Cleansing and Detoxing

I am going to create a picture of cleansing and detoxing by telling you my own personal experience with this subject.   If you have read my biography then you know that I had cancer eighteen years ago (see biography).   You also know that I used only natural healing techniques to cure my cancer.   Those techniques involved cleansing and detoxing my body,   specifically my bowel, liver, and kidneys.   

Eighteen years ago, almost no one knew anything about this subject.   Lucky for me I had an excellent teacher Dr. Richard Schulze.   He convinced me that cleansing and detoxing were one of the essential steps to undoing years of collecting the toxins that caused the cancer.   At that time, I was willing to eat broken glass and razor blades if it would stop this cancer.

So, who is Dr. Schulze and why would I be willing to bet my life on his advice?   When I was at my lowest, when I had even considered suicide, God sent me a lifeline.   It was an article written by Dr. Richard Schulze.   Richard talked about his own experience with a life threatening disease.   He detailed how he was able take charge of what appeared to be a hopeless situation and create vibrant health.   He literally used a natural healing philosophy, cleansing and detoxing (see Naturopathic Medicine), to operate on his own body, and he convinced me that I could do the same.

Therefore, I took Dr. Schulze's advice and instructions home and followed them to the letter.   I bought the herbal combinations and I started using them.   As I began to cleanse and detoxify the junk started to come out of me.   I was amazed at the foul, dirty, putrid, rancid, toxic, poisonous, contaminated, venomous, rotting, fetid garbage that came out of me. 

Peeuu, I was a stinking rotten mess.   Inside I was a regular Jabba the Hut from Star Wars.

This purging did not go on for a few hours or a day, it continued on and off for weeks.   Some of the stuff that came out of me looked like road tar.   Some of it was an exact casting of my colon made up of years of build-up; of you know what that starts with the letter s.   I could not believe how dirty I was on the inside.   Yet, do you know what?   I only lost one day of work during that time.   That one day I had a healing crisis (see healing crisis), which is a sign of deep healing that made me feel like I had the flu.  

The stuff in the photos is called mucoid plaque, bowel castings, ropes etc.  

About this time, you might be thinking, 'oh I could never go through that'.   My answer to that is 'would you rather keep that stuff inside you'.  Believe me there was nothing there that you would want to keep.   Compared to radiation treatment, a cancer operation, or chemotherapy this is a walk in the park.   Moreover, as I said, 'I could go to work every day and put in 8 hours of heavy construction work'.      

You might also be thinking that you do not have that kind of toxic stuff in you.   Believe me; I am no different than you.   I lived the typical American life style.   I was moderate in my habits.  I never did anything in excess.   I did eat white bread; used sugar moderately, drank coffee once a day, and ate some meat.   I ate what I thought were many fruits and vegetables and I took vitamin supplements.   I ate fast food maybe once a week.   I was in very good physical shape.   At that time, I held a second-degree black belt in karate and I practiced daily.   I was on no medications and I had never suffered from a major disease.   Actually, I believe I was above average in my health habits.

So if I was above average than what does that say about the average American?   My answer is they are all at least as toxic as I was.

What difference does it make if you are toxic?   Think about it.   If you are toxic, your internal organs do not function as well.   Your immune system is not as strong.   Your circulation is poor so you have difficulty moving oxygen and nutrition and carrying away waste.

As the above situation takes over your body, you become susceptible to cancer, germs, and viruses.   Cancer, germs and viruses do not like a clean environment.   They thrive where there is toxicity.   They die where there is good blood flow, lots of oxygen, and a strong immune system.

The truth is disease is not complicated.   Disease is actually very simple.   Three months into my cleansing process and the symptoms disappeared.   I was dumbfounded!   Even though I was doing the cleansing and detoxing, I did not completely believe in it.   I was awestruck when it worked!   I was reborn.   I was released from the deepest darkest solitary confinement to complete freedom.

So, I say to you from the heart look at this closely.   Give it at least three months.   Give it everything you have.   Follow the instructions to the letter.   Do not let the negative naysayer's divert you from your course.   If you do this, you will find what I did.   You will experience what I did.   In eighteen years, I have not drawn a sick breath.   Instead of a life that goes down hill with time, you will find that you enjoy and feel better each day.   You will be like me a health billionaire.  

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