Incurable Disease Steps

Thinking that your lifestyle has nothing to do with your disease is like thinking that the tracks a train travels on have nothing to do with its destination.    Paul Blake N.D.

The Five areas of your lifestyle that give you an incurable disease are listed below with their steps.  Taken all together these steps are not easy, it is work there is no getting around it but I believe that anyone can do it.   A lot of people think that drinking some herb tea, taking vitamins, yoga and drinking a little juice is natural healing, they have been misled.    Some people tell me, "Oh I did natural healing and it did not work for me" and I say, "Oh did you?"    Then I tell them, 'I did natural healing and it kicked my ass, I felt like I took on a very intense second job because I was doing something natural every waking hour.'   Some of the things I did were the most rigorous things I have ever done in my life.   My family thought I was nuts and going to kill myself and did their best to talk me out of it.   But I kept on going and here is why; because I noticed that the harder I worked at it the better I felt.   So do what I did, listen to no one unless they support you.  Take up these steps, give them everything you have and watch the changes take place.

The Steps to Take to Change What is Entering Your Body

Below, I am encouraging people to drink beyond what seems possible because that is what it will take. A very famous Naturopathic doctor by the name of Dr John Ray Christopher used to say when asked the question "how much is enough?" his answer "when it flows out of your ears that should be enough." I know it seems extreme but you are trying to cleanse and the more liquid you bring in, the more junk will leave your body. So if it seems like you cannot drink any more sip just a little then sip some more and sip some and more, it will only help you.
  1. Use "Distilled" or "High-Grade Reverse Osmosis" Water ONLY, for ALL Teas, Enemas, Colonics, etc.   ALL "Water" which is consumed is to be in Tea form, and anytime you just want to sip on a simple cup of tea, use Red Clover with RAW Honey, if desired.
  2. Juice/Herb Tea = 1 gallon per day more if you like.   Use 8-10 ounces of FRESH Juice/herb tea per hour (1 Gallon/day) through out the steps.   That's 1 Gallon minimum along with PLENTY of Earth's Nutrition and Green Drinks.
  3. Carrot Juice - 8 or more 8oz cups daily - consider this part of your 1 gallon per day.
  4. Diet: During this program your diet is Raw Vegan, no animal products - Use organic fruits and vegetables when you can.  When you can't, buy what is available.   For the gravely ill, consume only fresh carrot with other vegetable juices and Earth's Nutrition; make carrot the base of all the juice combinations you make.   Eight to sixteen ounces every waking hour (about a gallon of fresh carrot and other vegetable juices daily).   Once you are off the juices you can go to a diet of fruits, vegetables, raw nuts and seeds, and soaked and sprouted beans and grains.   Do what you can to find organic produce grown locally.
  5. No animal flesh; that includes fish and fowl.  Also no eggs, milk or milk products (cheese, butter, etc.)
  6. No cooked foods (breads, tofu, baked potatoes, etc.)
  7. No alcohol, coffee, soda pop, or foods with artificial ingredients such as flavors, colors, sweeteners, etc.
  8. No perfumes, lotions, chemicals worn on the body. Use castile soaps.
  9. No refined products like flour or sugars in the diet - only whole 100% grains and starches.
  10. Take Earth's Nutrition ' 2 tablespoons 3 times per day throughout these steps.
  11. Immune Boost (Echinacea combination) ' take 1 dropper (1/3 the way up the dropper) every waking hour throughout these steps.
  12. Cayenne Pepper ' start with 1/16th teaspoon 3 times a day gradually work up to 3 teaspoons a day minimum; that is your goal in tea or juice (link to notes).
  13. Garlic ' Start with 1 clove 3 times a day. Your goal is 10 cloves 3 times a day for a total of 30 cloves per day, When symptoms are gone, go to 3 cloves 3 times per day maintenance for at least a year.
  14. Freshly ground flaxseed ' 2-4 Tablespoons sprinkled over salad or food every day.

