs in this formula are wildcrafted or organic.

When I first used this formula, I had a very stressful challenging schedule so I was concerned whether there would be any problems; there were none.  I followed the simple instructions and in a short period of time I experienced what normal bowel habits are.  Once you know what normal should be, it is easy to take the next step, adjusting your diet to get the same results.  You just keep adding fibrous products to your meals such as uncooked produce until you reach your goal.

Once you get the bowel cleansing to work for you, the next step is detoxing the bowel.  There are some real good reasons for detoxing this area of your body.  For one, it is a plumber's nightmare.  Just think, the small intestine enters the bowel at the bottom of the ascending colon just above the appendix.  The waste products that enter here must go upward against gravity using muscular movement called peristalsis.  Peristalsis is used throughout the colon to move waste.  When this waste reaches the top of the ascending colon it makes a tight turn and moves into the transverse colon where it traverses from the right side of the body to the left side.  When it reaches the left side of the body, it makes another tight turn at the descending colon where it moves downward.  The waste travels downward until it reaches the sigmoid colon.  Here it makes a short jog to the right again and then enters the rectum. 

Well with all the turns and the convoluted shape of the colon and the American diet, which promotes constipation, a lot of waste gets left on the walls of the colon.  This leftover debris forms a paste that sticks to the walls.  Over the years it can build up forming a toxic black tar like coating.  This waste buildup can cause any of a number of diseases mental and physical.  Remember what I said earlier about the connection between the bowel and the rest of the body.  Also remember what I said about the connection between doctors and physicians and that I am more of a physician than they are.

Now, back to detoxing the bowel.  The herbs in the detox formula were developed to pull that coating and draw the toxins out of the bowel.  Some of the herbs will draw up to 40 times their weight in toxins.  All of them will adhere to the coating and pull it from the bowel wall.  When you eliminate that coating your level of health will move dramatically upward.  You will notice a very strong surge of energy and clarity. 

(to be continued)

Important Note:
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