Make this Energy Packed, Healing Fruit Smoothie your Everyday Morning Drink

Slows down aging process while helping you fight disease and lose weight

When I had cancer I made a very carefully thought out decision to put a strong effort into using natural healing before I turned myself over to modern medicine. I put in a great deal of time studying Chinese, Ayurvedic, European Herbal medicine, herbal healing and many other styles of natural healing. I finally decided to follow the advice of a Thompsonian Naturopathic Doctor. His was the first advice that made it real clear, how I got sick and how I would get well.

The very first thing he told me was 'make a fruit smoothie every morning for breakfast for the rest of your life.' That was twenty years ago and I have not varied from that advice and it has turned out to be one of the best decisions I ever made.

You might be asking yourself, like I did, 'why do I need to make a fruit smoothie for breakfast, what good will that do me?'  Here is why. In America and many other countrie, the average person eats a diet composed of mostly acid foods (meat, dairy, grains, legumes, etc.).  Eating a diet composed mostly of these types of foods encourages an
acid environment to exist in your body. The majority of American's ph runs at about 5.5, which is far too acidic.  Allowing this acidic environment to exist in your body is one of the greatest threats known to the health of human beings. An acidic environment leads to heart disease, cancer, and infectious diseases like viruses and germs!  Plus arthritis, allergies, metabolism problems, weight gains, psychological problems, hormone imbalances, etc. A healthy human body has a ph of between 6.5 to 7.5 ph.  The fruit smoothie he suggested I use to help me fight the cancer is made up entirely of fruit and a few natural healing herbs which are alkaline (vegetables are also alkaline). This smoothie helped me to neutralize the acid environment in my body and regain my immune power.

When I started making this drink I had been sick for some time. My energy was low; I had gained a lot of weight, I had digestion problems, acid reflux, felt bloated, a lot of gas, spastic bowel, blood in stool and no appetite. I also had low back pain, my feet, ankles, knees were riddled with arthritis and stiffness all over (Rheumatoid Arthritis).  To sum it up I was a physical wreck, which was very depressing because just a few years before I had earned a Second Degree Black Belt (instructor level) in Kempo Karate; and at that time I was in peak physical condition.

So, I started making and drinking, "The Morning Drink" every morning!  And right away I liked it because I could put in my favorite seasonal fruit and so the taste was great. It was not long before I noticed that my energy was coming back. Then my stomach problems started to go away and it was not long before my appetite came back and my weight went down. The weight change was dramatic. In about three months I was down to what my weight was when I earned my Black Belt, one hundred and seventy pounds. I was overjoyed about that and it has stayed the same ever since (except during a brief period where I allowed a toxic food in). But, just to let you know; I did a lot more than just The Morning Drink to beat the prostate cancer I had.

Benefits of the Morning Drink

What did the morning drink bring to my body that encouraged a natural herbal healing effect? As we discussed at the beginning of this article The Morning Drink brings alkaline into the body to neutralize the ph and bring balance to the body's environment. This alone increases oxygen, cleanses tissues and heals inflammation. It also helps to destroy cancer cells because cancer dies in a clean environment where there is high oxygen. This new environment also encourages a stronger immune system. And this drink has a strong cleansing and detoxing effect, removing toxins that can distract the immune system from its primary work, defending the body. Lastly The Morning Drink brings in vitamins, minerals, carbohydrates and protein in a very easily digestible food form.

Next, because the drink is fresh and raw it brings with it lots of enzymes. Enzymes are the great mystery nutrition of raw foods. Without them we are dead, there is no digestion and absorption, no cleaning, no movement, no thoughts, no energy. This drink brings an abundance of enzymes with it to start your day.

Enzymes are the ultimate anti-inflammatory, easing the inflammation and repairing the injury. You can take the best, most expensive multivitamin in the world and you will not get a thing from it without enzymes. They are the great catalyst for the body. Like spark plugs for your car, without them there is no energy, "YOU ARE A ZERO!"

The Morning Drink Rules

OK let's get started!  It is easy to make and you will love this natural healing remedy. There are some rules listed below but they are easy to follow.  

Rule One:
I am going to tell you just exactly what I was told. You have this drink every morning for breakfast for the rest of your life! The morning drink will help to quickly bring balance to your body's ph (the acid alkaline balance); fruits and vegetables are alkaline everything else is acid.  Balancing your body's ph is one of the top keys to health and healing. 

