Alzheimer's Disease

Alzheimer's (listed as the 7th highest killer of Americans) is just one of the autoimmune diseases.  Alzheimer's has actually been with us for over a hundred years.  Medical science says there is no known specific cause for this disease or any autoimmune disease.

The cause for Alzheimer's autoimmune disease is very simple.  The cause is a plaque made of amino acids (protein) found in every Alzheimer's patient's brain called amyloid-beta (commonly called bad protein).   This plaque is a chelating agent (which means it attracts heavy metals to it).  This plaque would normally be eaten and carried away by the white blood cells (macrophages) of the immune system, and then disposed of.  In the Alzheimer's patient this does not happen.  The plaque builds up and destroys brain cells around it leading to brain function problems and death. 

Why does this happen?  Their immune system is too weak to do what it is designed to do.  They suffer from the same problem that all Americans do, a weak immune system due to poor nutrition and a toxic environment.  America has plenty of food but it is of poor quality and we do not understand how our digestion works.  Then Americans are bombarded by about 10,000 toxic chemicals and 5 heavy metals found in our food, water and air.  Is it any wonder that we have diseases like Alzheimer's that we do not understand?

Here is where the story gets interesting.  You get Alzheimer's because genetically that is where you are the weakest.  Think of it this way.  All your internal organs are like links in a chain.  At one end of the chain you have a poor life style and nutrition pulling on the chain.  At the other end of the chain you have exposure to chemicals and heavy metals, which should not be there, pulling on the chain.  If you strain your immune system enough this way you will find your weakest genetic link.

Alzheimer's disease has a strong relationship to the environment in the colon.  Here is why; Alzheimer's is a buildup of toxins in the brain even if they give it a fancy name (amyloid-beta plaque).  If the person with Alzheimer's has a problem with constipation then the toxins in the brain have nowhere to go.  Open that avenue of elimination up and the toxins in the brain leave. 

Sounds much to simplistic right?  That's, what I thought when I was told that a toxic colon was linked to my prostate cancer.  When I cleansed and detoxed my colon that's when my cancer symptoms began to turn around.  See the Cancer section in Ailments on this site for a clear explanation of the connection between all disease and the colon.

I also highly recommend the Morning Drink in the Programs section under Where Do I Start.  It will alkalize the body and help cleanse out toxins at a steady rate.  The Morning Drink also builds up your immune system and it is immune macrophages in the brain that help eliminate the plaque.  You can also read below about the effect of pomegranate juice to lower the plaque that causes Alzheimer's disease.  

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