Fasting for Health

Which Fast is Right for Me?

There are three major types of fasts; mono (eating one food only such as grapes), juice, and water.   All three fasts are effective and I have tried all of them at one time or another.

Mono Fasting

Some people say using one food, as a fast does not qualify as a fast, that it is a diet.   Well I go with the meaning of the word fast plus the power of one food to heal.   One of the meanings (Webster) of fasting is to abstain from some foods.   Mono fasting is eating only one food and avoiding all others, that more than fits the meaning.    I do mono fasts at least once a year usually for a week or more they are energetic, cleansing and enjoyable.   I have used grapes, apples, peaches and watermelon picking the time of the year when they are at their peak.   There are reports of people curing cancer by eating nothing but grapes until the cancer was gone.

An excellent example of a mono fast curing cancer is the case of Mrs. Johanna Brandt.   The cancerous stomach tumor that afflicted Johanna Brandt was diagnosed clinically and radiologically.   Based on the diagnosis, every doctor consulted advised surgery as soon as possible.   There was no doubt the tumor was present.   That doctors gave her only six more weeks to live testifies to the seriousness of her condition.

Johanna Brandt recovered without an operation, using grapes as a mono fast, and lived for another forty years.   The simple and natural fast she discovered to address her illness gave birth to the Grape Cure, a cure that is now known throughout the world.   Thousands and thousands of patients since then have followed her prescription and have been cured.   Read the (
The Grape Cure) by Johanna Brandt.

Water Fasting

It has been a long time since I have done a water fast.   I find a water fast to be very powerful and effective.   I just do not think most people need to be that tough on the mind to get the same results you can get from a juice fast (this is my opinion based on eighteen years of doing four of these juice fasts a year).   If you are in a protective environment like a retreat setting with no distractions and you have the support of others who are on the same fast with an experienced monitor.   Than yes, do a water fast.   However to water fast in an unsupported environment can be an interesting mental rollercoaster ride.   I have done two water fasts this way and here is what I found.   The first day is fairly easy, stomach pangs are the issue.   Day two gets tough, stomach pangs are very strong, you notice the toxicity on your breath and body, there aches and pains and wherever you go whatever you look at there is food.   Radio, television even books can be a problem as the issue of food seems to taunt you wherever you go or whatever you do.   To get through day three without support takes an iron will as all the temptations and problems I spoke of reach a peak and you feel a frantic need for food.   As you move, into day four, the stomach stops its pangs and the body moves into the fasting mode of feeding off stored nutrition.   For a deep very informative look at water fasting go this website

Juice Fasting

I used juice fasting to beat my cancer I found it to be very effective and very powerful.   A juice fast is easier on body and mind plus it provides your body with enzymes, minerals, and vitamins throughout the fast.   A Juice fast is also easier because when you feel hungry you can drink more juice; in fact, the more juice you drink the better.   Dr. John Ray Christopher used to say 'When it flows out of your ears you have had enough'.

A pure juice fast gives your organs of digestion a complete rest, while supplying your body with all the nutrition it needs to heal and undo all the wrong that has been done.   A juice fast thins your blood naturally giving your heart a rest while nourishing it and all the organs in your body.    

Fasting Preparation                                      

Fasting can be very enjoyable, healthy and energetic if done properly.    The problem that can occur when you are not prepared for fasting is autointoxication.   When your body moves into a fasting mode it starts to release toxins from the different organs into the bloodstream.   You want this release of toxins it is a positive reaction that expels those waste products that you do not want in your body.    However, if your body is not ready the toxins can be reabsorbed into your system causing nausea, flu like symptoms, even hallucinations etc.   This re-absorption or autointoxication can defeat the health building reason you fasted in the first place.

To avoid autointoxication you need to prepare your body's major organ of elimination the bowel.   If the bowel is ready for the toxins that are released, autointoxication will be minimized.   Therefore start two weeks ahead of time and do a simple bowel cleanse and detox and avoid autointoxication (see Cleansing and Detoxing).
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