Aging Prematurely

I am getting up there in age and I noticed that I am getting a little slower, weaker, and an overall feeling of a loss of my edge.  This had been going on for some time and it was connected to a goal I had.  The goal was to be able to bench press 200 pounds.  About 2 years ago I set the goal of reaching a 200 pound bench press before the end of 2005. 

I worked out at the gym and 3 times every week as part of my routine I would work on the bench press.  I started with a warm-up and then I would do four sets at 135 pounds.  When I could do 4 sets of 8 repetitions I would move the weight up 5 pounds and continue.  When I passed my weight, which is 170 pounds it started to get real tough.  At a 185 pound bench press I peaked out and could go no further no matter how hard I tried.  I reached the end of 2005 without reaching my goal.  I was discouraged but I wanted to give it another try in 2006.  But, by the end of 2006 I did not reach my goal and I injured my right shoulder from the effort.

That really made me feel as though I was aging too fast.  Then one day I was writing a paper for some classes I was teaching when I came across an article on something called pregnenolone.  This article intrigued me and I wanted to find out more about this supplement.  So I checked it out online and I read some books on the subject.   

When I finished writing the paper I decided that before I would discuss pregnenolone in my classes I would try it out on myself.  Then, if I felt that it lived up to what everyone was saying about it. I would inform my students.  The following is what I found out about pregnenolone and what happened to me.

Pregnenolone is what is called a precursor.  A precursor is like the straw to make bricks story in the bible.  You can have the best ingredients in the world to make bricks but if there is no straw you will not have bricks, period.  Well everyone's body, male and female, has been creating pregnenolone from the time they were young so their body can build the hormones they need.  Without pregnenolone no hormones of any kind are made. 

So the years go by and, as we reach about twenty, the production of pregnenolone peaks and then begins to decline.  Pregnenolone declines in the body by more than 60 percent between the ages of 35 and 75.  There are some in the health field who feel that this decline speeds up in response to stress, toxins, poor diet, declining health etc.  As pregnenolone production declines the aging process speeds up.  Our skin wrinkles, our eyesight goes, immune system weakens, our joints begin to ache, and our memory goes and so on.  This is what I was feeling, the loss of my edge this feeling of physically and mentally going down hill. 

Well good news, you can take pregnenolone to replace what you are not making.  But that sounds dangerous, you may be thinking, it sounds like the steroids that hurt people.  No, steroids are a finished hormone usually taken from an animal like a horse.  Pregnenolone is from a plant called the wild yam.  And as I said, pregnenolone is a precursor your body only uses what it needs no more.  There have been hundreds of studies done and not one person was harmed by pregnenolone.  Pregnenolone is one of the most studied supplements on the market with an excellent safety record.

Here is where the people in these studies benefited from taking pregnenolone.  Pregnenolone was found to improve memory, strengthen immune system, relieve arthritis, soften the skin, relieve wrinkling skin, and strengthen the person and many other physical improvements.

I have now been taking 300 mg pregnenolone for over one year and I feel great.  I noticed the texture of my skin changed which is big for me because I worked out of doors for years and I have had some skin cancer problems.  My edge is back and within three months of taking pregnenolone I was able to bench press 200 pounds.  Just recently I was able to lift 230 pounds, 4 sets 5 repetitions, with no problems.  And, no I do not look muscle bound, I just look fit and I feel great.

Please have a look at the paper I did for my classes and make up your own mind; this is your decision to make.  Pregnenolone is not the total answer but for an older person it can be a nice part of the picture.    Take a close look at our site especially the Supplements, Health and Programs sections there is a lot of great information there for you.

Beware, there are a lot of naysayers out there who will try to bring you down but think about where they come from.  They have an ax to grind and a lot of money invested in the drugs that are such a scourge in this country. 

Important Note:
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