I Am An Omnivore, We Are All Omnivores
Understand What Kind of Omnivore Your Are and You Understand Who You Are and Why You Are Sick

Are you looking for a cure for the disease you have?   When I had cancer I was like you, I was looking for a cure for the cancer that was killing me.   I would have eaten broken glass and razor blades if it would have stopped the cancer.   Well, when I found out the answer, I was really surprised at how easy it was to cure my prostate cancer.    

On the advice of a Thompsonian Naturopathic Doctor, the first step I took was to change my diet.   This diet change is a lot easier then eating broken glass and razor blades or chemotherapy.   What does diet have to do with getting sick?  Diet has everything to do with getting sick as you shall see. 

As a doctor of herbal medicine I talk to people every day about their health.   They tell me they eat a very healthy diet, but when I ask them what they had for breakfast, I have to tell them that what they just told me is food guaranteed to cause sickness and disease.   Oh guess what, many of them are vegetarians and many vegetarians eat unhealthy food for a human being.

What is wrong with the American diet?   In America, as in most countries, we eat typically for entertainment not for nutrition.   We do not eat the food that our body is designed to thrive on.   We eat like someone who buys a car, puts regular unleaded gas in the tank when the owner's manual says premium only.   This is a guarantee that over time you will get ill and find yourself on prescription medication.   By the time you are middle-aged you will have a chronic debilitating disease and be on the slippery slope to a hospital, and then a rest home.

There are three essential ingredients missing from the American diet.   These three ingredients are enzymes, alkali, and raw foods.   You can see the disastrous results of these missing fundamentals everywhere.   America is sick because we have gotten too far away from the human body's basic nutritional roots and it is killing us. 

As humans evolved, we adapted to a certain style of eating because of environmental pressures.   For thousands upon thousands of years our main pressure was finding enough food to keep ourselves and our family mates alive.   If you visualize yourself in their position the grocery store was the environment they lived in.   To survive you must know every source of food available, every eatable plant, fruit, seed, and animal to keep yourself and family fed.   We learned to take advantage of nature by being opportunists to increase our chances to find the nutrition we needed.   We studied nature via the great teacher, survival.

There was no specific amount of this meat and that seed or fruit that we turned to.   We gathered what we could, but I think it's easy to say that we always turned to those green plants growing and available in so many places.   If we could find nothing else, we could always find something green to fill at least some of that empty place in our gut.  

Our digestion evolved around this style of eating, lots of greens, grains, seeds and raw things with meat when the opportunity arose.   So we are what is called an omnivore by scientists, but we are a specialized type of omnivore.  We eat meat, but that is not a strong side for us.  Even our stomach acid matches an herbivore, 4 to 5 ph (true omnivores and carnivores have a ph of 1, very acidic).   A bear is an omnivore, but unlike us has the built-in weapons to kill other animals and eat them.   Here are other omnivores: possums, pigs, chimpanzees, chipmunks, rats, chickens, crows, piranhas and turtles.

Well I bet you are beginning to wonder, what does this all mean to me, who is sick.   If you read carefully what I just said, you will notice that we are an animal who is not a true meat eater.   We can, but our body is built to only tolerate a small amount daily.   If we were an omnivore who eats more meat than other foods we would have those weapons to kill animals and stomach acid to digest them.   We would also eat them raw, skin, hair, bones, guts and all, like a bear; lots of enzymes in that meal.   Let me know if you ever see a bear bring down a deer, gut it and cook it over a fire.  No enzymes in that meal.   Eating that way would make the bear sick in a short amount of time.

Here is where the rubber meets the road.   We thrive best when we eat mostly produce especially vegetables and I am talking raw, not cooked.  The problem with the American diet starts when food reaches your stomach.   When you swallow a meal your stomach expands beyond the meal and then the stomach sits and does nothing for approximately 45 to 50 minutes.   This pause that the stomach takes is called 'pre-digestive stomach'.   Why does the stomach just sit there like this doing nothing?   We all know the body never does anything without a very good reason.   The stomach does this because it expected you to do something, and that something is to add raw, enzyme containing, alkali foods.   What does this type of food and pre-digestive stomach have to do with health?  It has everything to do with health my friends.