Rule Two:  
This is an alkali drink do not add any acid protein ingredients to it.
You might ask, "I do not see much protein in there; could I add some protein powder? (a question I hear all the time)  "DO NOT ADD" protein powders or protein containing foods like eggs, dairy, yogurt or tofu to this drink!   Some of them are good for you, but they are acidic for one thing. For another it is a problem for your liver and gall bladder to process fruit that digests in one hour, with protein that digests in two to three hours. But guess what; this drink with its mix of fruit contains all the basic building blocks of protein called amino acids. So your body can create protein from this drink if it needs to.    One more time, fruit is a food that does not mix with any other foods.  

Rule Three:
But, what about my regular breakfast of bacon, eggs, toast and coffee?   If you have a "Life Threatening Disease" see my article 'I am Sick, Where Do I Start'.   If you do not have a "Life Threatening Disease", have your regular breakfast one hour or more later.   But speaking from experience, I would drop that stuff and use the drink as your breakfast or have a modified high alkaline breakfast with a lot of vegetables an hour later. Whatever you eat later will be easier to digest because this drink is loaded with digestive enzymes as I mentioned earlier.

The Morning Drink Recipe
Fifteen minutes before you make this drink, have at least 12 to 16 ounces of water (distilled is best) to start the cleansing process of this drink.

Ingredients: (make fresh every day and vary the amounts to suit your taste and appetite)

-8 ounces (plus or minus) of pure water (distilled is best) and 8 ounces of organic juice if you like (apple, grape, etc.)
-1 banana.
-Pinch of
cayenne pepper more or less to taste (a natural healing herb).
-A chunk of
ginger; thumb size (a natural healing herb).
-Fresh seasonal fruit; pear, grapes, peach, (organic if you can get it).
-A quarter to a half a lemon, include a small amount of peel if you like, very good for both the liver and gallbladder.
-Add a tablespoon of coconut, or olive oil (cold pressed) for your skin and joints.
-A scoop of
Earth's Nutrition (blast every cell in your body with nutrient-rich organic vitamins and minerals to give you more energy than ever before).
-Put the above in a blender, liquefy and drink.

*Adjust the above to suit your taste and the amount you make. 
In other words, if you do not like what you are tasting change it. You can leave out the lemon peel, or cut back on the ginger or cayenne. The important thing is that you have a drink first AM
that alkalizes your body, that is what this drink is all about; not entertainment.  

Questions You May Have About the Drink

What about the sugar content of this Drink?   These are whole fruits that your digestive system and pancreas must process just like any other food. This is not like eating refined sugar or the refined fruit juices from the grocery store. If you are a diabetic, take a small amount, monitor your blood sugar and use it accordingly.  And by all means check with your physician.
Note: A lot of fools who should know better, are writing and making videos that say fruit has too much sugar, an ignorant lie!... Fruit is a whole food, whole foods have everything Nature provided as nutrition. It is humans that brought us refined dangerous foods, with zero Nature provided nutrition in them! They will say on their packages, Enriched? Enriched means, they stripped every nutrient out and it made humans sick, with nutritional diseases like Palegra, Survey, and Beriberi. So the government ordered them to put back in just the essential nutrients to stop those diseases and others!
Note: Write me if you have a problem with what I said here?

I had my blood sugar checked recently and the Doctor remarked that he was surprised at how balanced my blood sugar was considering my age which is sixty six.   As I said before, I have been drinking this drink every morning for the last thirty-plus years.

You may ask, "What about this drink feeding my Candida and making it worse?"  This drink will help heal your gastrointestinal track. Candida is a sign of a leaky gut. Take some intestinal flora via a probiotic supplement; this will bring you a lot of relief while your gastrointestinal tract heals. Take the probiotics on an empty stomach, when you eat, before you go to bed and every time you think of it until you feel the problem is solved (probiotics battle candida for balance). To learn about intestinal flora read my article on Acidophilus.

You may ask, "My bowels are loose sometimes; won’t this drink make that worse?"  Loose bowels are a sign of a lack of balance in the intestinal flora in your gut. Take some of this flora via a probiotic supplement; this will bring you a lot of relief while your gastrointestinal tract heals. Take the probiotics on an empty stomach, when you eat, before you go to bed and every time you think of it until you feel the problem is solved.

