Toxic Foods
Foods that Weaken the Immune System and Cause Disease

Foods weaken immune system cause disease, dairy products refined flour, sugar, rice, preserved meats, little food value. Carry toxic chemicals, weaken immune systems chronic diseases. The following foods act like the wooden horse the Greeks used to defeat Troy.   They are very attractive looking and tasting but once inside you they are your enemy and they will attack you from the inside out.   Our bodies are very old systems that have known only organic and unrefined foods.  Refined chemically enhanced foods have only been on the market for the last 100 years.   They have little or no food value, they carry toxic chemicals, and they weaken your immune and digestion systems.   Constipation and chronic diseases like arthritis; heart disease, cancer, etc. are your body's reaction to these modified refined foods.

DAIRY PRODUCTS (milk, cheese, butter)
How can something as American as apple pie be bad for you?  Read on for just a few reasons.   We are the only living creatures on the planet that continue to ingest milk after the weaning period, which for the human being is approximately 2 years.   Cows add DNA and RNA plus blood products to their milk so that their milk will form a cow not a human being.   Then if you add the growth hormones, antibiotics and the many other chemicals farmers use to increase the cows milk production you end up with a product that is totally foreign to your body.   Your immune system is diverted from its primary purpose to protect you from foreign bacteria and viruses.   It is a  poor form of calcium because it contains very little magnesium.   Fresh orange or carrot juice contains more calcium that can be absorbed easily.   Then the dairy industry pasteurizes and homogenizes the product which destroys valuable enzymes and many vitamins and minerals.

Has so little food value that bread made from it cannot sustain the life of laboratory animals such as mice, rats, and guinea pigs.   The government had to force the industry by law to add a minimum amount of vitamins before bread could be put on the shelf.  When you buy flour for baking or bread in the market look for the words whole wheat, if it says anything else it is refined and valueless.   Do not be fooled by wheat breads if the ingredient enriched flour is on the label.  Enriched flour is refined flour colored with molasses or food coloring.

Just like refined flour, the food value in rice was lost when it was refined and cannot sustain life.   Buying polished rice is like going to the store to buy apples and coming home with apple cores.   When buying rice, look for the words whole grain rice.  If your market does not carry it, ask them to get it for you.   Don't be fooled by brown rice, it is white polished rice colored with molasses or food color.

Refined white sugar can lead to arthritis, bursitis, neuritis, and rheumatism along with other chronic diseases, especially those of the digestive tract.   Sugar weakens the entire immune system setting the stage for chronic diseases.   Sugar weakens the hydrochloric acid in our stomach, which leads to poor digestion and assimilation of calcium, protein and vitamins to name a few.   The loss of these nutrients opens the door to diseases like arthritis and speeds the aging process.

This means bacon, ham, sausage, frankfurters, bologna, and corned beef and so on.   The chemicals used to preservative meat destroy the food value and can become logged in the cells of the body.   These meats also carry nitrates that are converted to nitrites in the body; nitrites oxidize hemoglobin causing it to lose its capacity to carry oxygen to body tissues.  This reduced ability to move oxygen can not only compromise the immune system but can also aggravate problems like heart disease, cancer, arthritis, listlessness, dizziness, and headaches.  The medical term for this condition is methemoglobinemia.   These meats also carry growth hormones, antibiotics and the many other chemicals used by farmers.

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