Cleansing and Detoxing

PART 3 - Kidney and Bladder Cleanse


(Note: Done as Soon as The Two Week Bowel Cleanse and Detox are completed)

Takes a minimum of five days. You will find all the herbal combinations in organic/wildcrafted form on our web site.

Amount Needed For One Person 
-4 oz Kidney/Bladder tea
-1 oz Kidney/Bladder Formula
-1 oz Anti-parasite Formula (optional)


Distilled Water
pon arising each day, drink 8 plus ounces of distilled water.

Kidney/Bladder Flush Drink
Fifteen plus minutes after consuming distilled water, consume the Kidney/Bladder Flush Drink.

Kidney/Bladder Flush Drink For One Person Instructions:
Mix in a blender:
-The juice of one lemon and one lime
-16 to 32 ounces of distilled water
-A pinch of Cayenne Pepper
-Optional  - Maple Syrup to taste

Kidney/Bladder Tea
Fifteen minutes after drinking the Kidney/Bladder Flush Drink, consume 2 cups of Kidney/Bladder Tea with 2 droppersful* of Kidney/Bladder tincture added per cup. Consume more of this tea if you feel you need it.

*(a dropperful-- take an empty dropper squeeze bulb place pipette in liquid, release bulb and it will fill approx. 1/3 up the pipette or 30 drops)

Kidney/Bladder Tea For One Person Instructions:
Kidney/Bladder Tea Must Be Prepared the night before Day 1
-In a Saucepan 
-Place 2 tablespoons of Kidney/Bladder Tea with 32 ounces of distilled water
-Cover and let soak over night.  

-The next morning simmer the tea for 15 minutes strain and drink.

Tea Note:
Save the grounds from Day 1 and add 2 tablespoons of fresh tea to these that evening with 32 ounces of distilled water in your saucepan, and let soak for Day 2 Detox Tea.  After drinking your Tea on Day 2 discard the grounds.  

Make fresh tea for Day 3 and repeat the process from Day 1 and Day 2, using the grounds from Day 3 to make your tea for Day 4.

Make fresh tea for Day 5.

Kidney/Bladder Formula Tincture
-Consume 2 Droppersful (60 drops) of Kidney/Bladder Formula 4 times daily during this cleanse 
-Two times AM, one time with Kidney/Bladder Tea
-One time late afternoon
-One time in the evening.
Take in a few ounces of water as it can be bitter.    

Anti-Parasite Formula (this formula is optional)
-Consume 2 droppersful (60 drops) of Anti-Parasite Formula 4 times daily during this cleanse 
-Two times AM, one time with Kidney/Bladder Tea
-One time late afternoon
-One time in the evening.
Take in a few ounces of water as it can be bitter.


What to Eat During the Five Day Kidney/Bladder Cleanse and Detoxification

Day 1 Breakfast 
Your favorite live, fresh, raw fruit whole or chopped will give you all the Vitamins, Minerals and other Essential Nutrients. They are also very important for cleansing and detoxification. If you are hungry before lunchtime you may have diluted fruit juices, and Morning Drink fruit smoothies. 

STOP all fruit and fruit juices at approximately 11 AM, one hour before lunch. This way you do not mix fruit and vegetables together (the oils from fruit and vegetables do not mix they quickly go rancid, a stress for your liver).

Day 1 Lunch
For lunch you can have diluted fresh raw vegetable juices, raw vegetables alone or in salads, sprouts, Potassium Broth (see recipe handout), and herb teas. You may make dressings for the salad if you like using Olive oil, Avocado, Raw Apple Cider Vinegar, Lemon Juice, Garlic, Onions and any Herbs and Spices.

Afternoon Snacks: Raw vegetables, raw vegetable salads, diluted vegetable juices, sprouts, Potassium Broth and herb teas. 

STOP all vegetable food at approximately 5 PM, one hour before supper.

Day 1 Supper
One hour after the last vegetable is consumed. Now begin fruit, diluted fruit juices, fruit smoothies, fruit salads and herb teas.

FOOD PROGRAM, JUICE FAST, Days 2, 3, and 4

Start with your water, Morning Flush Drink and herbal tea.

Drink diluted fruit juices, Morning Drink and herb tea until 11 AM. (drink as much as you can)

STOP, take a one hour break, and consume water only until 12 PM

12:00 PM Drink diluted vegetable juices, Potassium Broth and herb tea mid-day and afternoon till 5 PM.

STOP, take a one hour break, and consume water only until 6 PM.

6:00 PM Diluted fruit juices, Fruit Smoothie and herb teas through the evening.

Consume at least 1 gallon (128 ounces) of liquid every day. That is 8 ounces every hour!  If you get hungry, DRINK MORE!!!

Day 3: Same as Day 2

Day 4: Same as Day 2 and Day 3

Day 5:  Today is the day to break your fast. Make this day the same as day one. 
Start this day with the Morning Flush Drink as you did every day of the Cleanse.
"Break the Fast" with some whole fresh fruit. Chew it very slowly and mix each mouthful with plenty of saliva. Remember, breaking your fast is a very important part of this program. Chew your food well and go easy.  Have vegetable salad in the afternoon and fruit again in the evening, chewing everything to a liquid pulp.

Congratulations on completing your Kidney Bladder Cleanse and Detox. Tomorrow morning return to your normal diet and note any changes you experience from your Cleanse and Detox experience. Remember, your Kidneys are responsible for excretion of wastes,  reabsorption of vital nutrients, balance acid-base homeostasis, osmolality regulation, blood pressure regulation and some hormone secretion, so their health is of vital importance to your mental and physical wellbeing.

Use plenty of Earth's Nutrition powder during your cleanse, it will increase your energy, intensify your cleanse, raise your vitamin and mineral level, while neutralizing the acids in your body. I would advise you take at least three scoops a day while you are juice fasting, more if you like.   Add the powder to your fruit and vegetable juices.

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