Looking At Live Blood Cells

I first came across Live Blood Cell Analysis about 5 years ago at a Naturopathic Convention in Las Vegas.   A doctor there was demonstrating the procedure, so I had my blood analyzed.   I was amazed by the simplicity of the process and what I could see directly.   The doctor took one drop of my blood, put it on a microscope slide, and placed it under a darkfield microscope lens.     The microscope had a video camera that fed the picture of my blood to a laptop computer screen.   There was my own blood moving about on the computer screen.  I was amazed.    The majority of what I was observing were my red blood cells (the average person has 75 billion) floating through the liquid plasma.   The doctor moved the microscope lens across the microscope slide, and there were thousands of my cells in that one drop of blood.   Here and there were my white blood cells (approximately one out of every 700 cells were white) flowing through the plasma performing their defensive functions.   I was enthralled by what I was seeing; here was an intimate look at myself, my very foundation.  

The doctor explained what we were looking at and how it reflected my health.   I was relieved when he complimented me on the good health of my blood.   Then he explained what told us that my blood was healthy.   He stated that healthy blood is easy to identify.   He said 'the red blood cells when healthy look uniformly round and they float freely in the plasma like balloons'.   When the blood looks this way, it means that the red cells can easily carry oxygen throughout the body.   He said this is a very good sign for your immune system because cancer, viruses, and germs do not like oxygen, it kills them.

Then the doctor showed me video photos he had taken of unhealthy blood.   The difference was dramatic.   In some of the unhealthy blood, the red cells were all stuck together like stacks of coins.   The doctor said that the heart has difficulty pumping this blood and it cannot carry oxygen very well.   In other pictures, the red cells were distorted with spiked skin or had a corrugated look, like bottle caps.   In other samples some red cells were oval shaped, others looked like targets or a cookie with a bite out of it.   In some, the plasma had web like fibers, or had what looked like worms moving through the fluid etc.   Each sample told a story of the health of the individual.

Then the doctor showed me the changes in these people's blood as they changed their life style.   He explained that the blood is the foundation of the person.   Build a solid foundation and the whole body changes.   He told me as they changed their blood through life style changes, the health problems they had went away and they experienced renewed health.  

As I observed the different samples of blood and listened to the doctor's explanation of what we were looking at, I had a realization.   That live blood analysis was a wonderful teaching tool.   I was learning so much in such a short period of time.   I realized that viewing live blood could demonstrate very clearly to anyone the effects that their life style had on their health.   If you see the problem in front of you and you are given clear instructions on how to change that picture, you have the power to gain optimal health.

If you change your blood by changing your life style through diet, cleansing etc., you will have created a healthy environment in your body.   This environment will change your body dramatically.   You can create vibrant health, banish disease, and even grow younger.   Harvard Medical School has proven this fact and has written their findings in the book called BioMarkers, 1992 by Fireside.

By the time, I thanked the doctor and said good-by; I had decided to take up the study of live blood cell microscopy (microscope techniques to study structures too small to be seen with the eye).   First, I went to Biomedx Corporation and studied their techniques and procedures.   Than the Intermountain Institute of Natural Health and the Lighthouse Health Ministry's for their Certification classes.   I also studied every book I could find on the subject.   Than I obtained the best equipment, I could find on the market and began to help my clients the same way I was helped. 

During this time, I had an interesting personal experience that clearly showed me I was on the right track.   I monitored my own blood from time to time by putting a sample under the microscope.   About a year, after I started I noted that my blood was not as healthy as when I first observed it.   I noticed that my blood ph was acidic and there were signs of yeast overgrowth.   I took stock of my diet and made some changes and began an intensive herbal cleanse and detox (the same cleanses I used to cure my cancer see biography).   The second day of the cleanse I passed some parasites (round worms (one was 10 inches long I keep it in a jar of alcohol in my office).   Within a short period of time, my blood again had that healthy look described above.   Soon I noticed a surge in energy and clarity of thought that I did not notice was missing.

I see these dramatic changes in my clients as they follow my instructions.   Good health is about making healthy decisions.   Your body only sends you pain, distress, and disease when you are mistreating it.   Give your body what it needs and you will never be sick.  

Look carefully at the blood to the left.  This is a woman who had genetic weaknesses (as we all do of course) and she lived a very unhealthy life style.   She developed inoperable cancer in a genetically weak area of her body; the prognosis was 30 days to live.   Notice few of the cells even look like red blood cells.  Also, note the pleomorphic microbes that have formed.   Pleomorphic organisms are cells and prelife particles morphing into other organisms to perform different tasks.   In a dying person, the organisms are preparing to digest the body (dust to dust, ashes to ashes). 

The obvious answer to the above disease and imminent death is to do what it takes to change the blood.   This person is dirty on the inside and needs cleansing and detoxing.   This woman also needs powerful nutrition and herbs to strengthen the blood and reverse the above picture.   I know because when I had cancer (see biography) my blood must have looked somewhat like the above.   I cured my cancer and it was not that complicated or that difficult.

As I stated before, cancer, viruses and germs do not like oxygen.   They also do not like a clean environment obtained by cleansing and detoxing.   Those same diseases also do not survive well when your nutrition is filled with raw fruits and vegetables especially the juices made from them.   When you practice this kind of life style, your blood has no choice, it will look like the picture below.   The difference between this picture and the one above is as obvious as the answer to disease.




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