    The Elimination Steps to Cleanse and Detox Your Body of Toxic Waste
  15. Use Colon Cleanse throughout these steps to insure 2 to 3 normal bowel movements every day.
  16. Colon Detox Program every third week to begin your rounds.
  17. Liver Cleanse Program every third week of your rounds.
  18. Liver-Gall bladder Formula - take during Liver Cleanse rounds
  19. Kidney Cleanse Program every third week of your rounds.
  20. Drink Liver Detox Tea - 3 to 6 cups daily take during Liver Cleanse rounds
  21. Drink Kidney-Bladder Tea - 3 to 6 cups daily during Kidney Cleanse rounds
  22. Kidney-Bladder Formula - take during Kidney Cleanse rounds
  23. Potassium Broth - 3 to 6 cups daily take with Liver and Kidney Flush and anytime during rounds
  24. Blood Detox - Take 2 droppersful (1/3 the way up the dropper) 3 times daily throughout these steps. 
  25. Black Walnut Tincture - Put 2 droppersful (1/3 the way up the dropper) 6 times a day in anything that you are drinking.
  26. How to Do the Hot and Cold Hydrotherapy Showers
    Get the water as hot as you can stand it full body without scalding yourself, remember the setting.   Then when you feel you are going to melt, switch the water to completely cold for 40 seconds then go back to hot.  Stay there again until you think you are going to melt then back to cold for 40 seconds and so on for 7 full rounds.   Now focus on afflicted area 7 full rounds.   You will need to purchase a "Shower Wand" for this.   Do this 2 times per day.   If the Person is TOO WEAK to stand, then give the Treatment with them lying in the Tub.   Contraindications: Small children, the very elderly, heart disease or moderate to severe hypertensive conditions, extreme weakness and debility.  (Please use your common sense.)  This procedure can be rigorous for some people, so if you are inexperienced or if your patient is constitutionally very weak take it easy, use your good judgment consult with your doctor.
  27. Dry and wet skin brushing 2 times daily.
  28. Complete Tissue Repair Syrup 1-3 teaspoons taken 3 times daily.
  29. Complete Tissue Repair Ointment applied to afflicted area 3 to 6 times daily.
  30. Castor Oil Packs with hot water bottle or heating pad 2-3 times daily over afflicted area 3 days of packs 4 days off every week throughout this program.
  31. High Enemas 2-3 times a week depending on condition or illness, this is optional your choice.
  32. Cold Sheet Treatment - do it once each week.   I suggest Friday evenings which is what I did because I was working and that gave me Saturday and Sunday to rest.

    The Steps to Take That Will Change You Physically
  33. Massage - daily with olive oil - Foot Reflexology should be done as well.
  34. Exercise - for one hour each day ' walking or bicycle is best do not get extreme, take it easy.
  35. Sun/Air bath 5 to 7 minutes daily - work up to this much time.    Avoid getting too much sun at any one time that you burn.
  36. Deep Breathing Exercises Daily.
  37. Barefoot - get your feet in some grass 15 minutes daily.    Why do it; it seems like a tree hugging thing?   We have lost contact with the earth and we need that contact try it before you judge it.

    The Steps to Take to Eliminate Stress in Your Life
  38. Trashing is getting rid of the things in your surroundings that are linked to your past stressful life.   An example of this is a client who was having a difficult time with liver cancer.   I went to her very nice home and she told me the history of the furniture and decorations.   I soon learned that 25% plus of everything in her home was a reminder of a very stressful divorce.   As soon she sold, gave away and trashed that stuff she began to make a lot of healing progress.
  39. Take a short nap daily, no more then 45 minutes.
  40. Meditation - work up to 45 minutes daily - breath observation meditation and other meditation that you find appropriate in your belief studies.
  41. Prayer - express your emotions in your prayers; you need help and support from God, tell God this!

    The Steps to Take to Increase Your Spiritual Connection
  42. Focus on proactive uplifting positive thoughts such as perfecting these steps is a good start and planning for your future.
  43. Help others.
  44. Discover/expand your mission and purpose in life. Look to your illness/injury as a spiritual awakening. An opportunity for introspection and self- discovery to put you on or recommit you to your correct spiritual path.
  45. Focus on Healing your life, not just your body.
  46. Forgive and let go of past hurts, traumas, betrayals, etc.   You can not heal if you do not release fear, anger, hate, guilt, etc. Hanging on to negative feeling will canker your soul. Repent (change your heart) and Forgive (let go of negativity).   If you have difficulty here let me know.
  47. Read uplifting books.
  48. Become a student of your healing. Strive to learn from it.   I found that I began to put down negative things and started picking up positive things for my life.   Before, every year was worse than the last.  Now every year is better and more fulfilling than the last.
  49. Above all, follow the inner voice of your spirit. It will guide, direct and teach you what you need to do. The road to health (spiritual and physical) is not designed to be easy, it will be a spiritual journey of discovering who you really are.  

The above work is not easy but it is simple, you just have to begin.   Think about it this way; what do you have to lose, some poor lifestyle habits that gave you this life threatening disease?   As I said, all to do is just begin, so just do it!    Follow this Program, and you will be ABSOLUTELY AMAZED!


Important Note:
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