If you are like most Americans you do not eat much raw, enzyme containing, alkali foods, in one day.   Let's just say that for breakfast today you had 2 eggs, 3 pieces of bacon, 2 slices of toast, with coffee for breakfast.   You could call this a very typical breakfast for many Americans.   At lunch you stopped for a hamburger, fries and a coke.   For supper that night at home, you had 2 pork chops, cooked green beans, mashed potatoes with gravy and a salad with dressing plus a slice of apple pie for desert.  

Now, let's add up this meal to discover why it is so poor and will make you fat and sick.   Out of all of that food the raw, alkali, enzyme containing food was the smallest amount.   None at breakfast, some at lunch, the onion, tomato and lettuce in the burger qualified.   The salad with dinner was raw and qualified (we cannot count green beans and mashed potatoes because they were cooked, and so were the apples in the pie).   So, out of all of that food, there was only a small amount to do the predigesting.   The rest of the food that day was cooked acidic food which is pretty much worthless.   Here is how worthless.  If you have ever owned a composter they will tell you on the directions never put cooked food in the composter it is worthless.

Let's now zero in on the pre-digestive stomach, so we understand as an omnivore human being how important it is.   As I said above, the stomach sits there after you swallow the food and does nothing for approximately 45 to 50 minutes.   Why, because it expected the majority of that meal to be raw, alkali and filled with enzymes.   If the meal enters the stomach this way, and sits there, the enzymes begin digesting that food immediately.   The truth is, enzymes really do the molecular digesting of the meal, not the stomach acid.   Enzymes tear the food down to a molecule level that can be absorbed in the small intestine.  

Enzymes are in all food that has not been pasteurized, refined, irradiated or cooked (enzymes are destroyed at 112 degrees).   When you take a bite out of an apple and you set the apple down, where you took the bite will turn brown.   The enzymes began to digest the apple right there where you took the bite.   Leave the apple there long enough and it will get soft, sag and turn brown throughout as it digests itself via its enzymes.

Now I have left out a couple of places where the body also adds in enzymes.   One is the mouth, as you chewed your food a small amount of enzymes were added by your body to begin to assist this process.   Protease (to digest protein), amylase (to digest carbohydrates) and lipase (to digest fats) were added at your mouth by exocrine glands.   Also, after the pre-digestive process, when the stomach acid was released into the stomach, a protein digesting enzyme that prepares the protein for absorption, called pepsinogen, was released at the same time.   Then there are enzymatic enzymes added after the food leaves the stomach and enters the duodenum (a tube just below the stomach).    There are also some enzymes that enter the food in the small intestine to increase assimilation even more.    See the pattern; it is obvious that enzymes are very essential for digestion and health.

So if you, a human omnivore, want to get the most from nutrition and avoid disease, move to lots of live produce with each meal.  My suggestion is to eat nothing but fruit at breakfast like a fruit smoothie.   At lunch and dinner what I do is measure at least one pound of raw vegetables to go with each meal like lettuce, cucumber, broccoli, squash, tomato, spinach, avocado etc.  You may think this is a lot of produce, that you could never eat that much.   You can easily eat that much and more.  My friend Jackie, who is 5′ 1″, ate a pound for lunch and a pound and a half for supper every day and lost 40 pounds of excess weight over a 3 month period.   Eat meat if you like; do not eat any refined foods, of course, such as sugar, white rice, white bread etc.

Adding lots of produce to your lifestyle this way will bring positive changes in your health.   One thing I noticed when I ate this way is my stomach always feels very comfortable.  Even if I overeat it feels good.    

To assist you to become a more perfect omnivore, bring in Earth's Nutrition.  It has the produce in a concentrated alkali form with the enzymes intact.   Add it to your foods such as entrees, salads and drinks to enhance the nutrition and increase digestion and assimilation of all your food.   Also take it with you when you are eating out or traveling.   It can also replace your multi-vitamin because it is loaded with real food vitamins your body can absorb naturally.

Almost everyone is taking vitamin supplements or some kind of fortified drink or another.   Most Vitamins on the market are a sham they do not come from food and so cannot be assimilated by humans.   The law of nature that we cannot break is 'that if it has not come to us through a living plant we cannot get any nutrition from it'.  No matter what the manufacturer says you can only assimilate food grown or whole food vitamins (see 'Vitamins, The Truth About  Vitamins').  

Important Note:
The information presented herein by The Natural Path Botanicals is intended for educational purposes only. These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA and are not intended to diagnose, cure, treat or prevent disease. Individual results may vary, and before using any supplements, it is always advisable to consult with your own health care provider.

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