You may ask, "Can I make this drink in large amounts in advance and save in the refrigerator?"  It should be made fresh each day because to save it for the next day will lose you a lot of nutrition. You can do what I did to have more of the same batch of drink later in the day. When you make the breakfast drink make extra for the afternoon. To save that amount for the afternoon put a freshly cleaned wet glass or jar in the freezer so it is frosted. Pour the afternoon amount in that frosted container and save it in the refrigerator.

You may ask, "What about making ice cream out of the drink?" Yes you can; during the summer I make plenty of ice cream using the Morning Drink. Add more bananas to change the texture. Another idea is to add mango as it will also change the texture. But do not expect it to be just like ice cream it will be more like an Italian Ice, which I love.

Super Green Foods for Energy, Fighting Cancer and Dieting:   

If you want to add more nutrition to this drink to help you increase energy, slow the aging process, lose weight or fight cancer I suggest Earth's Nutrition.  Earths Nutrition is a combination of super green foods like wheat grass, barley grass, alfalfa, spinach, spirulina blue green algae, chlorella, kelp, etc. Orgnic Earth's Nutrition boosts the nutritional content and alkalinity of this drink, as it will any food you add it to.  You will notice, as I did, a very subtle strong energy as you add this super green combination to your diet. When I had cancer I was advised to consume as much as I could each day.

The N.D. Doctor said 'Super Green Foods are like a high-octane fuel' that they would instantly bring nutrient-rich, organic, whole food vitamins and minerals to every cell in my body. The N.D. also told me that they would protect and defend all my body's cells from free radical damage while I fought the cancer. Even now I still take 2 or more scoops depending on how I feel that day.

I have been using the Morning Drink with Earth's Nutrition for thirty years now!  Just recently I took a test called 'Real Age' online. I suggest you try taking this test yourself. Based on questions about your health assembled by medical doctors such as diet, exercise, blood pressure and etc. you are assigned an age. I am seventy six years old my score based on the answers I gave said 'I was forty seven years old'. They suggested that I would have been given a score 2 years younger if I would take an aspirin every day (I wrote back and told them to keep their 2 years and their aspirin and I will keep my real health).         

See the Nutrition section of this web site to learn how to change your nutritional life style. You can also learn more about the benefits of super green foods in the supplement section of this website.

Caution: Consult with your physician when starting any nutrition program, especially if you are on medications.

Remember I am not an MD, and I do not diagnose diseases, prescribe medications or operate. And when it comes to your health, you are the boss, all final decisions are yours.

Healing Crisis:
In Naturopathic medicine when someone does good things for themselves like eating lots of raw foods, drinking lots of fresh vegetable juices, and cleansing and detoxing their body they can experience what is called a Healing Crisis. A Healing Crisis is also called Herxheimer Syndrome and also Die-Off Syndrome. What happens is the body uses the energy from what you are doing to expel toxins, pollutants and kill viruses, parasites, and germs. It will also use this energy to repair areas of the body where there has been a traumatic injury that still needs to be healed which could be anything from a car accident to pneumonia. When the crisis occurs you will feel sick and nauseated like you have the flu, you may find a lot of mucus is leaving your body with a lot of coughing and runny nose. Keep in mind that this is a good sign that what you are doing is having a positive effect and that toxins, pollutants, heavy metals, germs, viruses, parasites are leaving and vital repairs are being made to your body. The crisis can last anywhere from a few hours to possibly three days. The thing to do is to try to help your body through this by drinking more distilled water, more detox teas and juices, and also take in more Earth’s Nutrition and Bountiful Blend to speed up the process. Once the healing crisis ends your body and immunity will take a very powerful step forward and you will find new energy, clearer thinking, and very powerful resistance to all diseases.

Important Note:
Also, be sure you check all the medications that you are taking for what are called contraindications. That is a list of things you do not want to take with the medication before someone starts taking a supplement or herb. If you are unsure then be sure you check with your attending physician.


Important Note:
The information presented herein by The Natural Path Botanicals is intended for educational purposes only. These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA and are not intended to diagnose, cure, treat or prevent disease. Individual results may vary, and before using any supplements, it is always advisable to consult with your own health care provider.

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